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Why a Supreme Leader?
Iranians Need Velayat-e Faqih?

Crescent & Star Meaning
Definition of Islamic Symbol

Islam Contradicts Democracy
Islam is Anti US Constitution

Understanding Muhammad
Muhammad Psychobiography

There are 2 Types of Muslims
Informed Terrorists & Fake

Who Killed More People?
Nazis, Communists, Muslims?

Islamic Invasion of Persia
How Islam Came to Iran?

History of Slavery in Iran
It All Started with Islam

Mitra Roots of Christianity
Book of Mitra + Gallery

Universal Intelligence vs. God
UI Philosophy + Photo Gallery

Future of God Amen
Call to Daughters & Sons

Persian Mythology Gallery
Persian Gods & Goddesses

Persian Warrior Queens
Historical Persian Women

Civilization: Historical Facts
Persia vs. Greece & Rome

Persian, Iranian or Farsi?
Country, People & Language?

Iranian Military Uniforms
Pictorial Persian Military History

Persian Aryan Salute History
Types of Aryan Salutes

Iran Lobby Billion $ Industry
Trita Parsi Espionage Gang

Iran Lobby Bank San Diego
Persian Cultural Center SD

Iran Lobby - Monarchist Net
A Filthy Political Collusion

Reza Pahlavi - IRI Secret Deal
Reza Pahlavi Crimes

Reza Pahlavi & 2nd Iran Coup
General Hooshang Ezazi 1984

Bahai Cult Contradictions
28 Contradictory Doctrines

Social Darwinism & Raciology
Science of Raciology & Race

Democrat Party Doctrine
Communism + Fascism

Iranian American Democrats
Who are They?

Iran Protests Political Posters
Iran Nationwide Protests

Shah of Iran Lovers Gallery
Shah of Iran Love Life

Liberals aren’t Progressive
Call Democrats Communists

Stolen America
Your Reality is a Gov. Lie!

Gun Rights Protect Freedom
Armed People are Free People

Billionaire Liberal Jews
Who Rules the World?

FBI Most Wanted Posters
Real January 6, 2021 Terrorists

Liberal Made LGBTQ Genders
60 Transgender Garbage

Destination Poem
Questioning Meaning of Life?

Ahreeman X Endorses Trump
Why Trump for President?


Trump vs. Biden Debate 1: Democrat Meltdown
Full Ahreemanic Analysis
Ahreeman X

Regime, Media, Big Tech & Deep State in Full Panic Mode!
Over 51 million people watched on the live TV with no possible Media AI coverup that Biden jacked up on uppers with eyes bulged out and speed talking, mumbled, bumbled and stumbled at moments gazing with mouth wide open all over the place! Media has been covering up Biden gaffes for 4 years and displayed a photoshop desired version of him for the public to view; however, how could they coverup this disaster of more


2nd American Revolution
Storm is Coming!
Ahreeman X

End is Near: Deep State, Big Gov. & Woke Corporations Heed!
Collusion of Democrats, Media, Big Tech & Hollywood in Panic Mode

2nd American Revolution is coming on November 5, 2024. It is victory or death; we must take our country back. End of the line for the Biden Illegitimate Regime and the Internal CIA Coup of January 20, 2021 is approaching so fast that the usurper regime is vastly attempting to jail all the political opponents via lawfare as the final tactic to remain more

Philosophy Book - Science
Enjoy Free Energy & Life Throughout the Universe
English Book in 9 Chapters
Nicholas Ginex

Ginex Unveils What Media Hides from You!
New Shocking Book on CIA Murders, Coverups & Extraterrestrials

If you have a never-ending thirst for “The Truth” then quench your thirst with this Roller Coaster Thriller by Ginex. In search of the Truth, a trip thorough Ginex Universe of Sci Fi becoming Science Fact. A shot of reality through a political, scientific and philosophical history of our universe. All aboard the Ginex Roller Coaster ride to the Truth, let’s Rock and Roll more

Cartoons - Graphics
Ahreeman X Graphic Cartoons 3
Ahreemanic Toons Chapter 3
Ahreeman X

Un-woke, Un-PC, Un-Islamic & Banned Everywhere!
Come & Get Them Hot Out of the IPC Oven!
You Asked for Them; You Got Them!

Ahreemanic Toons 1
Ahreemanic Toons 2
Ahreemanic Toons 3
IPC Rendezvous Girl: Until next time, see you in the funny pages more

Iranian Opposition Missions Manual 4
Dark Web
Ahreeman X & Catayoun Razmjou

Dark Web Anonymous Communication
Welcome to the Persian Underground Network
Big Tech & Iran Lobby Relations: You are being Watched

You are not only watched by the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Cyber Units, VAJA (Iranian Secret Service), Hezbollah (Iranian and Lebanese branches) Hackers, and IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps), yet also by a series of international cyber bandits in disguise including more

San Diego Illegal Alien Dumping
San Diego is Dumping Ground for Biden Regime
Ahreeman X

Todd Gloria Turned San Diego in to a 3rd World Shiite Hole
Great Replacement & Illegal Alien Diseases
You Americans are Financing Your Own Annihilation

Every week thousands of illegal aliens cross the open borders at San Diego. In addition, Biden Regime dumps another few thousands from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and elsewhere in to San Diego! This illegal alien dumping is a co-project of Joe Biden illegitimate regime more

Deep State Propaganda Machine
How Censorship Killed Free Speech?
Ahreeman X

Deep State Tentacles: Media, Tech Giants, Hollywood, Corporations
Google is the illegitimate child from the marriage of CIA and NSA! CIA and NSA funded the creation of Google as a mean to control and brainwash the American citizens and create chaos and revolution inside the American enemies’ nations. Google was originally a Deep State tool supposedly for Free Speech inside the Dictatorships problematic to the US Regime, so the people could jump start a revolution and overthrow their more

How American Election was Stolen? 3
Navarro Report Volume 3: Trump Won!
Peter Navarro
Navarro Report 3: Case Evidence, Statistical Receipts & Documents
Introduction: Ahreeman X + Author: Peter Navarro
We are living in times which the unthinkable had occurred. Democrats which are the Communist Party USA had stolen the 2020 Election, are illegitimately ruling the country and are actively bankrupting and jailing the opposition such as Donald John Trump, Stephen Kevin Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, Peter Navarro and other great patriots. There is a target more

United States of Criminals
Deep State Crimes Against the American People
Ahreeman X
US Government vs. American People
Justice for All: Deep State Must Die so America Can Live!
American & Iranian Upside-Down Societies in the Age of Globalism!

We the People must and will torch and burn down the DC Deep State Swamp after the 2024 Elections when Trump will become the president. From the rotten ashes of the Deep State corpse, shall rise the Government of the People visioned by the Founding Fathers more

Public Impeachment of Biden Before 2024 Election
Timing is the Essence!
Nicholas Ginex
Biden Regime’s Destruction of America
Inflation, Illegal Immigration, Crime Infestation, Never Ending Wars ...

America has the worse president ever elected in United States history. With the amount of confusion and instability existing in America, it is necessary to inform all citizens that Joe Biden must be impeached or removed before the next presidential election. To clearly indicate why, the list below is provided. If the corrupt offenses and stupid decisions by more

Politics - Movement
Catching Iranian Spies Boondoggle in DC!
Chaos in GOP While America is Dying!
Ahreeman X
Iranian Espionage Ring in Washington DC, USA
Iran Lobby Agents Deep Inside US Government’s Bone Marrow!

People often underestimate the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Regime, IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and specifically VAJA (Iranian Intelligence). People have no clue how deep they have infiltrated the US Government. The Deep State Swamp in DC is corrupt to the bone marrow! For every Iran Lobby group, we expose, two new ones popout more

Globalist Illegal Alien Invasion USA
Calculated Democrat Plan to Destroy America
Ahreeman X
Shah of Iran Predictions Come True Today!
Unholy Alliance of the Black (Islamists) & Red (Communists)
Turning America to Ameristan: The Step by Step Green Plan!

Didn’t I Tell You So? Jews are not the problem; liberalism and globalism are! The Liberal Plantation System run by the Globalist Liberal Billionaire Jew Masters will destroy you no matter who you are, even if you are an Israeli! Now they are Anti-Israel! Half the Democrats hate Jews more

Biden & Democrats Financed the Israel Massacre!
Yasser Arafat is Dancing in his Grave!
Ahreeman X
Israel Massacre 2023 is the Result of US Stolen Election 2020
Real Story of the Israeli Massacre!
People always underestimate the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran). This operation was a well-planned, well-practiced and well executed operation put together by the IRI. The paragliders jumping and invasion was practiced far from Gaza and hidden from the Israeli Intelligence, in Somalia and Iran. As you could see, there were Blacks involved in more

Photo Gallery
Iran Most Beautiful Historic Sites
Best of the Best of Iran
Ahreeman X
Best Places to Visit in Iran with Information, Photos & Videos
Ahreeman X Top 20 Best Persian Architecture

Iran the mother civilization of the world with 8000 years of history is a large country with many cultures, races, dialects and languages. Every province and city of Iran has a unique local traditional food, culture and customs. Iran is basically an empire of various cultures and loaded with interesting sites, choosing only 20 is very hard but here it goes more

Photo Galleries
Iran Anti-Hejab Protests 2022 Galleries
2022 Uprising Anniversary Special: Inside Iran Riots
Story of the Anti-Hejab Protests 2022 in Pictures
Remembering Iranian Patriots Murdered, Injured & Prisoned

On 2022 Iranian Women took off the Islamic Hejabs and burned them:
Gallery 1: People vs. Regime
Gallery 2: Protests and Riots
Gallery 3: Murdered Patriots
Government which doesn’t belong to the people, burn it down more

Iranian Opposition Missions Manual 3
Cyber Security
Catayoun Razmjou
Iran Politics Club Super Secure Hi-Tech Manual
VPN, Psiphon & Proxies to Bypass IRI Net Filters

We are in the business of “Freedom” and “Human Rights,” so our means are “Revolution” and “Security.” IPC has a large global viewership and cult following from 7 continents. IPC is about quarter of a century old. IPC (Iran Politics Club) is the largest Iranian website in English in the world and the backbone of the Iranian opposition against the IRI Regime more

Biden is Historic # 1 in 3 Categories!
Biden is Ground Breaking in History!
Ahreeman X
Biden Broke All American Historical Records! What are They?
Biden is the Greatest American Regime Leader in 3 Different Class!
Regime Leader Not President!
If you consider Biden a US president which I don’t because he is the installed puppet after the January 21, 2021 by Xi Jinping, George Sorors and Democrats via an “Internal CIA Coup” and a Stolen Election, then by the popular demand not only in USA but worldwide, Biden will more

Labor Day Beloved Celebration
Labor Day Special with Ahreeman X
Ahreeman X

What is the True Meaning of Labor Day?
Labor Day is very dear to me and next to my heart. Labor Day is more important to me than Nowruz, Christmas, New Year, Women’s Liberation Day of Iran and Thanksgiving combine, and you know how these holidays are very important for me! We have celebrated the Labor Day in IPC. From Iran all the way to America, BBQ, Grill, Kabobs, Drinks, Parties, Friends, Family, Feasts, but what does the Labor Day truly means? more

Economy - Features
BRICS is the Result of Bidenomics!
De-Dollarization & New International Currency
Ahreeman X
BRICS = Collapse of American Economy & Rise of China!
De-Dollarization in full is the result of Bidenomics! BRICS Nations figured maybe the American people can wait pussyfooting around and not getting rid of Biden, Bidenomics and Democrats who destroyed the US and the World economies but they can’t wait and surely the world can’t wait anymore! The weakest US Economy ever in the history results in the world to flip the finger to Biden’s Illegitimate Regime and the EU more

Language - Humor
Will Americans Ever Learn How to Pronounce Iran?
Can Rednecks Ever Learn Proper Lingo?
Ahreeman X
Iran, Eye-Ran or Eye-Rain? Can you Say Iran (ee-ron)?!
Persian Letters which don't Exist in English, what are they?

We don’t have this problem with Europeans, South Americans, Central Americans, Africans and specifically Asians to properly pronounce Iran! Even out there in the boonies of Australia and New Zealand, they know how to properly pronounce Iran, but not in USA! Rednecks have a huge problem pronouncing the name of the oldest civilization on earth more

Trita Parsi Biography of # 1 Iranian Agent in USA
Trita Parsi the Head of Iran Lobby in USA
Ahreeman X
Trita Parsi Undeclared Iranian Agent, Spy & George Soros Agent
Has it ever occurred to you that why Trita Parsi who is not an American Citizen would be lobbying for the Iranian Americans? The answer is simple, he is not lobbying for Iranian Americans but he lobbies for the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Mullahs in America! As a non-citizen, Trita Parsi cannot even vote in the elections, then why is he so determined to change the results of the American elections via lobby? more

Features - Politics
How to Battle Woke Corporations?
Corporations Go Woke, Make them Broke!
Catayoun Razmjou
How to Tell Which Corporation is Woke?
Methods to Boycott Woke Corporations + Woke Corporations List

The Woke Mob, Globalist Corporations and the Big Government want to silence you, submit you into obedience, control you and brainwash you into becoming a Woke Communist Slave. Don’t become a bloody sheep. Blimey, when the globalists are actively turning you into a robot, well hell bollocks, it is time to just like liberals, become activists more

Politics - Photo Gallery
Biden List of Amounts Bribed by Foreign Nations
Biden Crime Family Enterprise Businesses
Catayoun Razmjou
Who Paid Joe Biden How Much, When & From Where?
Biden Crime Family has been in the business of selling the Biden Brand to the foreign entities, corrupt oligarchs, international corporations, foreign governments’ agents and lobbies in USA for decades. The corruption, schemes, racketeering, quid pro quos, and bribes started since Joe Biden was a senator, then VP and now as the president. For 50 years the Quid Pro Joe has made millions and possibly in a billion range more

Biden Paid $6 Billion to Free an IRI Agent from Iran!
Siamak Namazi Creator of Iran Lobby in USA Freed!
Catayoun Razmjou
Biden Bent Over & Made a Deal with the Terrorist Mullahs!
Biden Freed His Benefactor Iran Lobby Mafia Boss from Iran!
Biden Paid $, Released IRI Spies & Freed an IRI Agent from Iran!

Siamak Namazi was Jailed due to the IRI Internal Power Struggles. Thanks to Biden, Namazi Hezbollahi Son joins the Hezbollahi Father in USA! Namazis were not innocent US hostages but they were the creators of Iran Lobby in USA. Both were Double Agents of VAJA and CIA more

Photo Gallery - Sports
Iranian Sexy Soccer Babes # 8
Persian Football Fan Girls
Iranian Soccer Babes
Persian Football Fan Girls are Burning Down the House!
Club Season, Asian Cup & World Cup Qualifiers Starts

Persian women are hot. Persian Football Fan Girls are not only hot but wild, crazy, overzealous, fanatical and rowdy! They are flat out borderline insane! They are fanatical about the game and women’s rights. That’s why IRI Regime is afraid of them! Iranian Soccer Babes are mostly high school and college students. These girls shook the IRI foundations more

Photo Gallery - History
Iranian Police Automobiles History Gallery
A Pictorial Auto History
Ahreeman X
Iranian Police Automobiles From Beginning Until Today
We will review the history of the Iranian police automobiles in pictures. We display some of the interesting models from the beginning until today. We go throughout the police vehicles from the Imperial Iran until today in the IRI era. Many of the vehicles are the actual models photographed in Iran and many are models purchased abroad and imported to Iran for usage. It is a fine historical collection of photos. Enjoy the pictorial history more

Politics - Photo Gallery
Liberal Made Climate Change Apocalypse
Climate Cult isn’t Science Fact But a Flawed Theory
Ahreeman X
The Great Reset is for the Elite to Enslave the Workers
Climate Cult the Big Lie: Part 1 + Part 2
Adolf Hitler used to say: “Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it.” Vladimir Lenin used to say: “A lie told often becomes the truth.” Dr. Joseph Goebbels used to say: “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.” Klaus Schwab (Hitler’s nephew) and the WEF (World Economic Forum), since 1970s more

History - Photo Gallery
Shapour Bakhtiar the Last Savior from 1979
Real History of the 1979 Islamic Reaction
Ahreeman X
Shapour Bakhtiar the Last Prime Minister of the Imperial Iran
Dr. Bakhtiar the Symbol of the Iranian Resistance
Intro to Disaster!
Together, we need to study the true uncensored history of the 1979, so we can get a logical conclusion and plan the future battles of the Today's revolutionaries! The unrevised history not by the Career Exilists, these are the actual events of those uneasy days of the 1979 more

Iran Youth Ask Parents Why they're Democrats?
Open Dialogue with Your Parents!
Ahreeman X
Persian Youth Crucify Your Parents!
You screwed up Iran in 1979 and now you are screwing up America in 2024! Are you Iran Lobby, Communist or an absolute imbecil?! That should be the question asked by you from your parents? Question your Iranian American Parents whom along with the majority of the Jews and Blacks are still Democrats! Some may say I voted for Trump but they are still Registered Democrats! Actually as thinking Persians more

Music - Photo Gallery
Storm Large Sings Persian Oldies
Powerful Voice of Susan Storm Large
Storm Large
Susan Storm Large Story, Music & Photo Gallery
Sexy Storm Large Untold & Unveiled: The Passion Poses

Music Review: Ahreeman X
Music and Photo Shoot: Storm Large
You will not understand how powerful is Susan Storm Large’s voice until you hear her Jazz - Vocals songs. She can continue a note forever! Her voice is glorious. After over 33 years of writing songs, writing more

Democrats are Communist Party USA
Communism = End of Freedoms
Ahreeman X
Call Democrats Communists Not Progressives!
Democrats’ Marxist Tactics to Achieve the Strategy

Communists use different tactics in different countries to achieve their grand strategy. In Russia they played the Labor Card, focusing on social justice for labors to create a class warfare so they could eventually take control of the government and create an Authoritarian Dictatorship of so-called Proletariat. In China they played the Farmers Card more

Philosophy Book
The Mysteries of Rig Veda
Origins of the Aryans
Anwar Shaikh
Book of Veda: What is the Vedic Era, Meaning of Veda & Rig Veda?
6 Aryan Branches when Persians & Indian Aryans Lived Together!
Introduction: Ahreeman X; Author: Anwar Shaikh; Publication:
For the 1st time IPC publishes the unpublished book put together from the various articles of Anwar Shaikh. Master Anwar Shaikh, the great philosopher, historian, Islamic scholar, author and a leading critic of Islam had never found the time to put together this collection of more

Trump Final Countdown: People vs. Deep State
Final Stand for the Final Battle
Ahreeman X
Why Globalists are Destroying USA? Who Runs USA? Why MAGA?
Fools Façade of Democracy USA

Even the most ruthless regime in the globe, the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Regime doesn’t arrest the leader of their opposing party (Reformist or Moderate) but the Biden regime arrests the leader of the American opposing party! Biden Regime is more tyrannical than the IRI regime. Democrats’ America is a façade of the democracy and more

I Condemn Reza Pahlavi II for Treason!
RP Must Stop the Shiite Show!
Ahreeman X
Reza Pahlavi European Vacation Show
Another Reza Pahlavi World Vacation Tour same as Hussein Obama World Apology Tours has come to an end! While bankrupting American economy, Obama was touring Europe, Middle East and North Africa, gaining popularity by bashing America and praising Globalism and Islam! While Iranian people are struggling to gather their next meals and make ends meet, Reza Pahlavi goes on a European vacation under more

Philosophy Book
The Universal Mystery
1st Time Published Philosophy Book
Anwar Shaikh
Never Published Before Book Compiled of Docs on Mysticism
Anwar Shaikh Never Found the Time to Publish this Book

IPC Largest Iranian Online Library, Now Presents:
Philosophy Book in 3 Parts & 10 Chapters in English with Chapters:
The Mystery, Free Will, Origin of Mysticism, Mysticism - The Universal Mystery, Buddhist Mysticism, Greek Mysticism, Semitic Mysticism, Christian Mysticism, Mysticism - the Vedic Legacy in 2 Parts more

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Transhuman Cyborgs of Future
Universal Intelligence & AI
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Coronavirus, IRGC & Chinese
How did it Spread? Real Story
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Paul Ryan RINO Drowns FOX
Stephanie Bice Iranian RINO
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Persian Cultural Month 2583
Persian Parade NYC 2024
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Destruction of USA by Design
Dems Communist Party USA
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Freedom Fighters Manuals

Break IRI Internet Filters
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vs. Gay Woke US Military
US Navy Drag Queen Boy Toys
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San Diego Illegal Alien Dump
Law & Border: Ben Bergquam
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Liberal Jews Betray Israel Again
Operation Al Aqsa Storm
Israel Massacre 2023 Thread

Is Google a Cult?
Google Election Steals History
Google Mind Control Thread

US Election Fraud Evidences
Peter Navarro 3 Reports
George Soros Role + Thread

Ilhan Omar an Islamist Agent
Traitor in Congress + Thread

Persian Slangs Dictionary
Brandonite Sodomite+B Words
Duff Meaning+D Words
Jindagani Terms+J Words
Encyclopedia Ahreemanica

Iran Lobby Infects San Diego
San Diego Iran Lobby vs AX
Shahri Estakhry IRI Agent
Persian Cultural Center Thread

New Books in IPC Library
Largest Iran Online Library
Banned in Iran Books
New, Persian, English, Library

Liberal Made Climate Change
George Carlin Climate Funny
3 Takes On The Big Lie
Apocalypse Hoax Thread!

Iran Animation Graphics
Biden-Raisi Halloween Special
Ashura Psychotic Shiite Festival
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Iranian Spy Ring in DC!
Trita Parsi Biography of a Spy
Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Inc.
Namazis weren't US Hostages
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Corporations Go Woke
Make Them Broke!
Patriotic Corporations List
How to Battle Woke Corps?
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Biden Crime Family Enterprise
Who Paid Biden How Much?
Biden Gets $10% + Thread

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Iran, Eye-Ran or Eye-Rain?

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Anwar Shaikh Best Writings
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Zelenskyy S&M Gay Dance
Leader Plays Piano with Balls

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New + Persian Football Girls

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Biden $2.35 Billion Taliban Gift
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Top Sexy Persian Models

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Shah's Wives, Lovers & Dates
Shah’s Love Life Thread

Democrats & Mullahs History
Iranian Democrats + Thread

Baha’i Cult Contradictions
Greatest One + Thread

Universal Intelligence vs God
Philosophy Thread

Cyber Censorship Cartoons
Tech Giants Internet Filters

Fake News Media Cartoons
Fake News & Lies Central

Reza Shah the Great Memory
Father of the Modern Iran

Ancient Aliens Theory
New + Thread + Philosophy

Nurollah X Humor Updates
Special + 72 Virgins + Thread

Historical Iranian Scientists
Iranian Masters of Science

Susa is not Elam Updates
Iranians aren’t Arabs + Thread

Iran Nazi Movement History
New Updates + Thread

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