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Fashion - Models
Sisi Azhin, Persian Art & Fashion Model
Interview & Portfolio
Sisi Azhin

Controversial Interview of Sisi Azhin
New Updated Portfolio: The 2nd Edition of the Satin Album
Interview: Ahreeman X
Photography: Catayoun Razmjou
Portfolio: Sisi Azhin
Sisi Azhin is a Persian print, catalogue, magazine, nude, art and fashion model. Sisi is an Iranian American who loves more

Fashion - Models
Nasrin Carmel Moore, Sassy Sexy Iranian Model
Sexy Wild Album
Nasrin Carmel Moore

Sexy Wild Album
Nasrin Album # 5: The Wild Side of Nasrin
New 2nd Edition Updated Photo Shoots
 In this album we concentrate on the Sexy Wild Side of Nasrin. In this album Nasrin poses in various outfits and focuses on contemporary sexy art photography. Primarily she does her glass wall photo shoot and then does various other sexy more

Fashion - Models
Melody Max Sexy Iranian Model at Her House
Melody’s House
Melody Max


Meet Melody at Her House!
IPC Exclusive: Melody Max Rare and Unseen Photo Shoots
Melody Max Album # 5

These are the rare and some unseen photo shoots of Melody Max, the Persian model at her house. This is the 5th and the latest Melody Max album in IPC. In this album, Melody poses in the bedroom, kitchen, shower, Jacuzzi, plus a rare photo shoot in her more

Politics - Islam
Obama, the First Muslim American President
Obama Served Islam Well!
Nicholas Ginex
Obama Presidency, Great for Islam but Disaster for America
Brother Hussein Made it to the White House!

What was once questionable has become a reality, the first African-American President, Barack Hussein Obama II, the son of a Kenyan-African father and Caucasian-American mother, is indeed the first Muslim-American to be president of the United States. This reality is confirmed by facts that Obama is a Muslim by birth more

Fashion - Models
Anahita at Ecbatana
Anahita the Persian Model at Ecbatana
Anahita the Persian Model at the Ecbatana Estate
Persian Poetry in Motion
Series of artistic photo shoots taken from Anahita, the fabulous model. This photo session had taken place at The Ecbatana Estate. The background column design is based on the original Goddess Anahita Temple columns at the Ecbatana, the ancient Persian capital. The Ecbatana Estate is a small replica of more

Bernie Sanders Rally Coconut Voters!
What a Circus Show!
Ahreeman X
The Bernie Sanders Show: It’s a Zoo Out There!
Bernie Sanders Rally Coconut Voters! Damn, that sounds like a 1960s B Movie made on a Bad Acid Trip! That sounds like “Magical Mystery Tour of the Yellow Submarine”!
Now seriously, no really, honestly, I am damn serious, I am trying hard to keep a straight face, truly speaking, have you ever seen a pack of more bizarre oddballs and rag tag bunch o misfits more

Photo Gallery
Obama at the Islamic Mosque
Real Photos of Obama
Ahreeman X
Barack Hussein Obama, the Islamic Photos!
Original and Authentic Photos
Important Note
All the photos in this gallery are original and real. No photo in this gallery has been revised, photo shopped and faked for humor. Every single photo in this gallery is historically accurate and they are Barack Hussein Obama’s real photos more

Is Obama a Muslim?
Is it True?
Nicholas Ginex
Is Barak Hussein Obama Really a Closet Muslim?
Is Obama a Muslim? This is the question which many Americans have been asking themselves! There are deep concerns by Americans who are beginning to seriously question President Obama’s actions because he appears more intent on defending and supporting Muslims than the American people. Let’s examine why such concerns are justified by enumerating the many actions by more

Fashion - Models
Mahshid Manoa Donavan Hot Iranian Model 2
Shiraz Poetry Album: Sexy Mahshid
Mahshid Manoa Donavan
Mahshid Wine of Shiraz, the Hot Shirazi Model: Part 2
Shiraz Poetry Album: the Sexy Mahshid
Mahshid started her modeling career in Europe, yet she went pro in USA. Mahshid has done various fashion shows and photo shoots in America. Mahshid’s passion is modeling and she hopes to progress all the way in this field. Mahshid has experience performing as a runway, photo, fashion and print model. Mahshid has more

Fashion - Models
Mahshid Manoa Donavan Hot Iranian Model 1
Shiraz Wine Album: Fashion Mahshid
Mahshid Manoa Donavan
Mahshid Wine of Shiraz, the Hot Shirazi Model: Part 1
Shiraz Wine Album: the Fashion Mahshid
Mahshid is as smooth as wine of Shiraz and that is why we call her the Shiraz Wine! Mahshid Manoa Donavan the Iranian Model was born as Mahshid Motlagh in Shiraz, Iran. Shirazi girls are hot! Shiraz is famous for wine and poetry; therefore, we name her albums Shiraz Wine and Shiraz Poetry. Mahshid moved to more

Animation - Graphics
Porkollah the Muslim Pig Adventures!
Pork of Allah
Ahreeman X
Adventures of Porkollah (Pork of Allah) the Muslim Pig!
A New Rising Star of the Crescent & Star Islamic Banner is here!
IPC Comics presents a New Cartoon Character: Porkollah the Pig
The Adventures features: Porkollah (Pork of Allah), Qozroof (Islamist Pig), Catollah (Cat of Allah), Ratollah (Rat of Allah), Kharollah (Donkey of Allah), Abdullah the ISIS Terrorist, Abu Atta (Wobbling Pig), Dr. Baboon and other friends, it’s a Zoo out there! more

Politics - Islam
Is Trump Muslims Entry Ban to USA Constitutional?
Constitutionality of Banning Muslims Entry
Dr. Ali Sina
Is it Constitutional to be a Muslim in USA?
Is it Constitutional to Believe in Quran in USA?

Donald Trump’s proposal for a shutdown of Muslims entering the United States has caused a lot of uproars. Almost all politicians from both parties and other countries condemned him, and 67% of Americans think denying entry to a certain group of people on the basis of their religion violates their constitutional rights or does it? more

Humor - History
Trump Story of General Pershing, Pigs & Muslims!
Pigs and Muslims Don't Mix!
Ahreeman X
An amazing Tale of Pigs Blood and Muslim Terrorists!
Some say it's fictional anecdote but evidence points that it’s real history!
Hello Kiddies
Gather around the fireplace and let Poppa Ahreeman to tell you a story ….
Oh yeh … Stories of the Seven Seas ……
Tonight’s tale is an old tale called:
Story of the Black Jack, Pigs and Muslims! more

Trump Rallies Clashes are Organized by Whom?
Who is the Agitator Force?
Ahreeman X
Who Conducts the Anti Trump Rallies Attacks?
Anti Trump Planned Attacks
On March 11 Donald Trump had to cancel his rally in Downtown Chicago due to security reasons. Police and Secret Service recommended Trump to do so. Trump has done it to avoid serious bloodshed and clashes between his over 25,000 supporters attending the rally and thousands of organized protesters and agitators more

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President
Why Donald Trump?
Ahreeman X
Official Endorsement of Ahreeman X for Donald John Trump
After reading the title, many of you will wonder why? Below, I will elaborate on why is it that I am endorsing and supporting Donald Trump?
I. Benefit of the Iranian Opposition
IPC (Iran Politics Club) is the largest Iranian website in the world. IPC supports the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran. We are more

Politics - Photos
Sarah Palin Endorses Trump for President 2
Private Side: Photo Album
Ahreeman X
Part 2: Sarah’s Private Side
Sarah Palin, the Heart and Soul of the Tea Party
We need to understand what exactly Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Trump means? Sarah Palin’s endorsement does not mean winning or losing Alaska, but it means the majority of the Tea Party, Evangelicals and True Conservatives’ votes for Trump. Ted Cruz has won Alaska and in a way he flipped the finger to Sarah Palin more

Politics - Photos
Sarah Palin Endorses Trump for President 1
Public Side: Article
Ahreeman X
Part 1: Sarah’s Public Side
Liberal Biased American Media spews that due to Donald Trump Endorsement, Sarah Palin is back in the spotlight! The reality is that Sarah Palin has never left the spotlight! Sarah Palin has been present, active and alongside the people, enflaming and energizing the Tea Party and the True Conservative Movement of America. Sarah has never left to be back in the spotlight! American Biased Media more

Fashion - Models
Bita Qabus, the Private Life (Album 5)
The Persian Turkmen Cowgirl Fashion Model
Bita Qabus
This is not another Bita Fashion Modeling Album
This is Bita's Personal and Private Life: Getting to Know Bita Album!

Bita Qabus the Iranian Model is one of the few Iranian celebrities who are also a political activist. By majority, Iranian celebrities want to have nothing to do with politics, activism, nationalism and freedom of Iran; on the contrary Bita Qabus is one of the few celebrities who have been a political activist since the beginning of her more

Photo Album - Humor
Only in Iran: Part 14
Those Funny Crazy Persians
Ahreeman X
Those Funny and Crazy Persians are at it again!
Hot Out of the Oven, Come and Get it Baby!
Enjoy the Ahreemanic Cooking:
Imam Khamenei Condom!
Islamically Correct and Halaal Condoms made in Qom!
Imam on condom cover: Didn’t I tell you no?!
Funny Persian Park Sign more

History of Slavery in Iran Started with Islam
It All Started with Islam!
Ahreeman X
New 2nd Edition: Were You Aware of These Historical Facts:
Pre Islamic Persian Empire was Slave Free
Arabo-Muslims Exported Slavery to America
Blacks were Originally Slaved by the Arabo-Muslims

Due to the popular demand, I shall put this issue under the microscope! This issue is often obscured by the clouds of Liberalism, Shiite and tradition! There Were No Slavery in Iran before Islam more

X Diaries
Labor Day Special with Ahreeman X
What does Labor Day Really Mean?
Ahreeman X
Labor Day with Ahreeman X
On this lovely and blessed Labor Day, let us turn the page and read a new page from the “X Diaries”. Let’s Roll ……
Happy Labor Day to all. Even though the International Labor Day is on May 1st and the American Labor Day is on September 7th (Originally September 5th but this year on September 7th), yet the intentions are all good and we are celebrating the labors, our more

Fashion - Models
Maryam Razi, Sexy Persian Spitfire Model
Unveiled at the Beach
Maryam Razi
Persian Spitfire at the Beach!
A while back, I was sitting around and pondering that how come we don’t have a red head amongst our top Iranian fashion models?! We got them all except a red head! By red head, I don’t mean a fake one but I mean a full blooded natural Iranian burning and sizzling Spitfire red head! So we went in search of the Reds and not just any red head but one who will be good enough to be published in IPC more

Book - Politics
Obama, Islam and Benghazi
Exposing Obama – Clinton Cover-ups
Nicholas Ginex
New Controversial Book of Nicholas Ginex in 6 Chapters
Exposing Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton’s Crimes
Digging deep into Hussein Obama’s Muslim Roots

Introduction and Forewords: Ahreeman X
Author: Nicholas Ginex
“Knowledge without action means nothing.” (Nicholas Ginex)
It is the best of times to publish this book! As I have more

Art Gallery - Review
Abbas Derissi Surreal Abstract Persian Paintings
Derissi Art Review by Ahreeman X
Abbas Derissi
Derissi Surreal Abstract Persian Paintings Art Gallery
Masters of Persian Art Series

Today, our Spotlight is on a lovely wonderful man, a Persian Art Master … Derissi’s body and mind is in San Diego but his heart and soul is in Shiraz! Derissi’s signature brand is “two little persons” (walking or standing). At some corner of all of his paintings, you can witness two humans together which represents “unity” more

Reza Shah the Great, The Real Story
Who was the True Reza Khan?
Ahreeman X
New 2nd Edition with New Photos and Material
Father of the Nation and Creator of the Modern Iran

You have been told enough lies from the left and from the right. Each has distorted this man's lifetime of achievements to propagate their own political ideology. Throughout the decades Muslims, Marxists and Monarchists, all have shoved their own distorted version of this man's life in to your minds. Now is the time for truth more

Social Darwinism & Science of Raciology 3
Behavioral Analysis
Ahreeman X
New 2nd Edition – Part 3: Behavioral Analysis
Politically Incorrect Approach to Real Science

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology are two hot and controversial topics, so naturally people want to learn more about these subjects and the various facts surrounding them. Students want to learn, what their teachers do not teach them in schools! In IPC, we teach you what is not allowed to be taught in your schools, thus more

Social Darwinism & Science of Raciology 2
Survival of Species
Ahreeman X
New 2nd Edition – Part 2: Survival of Species
Politically Incorrect Approach to Real Science

Now we will talk philosophy; however, this issue is not just about philosophy, but it is also about raciology, biology, anthropology, sociology, politics and life in general. I would like to address a very hot topic. We are way past due on addressing this topic! Our readers, specifically students are seeking more knowledge about more

Social Darwinism & Science of Raciology 1
Ahreeman X
New 2nd Edition – Part 1: Fundamentals
Politically Incorrect Approach to Real Science

It has been a long time since I wanted to update, organize and publish this crucial series, but due to lack of time, it was not possible. Finally the time has come to do this task. We have been receiving a great number of requests and e-mails from our readers more

Book - Philosophy
Future of God Amen
Beginning of the Creation of the God
Nicholas Ginex
Past, Present and Future of the God Amen – Who is Amen?
The Beginning of the Creation of God

Introduction and Forewords: Ahreeman X
Author: Nicholas Ginex
Why Read this Superb History and Philosophy Book?
Inform people that the soul, righteousness, truth, a hereafter, the God Amen, and Son of God, were developed by more

History – Photo Galleries
Iran National Socialist Movement History 2
A Pictorial History
Ahreeman X
Iran Nazi Movement History
New 2nd Edition with Updated Material and Photos
SUMKA History
National Socialist Iranian Worker's Party (SUMKA)
Even though SUMKA was officially formed in 1952, yet since 1940s, SUMKA has been a political entity in Iran. The original Iranian National-Socialist Workers Party (SUMKA), from the more

History – Photo Galleries
Iran National Socialist Movement History 1
A Pictorial History
Ahreeman X
Iran Nazi Movement History
New 2nd Edition with Updated Material and Photos
Iranian Ultra Nationalist Groups are on the rise, both inside and outside Iran! The history of the organized Iranian National Socialist Parties goes back to WWII. Many Iranians are Germano-Feel and have National Socialist tendencies. The very first National more

Photo Gallery - Islam
Muslim Child Brides Pedophile Weddings
Gallery and History of Islamic Pedophilia
Ahreeman X
Islam = 1400 Years of Child Rape, Abuse, Torture and Battery
Islam, Religion of Peace! (Politically Correct Liberal Lies)
Aren’t you sick and tired of that lie? Aren’t you sick and tired of that statement made on daily basis by the American and Euro-Pee-On (European) tired ass “Old Fart Liberals”, politically correct “Liberal Biased Media” and corrupt “Western Liberal Politicians”? In fact, they should revise that statement to more

Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons 3
3 Parts of Low-Down Dirty Political Deals!
Part 3. Netanyahu – Arabs & All Other Low-Down Dirty Deals
As I have always stated:
“Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!” (Ahreeman X)
Of course this “Closet Muslim Socialist” (Hussein Obama) is not an exception to the rule; furthermore, Hussein more



New Model


USA 2016 Election
Trump NRA & Anaheim
Judge Jeanine: Trump & Liars
Trump Policy Speech
Trump on Islam Videos
Palin Rocked Trump Rally
US 2016 Elections Thread

Iranian Models Uncensored
Top Persian Fashion Models

E-mails to Ahreeman X
Nutty, Sexy, Educational

Censoring Iranian Models
Israel Lobby US Foreign Policy
Interview with Ahreeman X
Where are you?
Why IPC doesn’t allow Blogs?
Question of Civilization?
Pahlavi Cougars & Boy Toys!
Why Amir Aram?
Washing Toilets, Beneath You!
Why Bash Bahaism?
E-mails to Ahreeman X Thread

Debate Nicholas Ginex vs. AX
Philosophy of Existence
Ginex Strikes Back 1
Ahreeman Awakens 1, 2
Philosophy Debate Thread

Sarah Palin Trash Paul Ryan
For Ryan not endorsing Trump
Sarah Palin 2016 Agenda
Sarah Palin Updates Thread

New Nicholas Ginex Material
New + Updates Thread

Nowruz Persian New Year
Persian Parade NY Videos
Happy Nowruz 2575 PIY

Obama buys Nukes from Iran
Obama Sponsors Terrorists
Iran Sponsors Terrorist Orgs

Iranshahr News
Weekly, Site, Ketab

Homer Abramian Updates
Cyrus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Tube

New Banned in Iran Books
Largest Iran Online Library
New Banned Books
Quran & System of Universe
Psychology of Muhammad
Shah of Iran Books
8000 Years of Iranian History
222 Years of Struggle
Iran Online Persian Library
Iran Online Library

New Funny Only in Iran # 14
Only in Iran Baby!

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Kourosh Aryamanesh News
New Book IPC Exclusive
Great Persian Historian

Donkey Sings with Trumpet
Musical Donkey Performs
Donkey Persian Luti Style

ISIS Dating Sites for Jihadis
Match Jihadi Women & Men

Ashraf Pahlavi Passed Away
WP, NYT, Site, Wiki

Break IRI Internet Filters
Proxies & Psiphon Update
Break IRI Net Filters Thread

Shabake Nim of Manoto TV
Iranian Musical Comedy Series

Yalda Festival around Globe
Tajikistan, UAE, Georgia, Iran

Persian Cuisine Docs
Food Safari Kermanshah
Persian Fast Food

Tehran Symphony Barred
Over Women Musicians!

Are You Happy?
Human Mind Research

Susa is not Elam Updates
Iranians are not Arabs!
Purification of Mind & Race
Historical Evidence + Thread

Iran Ballistic Missile Bunkers
IRI Secret Underground Arms

Iran will defend Syria to the
last drop of the Syrian Blood!

Iran General Killed in Syria
Russia - Iran Invasion of Syria
Iran in Syria Thread
IRGC in Syria Doc

Shahram Shabpareh Memoirs
Remember this one?
Buseh 35 Years Ago & Now
From Black Cats, Tehran to LA

Reza Shah, the Real Story
Father of the Nation Thread

Farts & Mullahs Similarities!
Nurollah X Broke All Records!

New Iran Historical Docs
Shapour Bakhtiar Doc
Fereydoun Farrokhzad Doc
Farah Pahlavi Doc

Iran Nazi Movement History
New Updates + Thread

Qom Humor
Asking for Address, Candy Man

Persian Slangs Dictionary
New Funny Iranian Slangs
Ahreemanic T Terms, T Words
Qoromsaq Terms, Q Words
Jindagani Terms, J Words
Encyclopedia Ahreemanica

Sam Ghandchi Updates
New, Iranscope, Futurist

Iranian Types (Comedy)
Funny Persian Girl Analysis

Devolution: IRI Revolution
Islamic Revolution Story Doc
1978-79 Tragedy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Iran, the Forgotten Glory
Iran History Doc 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Iran Lobby & Agents in USA
Hassan Daioleslam Updates
New IRI Lobby: Code Pink
Hassan Daioleslam Mojahed?
Hassan Daioleslam Index
Iranian American Forum
Hezbollah Agents in America
Jahanshah Javid IRI Agent
Iranian Lobby Groups Thread
More: Iran Movement

Iranian Girls 1910s - 2010s
100 Years of Iranian Beauty

Iranians deserve Democracy?
Monarchy or Republic?
Update + Thread

Persian Gulf & Israel Maps
Collins Atlas of Middle East!

Nadia Bjorlin Lesbian Role
Venice Web Series

Imam: ISIS Serves USA
6 Reasons to Prove it!

Why Iran is a Mess?
Problem & Solution!

Reza Kahlili Updates
CIA IRGC Author Spy
Reza Kahlili Updates Thread
More: Index + YouTube + Site

Pan Iranist Party Updates
Letter, Party, Youth
N CA, S CA, Aryans Blog

Baha’i Cult Contradictions
Greatest One + Thread

Imperial Iran vs. Islamic Iran
Great Civilization?!

Funny Animated Prank Calls
Ownage Pranks Voice Comic

Sexual Solutions Truly Funny
Ahreemanic Persian Humor

Iran Flag: Save Persian Lion
not become a Gay Pussycat!

Iranian Flag History

Ashura Special Funny Bloody
Psychotic Shiite Islam Festival

Clarification Islamic Comedy
Alireza Rezaei Shafaf Sazi, Site

Funny Political Animations
Women in Heaven & Hell, IW

Persian Food Safari Doc
SBS Iran Travel 1, 2, 3

Why Islam Can’t Coexist?
Anwar Shaikh Unveils!
Eternity Book Series
Anwar Shaikh Updates Thread
More: Anwar Shaikh Index

Ramita Navai Interviews
Tehran City of Lies

Persian Transsexuals Doc
Iran is Sex Change Central

Whores & Houris Difference?
Whores & Muslim Virgins!

Amir Abbas Hoveyda
Great Iranian Prime Minister
Memory of My God Father

Shah of Iran Interviews
Historical and Controversial

Rami Munasifi (Comedian)
Parody & Stand-up Comedy

Rita Jahanforuz (Pop)
Iranian Israeli Pop Star

Iranian Israelis
150,000 Strong - Part 1, 2, 3, 4

Persian Jews of Iran
25,000 Strong
IRI Propaganda Docs 1, 2, 3
Canadian TV Docs 1, 2

Rouhani Funny Animation
10 Reasons to Like Rouhani
Obama Calls Rouhani
Final Edition: YouTube + Site

Pahlavi Dynasty Animation
Shah of Iran Cartoon (IRI)

Pahlavi Dynasty TV Series
IRI Propaganda TV Series
Shah Enigma TV Series
Behind the Scenes 1, 2, 3, Clip
Reza Shah beating Mullah
House of Western Hat Series
Reza Shah & Shah
God Father TV Series
Shah, Mossadeq & Kashani

Shahin Najafi bashes Artists
For Selling Out to Rouhani

Ted Nugent Interviews
Ted Nugent Rocks Thread

Reza Shah vs. M. Reza Shah
Pahlavis Historical Judgment

Tehran Documentary
Travel to Tehran, Iran

The Last Shah Doc
Last Shah of Iran

Persian Art Masters Series
Hojatollah Shakiba Tribute
Master of Persian Miniatures
Gallery 1, 2
Mahmoud Farshchian Tribute
Master of Persian Miniatures
Biography, Gallery 1, 2, Index
Abbas Derissi Tribute
Iranian Master Painter
Interview + Derissi at Work
Surrealist Galleries 1, 2, 3
Abstract Gallery, Clay & Hay
General, Art Review, Index
More: Art & Literature

Scholar defends Reza Shah
& Aqa Mohammad Shah
Sadegh Ziba Kalam:
Today’s Iran exists due to
Reza Khan & Aqa Khan
Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Voice of America or IRI?
VOA milking both IRI & USA?
VOA Watchdog

2500 Years Celebration 1971
Shiraz, Tehran, Celebration

Tea Party News + Updates
USA Conservative Movement
Tea Party Thread

Mullah rapes Talabeh Boy
With Turban under his knee!
Welcome to True Islam 101:
Holy Ranks of Islam

New Songs, Bands & Artists

The Ways Band (Rock)
Khab Bazi, Otaqe Abi, Shal
Reza Yazdani (Rock)
Borj, Kuche Meli, Lalehzar
Rana Farhan (Blues)
Maste Eshq, Eshq Bud
Hich-Kas (Rap)
Ye Ruze Khub Miyad, Sarbaz
ZedBazi (Rap)

Ajili Diss, KalKal, Barun Miyad
The Ways Band (Rock)
Khab Bazi, Shahre Man Ku
Reza Yazdani (Rock)
Tehran Sime Akhar, Lalehzar
Rana Farhan (Blues)
Kare Man Live, Kare Man
Hich-Kas (Rap)
Ekhtelaf (City Version)
Sarbaz, Ye Ruze Khub Miyad

Bidar Music TV
Site, Facebook, YouTube
Bamahang Productions
Site, Facebook, YouTube
Festival of Arts UK
Site, YouTube
More: Multimedia + Music

Persian Jews Historical Sites
Persian Jewish Culture
Oud Lajan Place, Tehran
Keshvariyeh Public Bath
Aliance School
Esther & Mordecai Shrine
Mullah Yaqub the Snake Shrine
Darvazeh Doulat Synagogue
Yousef Abad Synagogue
Silk Synagogue, 7 Dorim Site

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