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History – Photo Galleries
Iran National Socialist Movement History 2
A Pictorial History
Ahreeman X

Iran Nazi Movement History
New 2nd Edition with Updated Material and Photos
SUMKA History
National Socialist Iranian Worker's Party (SUMKA)
Even though SUMKA was officially formed in 1952, yet since 1940s, SUMKA has been a political entity in Iran. The original Iranian National-Socialist Workers Party (SUMKA), from the more

History – Photo Galleries
Iran National Socialist Movement History 1
A Pictorial History
Ahreeman X

Iran Nazi Movement History
New 2nd Edition with Updated Material and Photos
Iranian Ultra Nationalist Groups are on the rise, both inside and outside Iran! The history of the organized Iranian National Socialist Parties goes back to WWII. Many Iranians are Germano-Feel and have National Socialist tendencies. The very first National more

Photo Gallery - Islam
Muslim Child Brides Pedophile Weddings
Gallery and History of Islamic Pedophilia
Ahreeman X

Islam = 1400 Years of Child Rape, Abuse, Torture and Battery
Islam, Religion of Peace! (Politically Correct Liberal Lies)
Aren’t you sick and tired of that lie? Aren’t you sick and tired of that statement made on daily basis by the American and Euro-Pee-On (European) tired ass “Old Fart Liberals”, politically correct “Liberal Biased Media” and corrupt “Western Liberal Politicians”? In fact, they should revise that statement to more

Muslims Justify Muhammad’s Pedophilia!
Islamic Justification of Pedophilia
Dr. Ali Sina

Muhammad’s Pedophilia Justified by Islamic Scholars!
Marrying a 6 Year Old and having Sex with her at 9 is Halaal in Islam!

Some Muslims are embarrassed of the fact that their prophet had sex with a child when he was 53 years old. However, instead of leaving him, they lie about the age of Aisha and strive hard to prove that she was much older ... Others are so shameless that they don’t even try that approach, but rather go on justifying their prophet’s pedophilia more

Fashion – Models
Qazal Shahdousti: Lonesome Album
Persian Art Model
Qazal Shahdousti

Qazal Shahdousti Sexy Persian Art Model
Album 2: Lonesome Album
Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Qazal Shahdousti
Qazal Shahdousti is a Persian art model. This is Qazal’s second album. We call this one “Lonesome Album”. In more

Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons 3
3 Parts of Low-Down Dirty Political Deals!

Part 3. Netanyahu – Arabs & All Other Low-Down Dirty Deals
As I have always stated:
“Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!” (Ahreeman X)
Of course this “Closet Muslim Socialist” (Hussein Obama) is not an exception to the rule; furthermore, Hussein more

Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons 2
3 Parts of Low-Down Dirty Political Deals!

Part 2. Rouhani – Obama Dirty Deals (Hassan & Hussein Deals)
Hussein Obama was bumming around and looking for some change in Chicago, yet the Old Fart Liberals (with White Guilt), Hollywood, Media and “Ignorant American Public” assumed that he was looking for “Hope and Change”; therefore, erected him as the president to the highest office on Earth to not only destroy the greatest Democratic System on Earth (America) but also Earth itself more

Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons 1
3 Parts of Low-Down Dirty Political Deals!

Part 1. Khamenei – Kerry Dirty Deals
Toon Narration: Ahreeman X - Art: Cartoonists
Howdy Good Folks:
Come gather around Papa Ahreeman, the Small Satan from the land of Great Satan and let me tell you a story about how a “Closet Muslim Socialist Ape” (Hussein Obama) was bumming more

Indoctrination of the Muslim Mind
Production of the Islamist Terrorists
Nicholas Ginex
New 2nd Edition
Brainwash + Indoctrination + Child Abuse = Islamist Youth
This article clearly shows how the psychological use of “We, Our and Us” forms the psyche of Muslim minds to believe they are commanded by Allah.  It creates a feeling of unity with the Creator and the compulsion to impose this unity on all people with the altruistic belief that they are promoting the integration of mankind with more

Arab and American – British Oil Cartels
Where money for financing Islamism comes from?
Nicholas Ginex
How Arab Oil Dollars Influence White House Foreign Policy?
Oil Cartels => Arab Dollars => Financing Islamist Terrorism

American oil corporations secured agreements with Arab countries and created the largest oil cartels in the world.  The cartel oil partnerships have caused the infiltration of Muslim organizations into the White house over several administrations. American foreign policy has been influenced by past administrations working with Muslim more

Obama - Iran Nuclear Deal Campaign
Campaign of Misinformation
Hassan Daioleslam
US – Iran Nuclear Deal Campaign of Misinformation
Propagated by Obama Administration, Iran Lobby and Liberal Media

Obama administration claims that Iranian nuclear program is supported by vast majority of Iranians and it has become a matter of national pride, therefore, the US can’t force Iran to stop enrichment. This claim is part of Iranian regime’s misinformation campaign that started in 2003 and includes a total ban on opposing the more

The Iranian Disease! - Chapter 4: Epidemics
Next Chapter
Ahreeman X
Epidemics of the Iranian Disease
And Now the Rest of the Story: Prologue
Folks, to cure our ills, we must self critic ourselves; who better to critic us than ourselves?! … and you thought that the analysis of the “Iranian Disease” is over? Who knew back then, that in the future, there would be a promising 4th chapter?! In the past chapter, we have discussed:
Chapter 1: The Symptom and The Disease more

Islam - Politics
Islamic Terrorism Dilemma!
Islamic Terrorism: Yesterday and Today!
Dr. Ali Sina
Was Muhammad a Terrorist Role Model?
The recent massacres in Paris of the staff of Charlie Hebdo, the Jews in a kosher supermarket, and the incidences of butchering young people coming out of pubs have made more people concerned about the rise of terrorism ... Since the 9/11 attack on New York, there have been about 25,000 Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide. That is about 5 terrorist attacks every day. So far 2 million people have been killed more

History Book – Photo Gallery
Ctesiphon in Smoke, Fire and Blood
Arab Muslim Invasion of Persia
Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh
New 2nd Edition: The Account of How Islam Came to Iran?
Each to their own time frame, Ctesiphon was the largest and the most luxurious city in the globe, practically 10 times larger, wealthier and cultural than New York City of today! Ctesiphon University and Library were world famous. Arab Muslims leveled Ctesiphon to the ground. By burning all the Persian books, Arabs nearly destroyed the complete Persian Science, Philosophy, Music, Art, Culture and History more

History – Biography
Kourosh Aryamanesh, A Persian Legend
True Meaning of Nationalism
Ahreeman X
New 2nd Edition: Kourosh Aryamanesh Biography
Once upon a time I knew a simple man from Mashhad, Iran. This man had made a great impact on a great number of Persians around the globe. This man was not about “Taking” but he was about “Giving”. He gave until he had nothing else left to give! This man gave everything to Iran and Iranians! Once upon a time in the West, I have known a man from the East who was my colleague, my friend and my Master more

IRI: Ultimate Goal is Destruction of USA & Israel
Iran Basij Commander Interview
Reza Kahlili
Obama Paid $ 9.8 Billion Ransom (Sanction Relief) to the Mullahs
IRI Basij Commander General Mohammad Reza Naghdi Interview
Commander of Iran’s notorious Basij forces declared Monday that the IRI ultimate goal is the destruction of America and Israel. “Today there is no mandate to end our fight because Iran’s greatness in the region and the repeated losses by the Zionists and America are the proof of our fight up to today,” General Naghdi stated more

Politics - Islam
Egyptian President El-Sisi Calls to Reform Islam!
A Bold Move!
Ahreeman X
The Secular Savior of Egypt from Islamism Makes an Explosive Move!
A Bold, Dangerous and Powerful Move to Shake the Muslim World!
Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the Egyptian President shocked the world!

I came across some interesting news which you would not hear, see or read in the American Liberal Biased Media, because the Liberal Media is more like the Mouthpiece for the White House and acts as the State-run Media for the Obama’s Socialist Regime more

Life of Muhammad Cartoons of Charlie Hebdo 3
Je Suis Charlie - Charlie Hebdo in English
Part 3: Charlie Hebdo Paris Terrorist Attack Controversy Cartoons
Hussein Obama the Closet Muslim
After the Charlie Hebdo Attacks, while all the major world leaders were in France Rally for solidarity, Obama the coward Closet Muslim and Socialist did not attend and he did not even send his VP or Secretary of state, he was too afraid that the reporters would ask questions while he is still refusing to name the murderers as “Islamist Terroristsmore

Life of Muhammad Cartoons of Charlie Hebdo 2
Je Suis Charlie - Charlie Hebdo in English
Charlie Hebdo
Part 2: Jesus, Christian and Political Cartoons
Politically Correct Governments and Media
The politically correct liberal governments including the Socialist Francois Hollande and the Closet Muslim Hussein Obama are afraid of the Islamic world and they bend over backwards for the Muslims to sugar coat all the murders committed by the Muslims around the globe, but we don’t. Someone has to stand up against Islam more

Life of Muhammad Cartoons of Charlie Hebdo 1
Je Suis Charlie - Charlie Hebdo in English
Charlie Hebdo
Part 1: Muhammad and Islam Cartoons
Introduction of Truth
To the memory of the brave Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and in solidarity with all the free thinking cartoonists around the globe, we will publish the complete set of the controversial cartoons in IPC. There are times that the free thinkers and the civilized world need to stand up to the Islamist terrorism. Islamist terrorists silenced the more

Fashion- Models
Qazal Shahdousti, the Persian Silk
Persian Art Model
Qazal Shahdousti
Qazal Shahdousti Sexy Persian Art Model
Album 1: Persian Silk Album
Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Qazal Shahdousti
Qazal Shahdousti is a second generation Iranian American. She is an art major and a model. Qazal is a photo and art model more

Comic Book - Cartoons
Islam Comic Book: Muhammad’s Believe it or Else!
Persian Version
Dr. Abdullah Aziz
New Deluxe Persian Version of the Islam Comic Book
Very True and Very Funny Comic Book
Author: Dr. Abdullah Aziz
Translator: Dr. Massoud Ansari
You have been asking for the Persian version of the “Islam Comic Book” for a long time. At last it is here and we have published it. You wanted it, you have asked for it and now you have got it more

What I Believe?
Persian Poetry in English!
Ahreeman X
New 2nd Edition of the Popular Classic Poem
What I Believe?
I believe in Heroic Sagas and Tragic Tales!
I believe in Legendary Efforts and Amazing Struggles!
I believe in swimming against the waves and flow of the river!
I believe in riding against the wind!
I believe in fighting against all odds! more

Book – Islam
Allah, We, Our and Us
Exploring Islam and Seeking Universal Peace
Nicholas Ginex
Nicholas Ginex Most Controversial Book on Religion and Philosophy
Chapters Index
1. Traditional Islamic Beliefs
2. The Qur’an’s Beauty and its Flaws
3. Who Is Allah, We, Our and Us?
4. The Purpose of the Qur’an
5. Judaic and Christian Abominations more

God and Us
What is God?
Sam Ghandchi
Eric Hoffer writes, "... Dostoyevsky puts the following words in Bishop Tihon's mouth: Outright atheism is more to be respected than worldly indifference ... the complete atheist stands on the penultimate step to most perfect faith ... but the indifferent person has no faith whatever except a bad fear." Hoffer continues: "All the true believers [fanatics] of our time-whether Communist, Nazi, Fascist, Japanese or Catholic-declaimed volubly (and the Communists still do) [i.e.. 1951] on more

Fashion - Models
Anahita Lexi Bloom Persian Naughty Model 1
Sunday Afternoon with Lexi
Anahita Lexi Bloom
Anahita Lexi Bloom Debut in IPC
Lexi 1: Sunday Afternoon with Lexi Album
Anahita Lexi Bloom was born as Anahita Roshani in Portland, Oregon, USA. Anahita is a second generation Iranian American. Anahita is a cute, petite rascal who is always naughty! Anahita is a retired erotic movie star, erotic art model, magazine model and photo model. In the past, Anahita played in the erotic movies to pay for her college more

Philosophy - History
Baha’i Cult 28 Contradictions
Bahai Untold History
Ahreeman X
28 Contradictions of Baha’i Doctrine: Bahai Untold History
Allow me to warn you: If you are not familiar with my writings, be aware that this research document is “Politically Incorrect” because I am a “Politically Incorrect” person. “Political Correctness” is a Liberal disease which has infected our society. I am not about political correctness but I am about facts, logic, reality and direct approach more

Toward the Great Civilization 1977
Shah of Iran Book
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Shah of Iran Book: Toward the Great Civilization 1977
Shah’s Grand Plans for Future Iran: Persian Book in 5 Chapters
Introduction and review: Ahreeman X [English]
Author: Mohammad Reza Pahlavi [Persian]
One of Shahs most important books is “Toward the Great Civilization" where in it, Shah elaborated on his views and the long term plans for Iran. Shah has laid the foundation for more

Fashion - Models
Mah in the Heavens – Mah 2
Her name was Mah …
Mah in the Heavens Album - Mah 2
Mah, Persian Art and Fashion Model Portfolio 2
Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Mah
Persian Goddess Mah
Her name was Mah and one night she came to visit us more

Photo Gallery – Humor
Only in Iran – Part 13
Those Funny Crazy Persians
Ahreeman X
Only in Iran Baby, Only in Iran …
Those Funny Crazy Persians are back again!
Iranian Military Anti Aircraft, Ground to Air, Mobile Donkey Unit, Islamic Republic of Iran Era
* Unit is the perfect fit for mountain and prairie campaigns thus it blends in to the surrounding more

X Diaries – Photo Gallery
Eye-Rainian and Iranian: Chapter 2
Memoirs of Ahreeman X
Ahreeman X
Eye-Rainian and Iranian 2: Eye-Rainian Redneck goes to Gun Club
New 2nd Edition: Girls with Guns Photo Gallery included
True Redneck Tales from the Good Old Shooting Range Days
You have been waiting for years for this sequel. You asked for it, you were impatiently waiting for it, and now is the moment of truth! You wanted it and now you’ll get it! Youall (now that’s Southern) remember the fabulous story from the X Diaries (my memoirs), the net classic more

X Diaries – Photo Gallery
Eye-Rainian and Iranian: Chapter 1
Memoirs of Ahreeman X
Ahreeman X
Eye-Rainian and Iranian 1: Eye-Rainian Roots
New 2nd Edition: Biker Chicks Photo Gallery included
A True Story, about an Amazing Night from The Good Old Biker Days
If you follow my writings, by now you are aware that I am not your average Iranian and I do not lead the life of an average Iranian. But if you think I am different now, then you had to see me in early 80s!
Times were hard, Girls were wild, Bikes were hot more




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New Iran Historical Docs
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Nicholas Ginex New Updates
Interview & Press Release

Obama - Mullahs Dirty Deal
Hussein & Hassan Dirty Deal
US pays $ 50 Billion Penalty
Rouhani: Iran will nuke up
US drops embargo against RI
Arab - Israel Alliance, Anti Iran
US - IRI Make a Deal
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Iran Nazi Movement History
New Updates + Thread

Shahram Shabpareh Memoirs
From Black Cats, Tehran to LA

Qom Humor
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Persian Slangs Dictionary
New Funny Iranian Slangs
Ahreemanic T Terms, T Words
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Iranian Types (Comedy)
Funny Persian Girl Analysis

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Nowruz Persian New Year
Happy Nowruz 2574 PIY
Persian Parade NY Update
Nowruz with Ahreeman X
Nowruz Greeting to Obama!
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Devolution: Iranian Revolution
Islamic Revolution Story Doc
1978-79 Tragedy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Iran, the Forgotten Glory
Iran History Doc 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Secular Democrat Movement
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Darya Dadvar Persian Opera
Concert & Event at London

Iran Lobby & Agents in USA
Hassan Daioleslam Updates
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Hassan Daioleslam Mojahed?
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The Iranian Disease!
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Debate: Nicholas Ginex vs. AX
Philosophy of Existence
Ginex Strikes Back 1, 2, Thread

Iranian Girls 1910s - 2010s
100 Years of Iranian Beauty

Iranians deserve Democracy?
Monarchy or Republic?
Update + Thread

Susa is not Elam Updates
Iranians are not Arabs!
Historical Evidence + Thread

Sarah Palin 2016 Agenda
Conservative Agenda Details
Sarah Freedom Summit
CPAC Speech 2015 + Thread

Persian Gulf & Israel Maps
Collins Atlas of Middle East!

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Quran & System of Universe
Psychology of Muhammad
Shah of Iran Books
8000 Years of Iranian History
222 Years of Struggle
Iran Online Persian Library
Iran Online Library

Nadia Bjorlin Lesbian Role
Venice Web Series

Kourosh Aryamanesh News
Great Persian Historian

Imam: ISIS Serves USA
6 Reasons to Prove it!

Why Iran is a Mess?
Problem & Solution!

Reza Kahlili Updates
CIA IRGC Author Spy
Reza Kahlili Updates Thread
More: Index + YouTube + Site

Prophet Muhammad Cartoons
Charlie Hebdo Toon Thread

Islamic Christmas!
Wonderful Islamic Holidays!

Pan Iranist Party Updates
Letter, Party, Youth
N CA, S CA, Aryans Blog

Baha’i Cult Contradictions
Greatest One + Thread

Near Death Experience
Update + Thread

Imperial Iran vs. Islamic Iran
Great Civilization?!

Mah Persian Model Updates
Mah Sexy Persian Art Model

Funny Animated Prank Calls
Ownage Pranks Voice Comic

Sexual Solutions Truly Funny
Ahreemanic Persian Humor

Iran Flag: Save Persian Lion
not become a Gay Pussycat!

Iranian Flag History

Ashura Special Funny Bloody
Psychotic Shiite Islam Festival

Clarification Islamic Comedy
Alireza Rezaei Shafaf Sazi, Site

Funny Political Animations
Women in Heaven & Hell, IW

Persian Food Safari Doc
SBS Iran Travel 1, 2, 3

Persian Cuisine at Tehran
Traditional + Fast Food

Why Islam Can’t Coexist?
Anwar Shaikh Unveils!
Eternity Book Series
Anwar Shaikh Updates Thread
More: Anwar Shaikh Index

Ramita Navai Interviews
Tehran City of Lies

Persian Transsexuals Doc
Iran is Sex Change Central

Sex with Babies is Halaal!
Khomeini Allowed Infant Sex

Whores & Houris Difference?
Whores & Muslim Virgins!

Amir Abbas Hoveyda
Great Iranian Prime Minister
Memory of My God Father

Shah of Iran Interviews
Historical and Controversial

Rami Munasifi (Comedian)
Parody & Stand-up Comedy

Rita Jahanforuz (Pop)
Iranian Israeli Pop Star

Iranian Israelis
150,000 Strong - Part 1, 2, 3, 4

Persian Jews of Iran
25,000 Strong
IRI Propaganda Docs 1, 2, 3
Canadian TV Docs 1, 2

Zero Point Orbit TV Series
Persian Jews & Holocaust
WWII Series Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Rouhani Funny Animation
10 Reasons to Like Rouhani
Obama Calls Rouhani
Final Edition: YouTube + Site

Persepolis Recreated
English, Persian, Dream

Persepolis, New Perspective
Dr. Farzi Rezaian Doc

Pahlavi Dynasty Animation
Shah of Iran Cartoon (IRI)

Pahlavi Dynasty TV Series
IRI Propaganda TV Series
Shah Enigma TV Series
Behind the Scenes 1, 2, 3, Clip
Reza Shah beating Mullah
House of Western Hat Series
Reza Shah & Shah
God Father TV Series
Shah, Mossadeq & Kashani
IRI Pro Hijab Propaganda
Reza Shah & Forouqi

Shahin Najafi bashes Artists
For Selling Out to Rouhani

Ted Nugent Interviews
Ted Nugent Rocks Thread

Reza Shah vs. M. Reza Shah
Pahlavis Historical Judgment

Iran’s Secret Army in Syria
IRGC in Syria Doc

Tehran Documentary
Travel to Tehran, Iran

Iranian Teahouses Doc
History of Iranian Teahouse

Luxury in Tehran Doc
Tehran Fancy Houses & Cars

Taste of Iran BBC Doc
Persian Food best in Globe!
Travel for Food around Iran
13 Parts Documentary 1, 2, 3
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Omar Khayyam BBC Doc
Persian Poet & Scientist
Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Everyday Life in Tehran Doc
Flow of Life in Iran

The Last Shah Doc
Last Shah of Iran

Persian Art Masters Series
Hojatollah Shakiba Tribute
Master of Persian Miniatures
Gallery 1, 2
Mahmoud Farshchian Tribute
Master of Persian Miniatures
Biography, Gallery 1, 2, Index
Abbas Derissi Tribute
Iranian Master Painter
Interview + Derissi at Work
Surrealist Galleries 1, 2, 3
Abstract Gallery, Clay & Hay
General, Art Review, Index
More: Art & Literature

Father of the Nation Memories
Reza Shah the Great
Reza Shah 1, 2, 3, Museum
Reza Khan with Kamal Ataturk
Reza Khan beating a Mullah
for criticizing unveiled women
Reza Shah’s Reforms
Shahs: Muslim vs. Secular
Shah a Superstitious Muslim!

IRI scholar defends Reza Shah
& Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar
Sadegh Ziba Kalam:
Today’s Iran exists due to
Reza Khan & Aqa Khan
Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Voice of America or IRI?
VOA milking both IRI & USA?
VOA Watchdog

2500 Years Celebration 1971
Shiraz, Tehran, Celebration

Tea Party News + Updates
USA Conservative Movement
Organize Against Obama

Tea Party Thread

Old Mullah rapes Talabeh Boy
With Turban under his knee!
Welcome to True Islam 101:
Holy Ranks of Islam

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Ye Ruze Khub Miyad, Sarbaz
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The Ways Band (Rock)
Khab Bazi, Shahre Man Ku
Reza Yazdani (Rock)
Tehran Sime Akhar, Lalehzar
Control (Rock)
Hanuzam Khabam, Bavar Kon
Rana Farhan (Blues)
Kare Man Live, Kare Man
Hich-Kas (Rap)
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Sarbaz, Ye Ruze Khub Miyad

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