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Maria, Muhammad’s Sex slave
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Chador Sexy Fashionable 5
Chador Sexy Fashionable 1
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What I Believe?
Persian Poetry in English!
Ahreeman X

New 2nd Edition of the Popular Classic Poem
What I Believe?
I believe in Heroic Sagas and Tragic Tales!
I believe in Legendary Efforts and Amazing Struggles!
I believe in swimming against the waves and flow of the river!
I believe in riding against the wind!
I believe in fighting against all odds! more

Book – Islam
Allah, We, Our and Us
Exploring Islam and Seeking Universal Peace
Nicholas Ginex

Nicholas Ginex Most Controversial Book on Religion and Philosophy
Chapters Index
1. Traditional Islamic Beliefs
2. The Qur’an’s Beauty and its Flaws
3. Who Is Allah, We, Our and Us?
4. The Purpose of the Qur’an
5. Judaic and Christian Abominations more

God and Us
What is God?
Sam Ghandchi

Eric Hoffer writes, "... Dostoyevsky puts the following words in Bishop Tihon's mouth: Outright atheism is more to be respected than worldly indifference ... the complete atheist stands on the penultimate step to most perfect faith ... but the indifferent person has no faith whatever except a bad fear." Hoffer continues: "All the true believers [fanatics] of our time-whether Communist, Nazi, Fascist, Japanese or Catholic-declaimed volubly (and the Communists still do) [i.e.. 1951] on more

Fashion - Models
Anahita Lexi Bloom Persian Naughty Model 1
Sunday Afternoon with Lexi
Anahita Lexi Bloom

Anahita Lexi Bloom Debut in IPC
Lexi 1: Sunday Afternoon with Lexi Album
Anahita Lexi Bloom was born as Anahita Roshani in Portland, Oregon, USA. Anahita is a second generation Iranian American. Anahita is a cute, petite rascal who is always naughty! Anahita is a retired erotic movie star, erotic art model, magazine model and photo model. In the past, Anahita played in the erotic movies to pay for her college more

Philosophy - Science
Futurism, Time, Singularity and Consciousness
A Glance at the Future
Sam Ghandchi

Human vs. Machine or Human drafts the Machine?
A Selection of interesting scientific topics:
Topics Index
* Beginning of Time and Stephen Hawking
* Worldview of a Smart Monkey
* Two Paths beyond Singularity and Ray Kurzweil
* Understanding Self-Consciousness and Ray Kurzweil more

IRI Elongation Doctrine: Iran will get the Bomb!
Does IRI kill time for a reason?
Reza Kahlili

IRI Continues Toying with the West and UN
Iran has no intention of reaching a settlement over its illicit nuclear program, the Islamic Republic’s senior strategist revealed last week on his blog. Instead, the regime has adopted a policy of “elongation” with the 5+1 nations in which it strings along the United States, France, Britain, Russia, China and Germany as it develops nuclear weapons, wrote Alireza Forghani more

How I an Atheist Met Jesus?!
Atheist meets Jesus!
Dr. Ali Sina

Jesus vs. Darwin - Religion vs. Evolution: Is there a common ground?
Over a year ago I announced that I have accepted Jesus, while at the same time I said that I don’t believe the Bible is the word of God. This prompted several friends, both Christians and atheists to question me about it. It appears to them that my position is contradictory. “If you don’t believe in the Bible, how you could possibly know Jesus,” ask my Christian friends. My atheist friends ask how I could believe more

Philosophy - History
Baha’i Cult 28 Contradictions
Bahai Untold History
Ahreeman X

28 Contradictions of Baha’i Doctrine: Bahai Untold History
Allow me to warn you: If you are not familiar with my writings, be aware that this research document is “Politically Incorrect” because I am a “Politically Incorrect” person. “Political Correctness” is a Liberal disease which has infected our society. I am not about political correctness but I am about facts, logic, reality and direct approach more

Toward the Great Civilization 1977
Shah of Iran Book
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Shah of Iran Book: Toward the Great Civilization 1977
Shah’s Grand Plans for Future Iran: Persian Book in 5 Chapters
Introduction and review: Ahreeman X [English]
Author: Mohammad Reza Pahlavi [Persian]
One of Shahs most important books is “Toward the Great Civilization" where in it, Shah elaborated on his views and the long term plans for Iran. Shah has laid the foundation for more

Fashion - Models
Mah in the Heavens – Mah 2
Her name was Mah …
Mah in the Heavens Album - Mah 2
Mah, Persian Art and Fashion Model Portfolio 2
Director: Ahreeman X
Photographer: Catayoun Razmjou
Model: Mah
Persian Goddess Mah
Her name was Mah and one night she came to visit us more

Photo Gallery – Humor
Only in Iran – Part 13
Those Funny Crazy Persians
Ahreeman X
Only in Iran Baby, Only in Iran …
Those Funny Crazy Persians are back again!
Iranian Military Anti Aircraft, Ground to Air, Mobile Donkey Unit, Islamic Republic of Iran Era
* Unit is the perfect fit for mountain and prairie campaigns thus it blends in to the surrounding more

X Diaries – Photo Gallery
Eye-Rainian and Iranian: Chapter 2
Memoirs of Ahreeman X
Ahreeman X
Eye-Rainian and Iranian 2: Eye-Rainian Redneck goes to Gun Club
New 2nd Edition: Girls with Guns Photo Gallery included
True Redneck Tales from the Good Old Shooting Range Days
You have been waiting for years for this sequel. You asked for it, you were impatiently waiting for it, and now is the moment of truth! You wanted it and now you’ll get it! Youall (now that’s Southern) remember the fabulous story from the X Diaries (my memoirs), the net classic more

X Diaries – Photo Gallery
Eye-Rainian and Iranian: Chapter 1
Memoirs of Ahreeman X
Ahreeman X
Eye-Rainian and Iranian 1: Eye-Rainian Roots
New 2nd Edition: Biker Chicks Photo Gallery included
A True Story, about an Amazing Night from The Good Old Biker Days
If you follow my writings, by now you are aware that I am not your average Iranian and I do not lead the life of an average Iranian. But if you think I am different now, then you had to see me in early 80s!
Times were hard, Girls were wild, Bikes were hot more

History – Photo Galleries
Persian Warrior Queens, Princesses, Generals 2
Famous Historical Persian Women
Ahreeman X
New 2nd Edition - Part 2: Famous Historical Persian Women
Persian Warrior Queens, Princesses, Commanders & Stateswomen

Persian youth must be aware of their valuable historical Persian Women, their rich and glorious history. Women in Ancient Persian Empire held important positions in the Courthouse, Cabinet, Military, Financial Institutions, ... later on, during the First Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation (651 AD), Persian Guerrilla Women more

History – Photo Galleries
Persian Warrior Queens, Princesses, Generals 1
Famous Historical Persian Women
Ahreeman X
New 2nd Edition - Part 1: Famous Historical Persian Women
Persian Warrior Queens, Princesses, Commanders & Stateswomen

Lifesaving Advice
We have enough Iranian “Career Exilists” and “Islamic Apologists” abroad; “Half-Sleep Inxilists” and “Arab Worshipers” inside Iran, so do not become one! Enough being a:
Career Exilist = Making a career out of being in Exile more

Fashion - Models
Yasmin Le Bon Iranian Model & Fashion Designer 4
Top International Supermodel
Yasmin Le Bon
Album 4: Sexy and Swimsuit
Inside Le Bon, Persian Supermodel & Fashion Designer – Part 4

On September 2009, Yasmin Le Bon partnered with Wallis and designed her first women's clothing and jewelry collection named YLB. Her second collection was launched in March 2010. Yasmin's favorite hobbies are martial arts and meditation. Yasmin loves Persian food and culture. Yasmin Le Bon’s advice for you is to have fun and more

Fashion - Models
Yasmin Le Bon Iranian Model & Fashion Designer 3
Top International Supermodel
Yasmin Le Bon
Album 3: Covers and Ads
Inside Le Bon, Persian Supermodel & Fashion Designer – Part 3

In later years Yasmin stated that:
“It was unbelievable and quite radical that they (modeling agency) booked me back then, simply because in those years (1980s), all working models had Blonde Bobs and Big Gobs. They were far away and far apart from a tan skinned, brunet Persian such as me!” more

Fashion - Models
Yasmin Le Bon Iranian Model & Fashion Designer 2
Top International Supermodel
Yasmin Le Bon
Album 2: Leather and Gothic
Inside Le Bon, Persian Supermodel & Fashion Designer – Part 2

Let’s face it, Yasmin became a supermodel in the 1980s but since then, she has been relevant in the fashion circa and actively modeling for 4 decades! After all these years, she is still delicious! Yasmin Le Bon, born as Yasmin Parvaneh, is a second generation Iranian English who was born in Oxford, England. She is the daughter of more

Fashion - Models
Yasmin Le Bon Iranian Model & Fashion Designer 1
Top International Supermodel
Yasmin Le Bon
Album 1: Fashion and Catwalk
Inside Le Bon, Persian Supermodel & Fashion Designer – Part 1

Can you name any other Persian model who made it to the top of the International Modeling Scene and remained relevant for 4 decades (1983 – Present), beside Yasmin Le Bon? Can you name another Persian model who became a global modeling sensation in the fashion circa and worked in all the fields such as fashion, catwalk, print more

Jahanshah Javid Hezbollah IRI Agent Cleans Track
Jahanshah Javid’s New Disguise
Catayoun Razmjou
IRI Lobby in America’s New Charade:,, etc. Jahanshah Javid’s New Disguise and Scam
Iranian Americans need to be alert, observant and wise because the IRI Islamist Regime is on a constant moving, disguising and shape-shifting of its pawns in America. IRI Lobbyists, IRI Front Businesses and IRI Backed Media are on a constant disguise and relocations. Follow and expose them. One of the original IRI Media Mouthpieces more

Philosophy - Photo Galleries
Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses - Part 3
Pictorial Research and Guide
Ahreeman X
Persian Arch-Angels versus Persian Arch-Demons
New 2nd Edition: Index of Chapters
* Persian Gods and Goddesses
* Persian Guardian-Messenger Gods and Goddesses (Yazatas)
* Persian Arch-Angels and Angels (Amesha Spentas)
* Persian Mythical Characters, Creatures and Plants
* Persian Arch-Demons and Demonesses (Daevas and Drugs) more

Philosophy - Photo Galleries
Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses - Part 2
Pictorial Research and Guide
Ahreeman X
Mitra the Persian Sun Goddess and the Head of Yazatas
New 2nd Edition: Index of Chapters
* Periods of Iranian History
* Evolution of Gods in Persia
* Zoroastrian Fire Temples
* Ahreeman is the Shadow of Ahuramazda
* Devolution of Gender in Persia ...... more

Philosophy - Photo Galleries
Persian Mythology, Gods and Goddesses - Part 1
Pictorial Research and Guide
Ahreeman X
Mysterious and Magnificient World of Persian Mythology
New 2nd Edition: Index of Chapters
* Christianity is based on Persian Philosophy of Mitraism!
* Zarathustra was a Simple Philosopher, not a Prophet
* Zoroastrianism is Compatible with Futurism
* Zoroastrianism is a Philosophy, not a Religion
* Meaning of Faravahar ...... more

Book Series - Philosophy
Eternity Book Series: 4 Books - 8 Parts
Anwar Shaikh's Eternity
Anwar Shaikh
Anwar Shaikh’s Philosophical Masterpiece in Complete 4 Volumes
The Great Philosopher, Scholar  & Historian Explores Meaning of Life!

Part 1 – Are We on the Right Path?
Part 2 – Judaism and Christianity
Part 3 – Islam and Fundamentalism
Part 4 – Mind and Matter
Part 5 – Life after Death ...... more

Women in Islam: Was Muhammad a Misogynist?
Women Before and After Islam
Dr. Ali Sina
Do Women have any Rights in Islam?
Ms. Atiya Khan is a Pakistani television personality. After the Islamic terrorism of 9/11, instead of wondering what derives her co-religionists to commit such crimes against other humans and deepen her knowledge, which would have likely led her to leave Islam, she decided to deepen her faith instead. When good people learn the truth about Islam they can no longer believe in it. Islam attracts more

Islam and Sex with Infants!
Is Sex with Infants Halaal?
Dr. Ali Sina
Has Imam Khomeini declared Sex with Infants is Halaal?!
Recently Mr. Richard Dawkins sent a tweet asking whether there is any truth to the story that Khomeini had allowed sex with infants. Someone said that he read this story on and I confirmed its authenticity. This fatwa is made by Khomeini in volume 4 of his book Tahrir Al Wasilah (The Means of Freedom). The book was written in Arabic and I have published this fatwa more

Plunder is the Source of Islamic Economy
What is the base for the Islamic Economy?
Dr. Ali Sina
Agriculture is Against Jihad!
The reason Muhammad was so disdainful of agriculture is because he wanted his followers to be warriors. Agriculture requires commitment to the land. As a farmer you can’t abandon your cultivated land and go raiding that often took weeks if not months. He said, “When you enter into the Inah transaction, hold the tails of oxen, are pleased with agriculture and give up conducting jihad, Allah will disgrace more

Indoctrination of the Muslim Mind
Quran is the key to expansion of Islamic Empire
Nicholas Ginex
Public Prayer in Streets of New York City!
Obama is changing the face of the USA.

Dear Readers, a prevalent threat is beginning to encompass the world – the expansion of a Theocratic Islamic Empire.  To understand this threat, it is necessary to objectively and logically understand the problem in order to solve the problem.  There are many options to stop the problem once identified, but this is a decision to be made more

Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?
Is there a Universal Consciousness?
Nicholas Ginex
What is the Essence of God? What is the Essence of Man?
Is there a Universal Consciousness?

A novel idea has emerged, to which I would like our readers to share their thoughts. Consider the hypothetical idea that the unique positive and negative energy forces of an atom, which can coalesce into inorganic and organic matter, may have an inherent consciousness that tries to reveal itself. Ultimately, we, as thinking more

History - Photo Gallery
300 Rise of an Empire, Real Story & Photo Gallery 3
Movie Review & Critics on 300 Rise of an Empire
Ahreeman X
Part 3: 300 Rise of an Empire
Scenes from the Movie
Let us review some of the scenes from the “300: Rise of an Empire”.
Eva Green as Artemisia and Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes having an intimate moment in 300 Rise of an Empire Movie 2014.
Artemisia convinces Xerxes to go on a desert journey to a mysterious cave and bathe in the Unworldly Waters to become more

History - Photo Gallery
300 Rise of an Empire, Real Story & Photo Gallery 2
Movie Review & Critics on 300 Rise of an Empire
Ahreeman X
Part 2: 300 Rise of an Empire
Greco-Persian Wars Results
Greco-Persian Wars Portrayed in the 300: Rise of an Empire Movie
Now let us take a look at the real history of the battles of Artemisium, Salamis and the results of the Greco-Persian Wars.
Battle of Artemisium
Artemisium was basically a series of naval more

History - Photo Gallery
300 Rise of an Empire, Real Story & Photo Gallery 1
Movie Review & Critics on 300 Rise of an Empire
Ahreeman X
Part 1: 300 Rise of an Empire
23 Historical Inaccuracies in 300: Rise of an Empire Movie
300: Rise of an Empire movie has so many historical errors that it is best to dump it in whole in to the dumpster of history and forget about it! Hollywood Liberals are at it again, yet this time they went out of their way to twist the real history and replace it with the more




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10 Reasons to Like Rouhani
Obama Calls Rouhani
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English, Persian, Dream

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Dr. Farzi Rezaian Doc

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Family Views Online, Girl Dies

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Travel to Tehran, Iran

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History of Iranian Teahouse

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Persian Food best in Globe!
Travel for Food around Iran
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Today’s Iran exists due to
Reza Khan & Aqa Khan
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