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7 Deadly Sins of IRI
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7 Deadly Sins of IRI
Ahreeman X
March 3, 2009

The Passionate Side of the Islamic Regime!

Saints of IRI

I will slap The Great Satan, I will slap The Global Zionism, I will slap The World Imperialism, I will slap Monafeqin, I will slap The Rotten Monarchist Infidels, I will slap all of these small leftist rotten branches and groups, I will slap The Apostates, I will slap Seyed Ali Khamenei's Round Buns when we do the nasty in bed, I will slap The Humanity into Submission to Allah!


All I have to say is that I am the only one who knows anything about economy in IRI. Do you want proof? Here’s your proof: I am the richest man in Iran and also in the Top 20 of the World! Thanks to these Bare Feet Umma' of Allah Fearing good Muslims, I might as well start my own dynasty in Iran and name it "Fesenjanat" and crown myself as "Fesenjan The 1sth". Just call be Big Daddy Akbar Shah!


When will The Umma' consider me the True Rahbar? For Allah's sake, I have been the Velayat-e Faqih for a decades but these Umma' of Allah loving Hezbollah Cattle still considers Akbar Shah as their Supreme Leader! I used to be Imam Khomeini's Pearly Boy "Beche Topol", now I am Imam myself. I am not chopped liver, I am a Grand Ayatollah!


I am Mad, I am Angry, I need a raise, why am I still a seasonal minister? Why not The President? I'm a Tazi with feelings and a cool beard! I am furious; can't you see it in my face?


I used to take hostages back in ages, I used to be a student hostage taker, “Machinegun Mary” they called me, but now, I just want to be a Good Reformist. I just love to give all my services to Reform Seyed Mamad's Sexual Life. I do the Reforms from within.....from within Seyed's Bed and within the bed sheets! I'm was the first IRI Vice so I give him good advice! I'm still the best Siqeh, west side of Zagros Mountain Range!


I was the best Speaker of The House, I talk a lot but no one cares or listens, this drives me to stuff myself with delicious Persian Cuisine, my favorite is Joojoo Kabob (Chicken Kabob) of course without the bone! They ignore me so I eat a lot, that’s why my belly grew larger but isn't life all about belly and under the belly? In general, I am as useless as a $10 Whore in "Siqeh R Us" House of Islamic Bangarooni, with no teeth and a pair of Soggy Boobs! Any clients available?!


I used to be a Star Reformist before Sister Ebadi, I even won The Oscars once, but now I'm too lazy to even get Imam's Shambool out of my Mataht Back Door! I have been banging the Umma' for Two Terms, will you let me bang you for the Third Term? We can always change The IRI Constitution, so I can run again, this time for three consecutive terms and more! What do you say good Reformists? Any Good Folks among you young Muslims willing to listen to another good lecture on "The Civil Society" or "The Rule of Law" or other Bull Shiite? How about one on "Islamic Democracy under Velayat"? Can we open a new Dialogue amongst The Civilizations? Any buyers out there in the west? Can you hear me UN or EU?! Hey I’m the good civilized face of IRI who keeps the masses calm and obedient! Will you elect me again, so the Imam can erect me again?

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