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KIR III: KIR Tower Lands
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KIR III: KIR Tower Lands in Washington DC
Iran Lobby at Washington DC


KIR Tower Lands in Washington DC
Iran Lobby at Washington DC

Ahreeman X
October 1, 2011

IPC Comics presents
Adventures of KIR
Episode III
KIR Tower: Tower of Power

KIR Landing!
A new tower is constructing in Washington DC! (Media)
An Unidentified Foreign Object has landed in Washington DC! (Media)
IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) has a master plan for USA! (Media)
Master Plan = KIR Tower

Another KIR Sighting has been reported in DC! (Media)
KIR in skies of DC! (Media)

Post KIR Era, DC will never be the same again! (Media)
KIR begins the Master Plan: IRI Lobby Rules DC! (Media)
Mass Corruption in Congress - Democratic Congressmen bribed by KIR! (Media)
KIR casts a Big Shadow on DC! (Media)

KIR = Khomeini’s Islamic Republic, Penis (Persian)
Tip Helmet = Trita Parsi (Top IRI Lobbyist in USA)
Right Ball = Hooshang Amirahmadi (Veteran IRI Lobbyist in USA)
Left Ball = Jahanshah Javid (IRI Tabloid Media Publisher in USA)
Courtesy of IRI

Always remember:
There exists no Iranian American Lobby Group in America.
There exists only IRI Lobby Groups in America.

IRI Backed Sites

Trita Parsi (IRI Lobbyist)
Index on

Hooshang Amirahmadi (IRI Lobbyist)
Index on

Jahanshah Javid (IRI Tabloid Media Publisher)
Provides a Tribune for IRI Lobby Groups in USA

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Question for Democrats:
Lobby for Terrorist Regimes and Organizations are illegal in USA.
Then why IRI has lobby groups in Washington DC?

Will KIR Tower control DC?
Will KIR rein by using American Judicial & Legislative Democratic System?
Will KIR dominate DC?
Will IRI Treachery sham America?
Will KIR be glorious and fully erect forever?
Will KIR fall and become limp?
Will the Iranian Opposition & American Patriots bring down the KIR?
Stay tuned for the next episode of The KIR from,
Adventures of KIR
Only on IPC Networks!

May the KIR be banished from your lives!

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