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Year of the Reza Pahlavi Rat!
2008 is the Chinese Year of the Rat!
Ahreeman X

The Official Crest of the Prince Reza de Eggplant Pahlavi II

Year of the Reza Pahlavi Rat!
2008 is the Chinese Year of the Rat!

Welcome to the RP Rat Show

Welcome to the Show, welcome to the show ...

Jujeh Monarchist:: Welcome to yet another 3 minutes Reza de Eggplant Pahlavi show on CNN!
Jujeh Veggie Monarchists in Exile (with much enthusiasm):
Javid Shah, Chapid Shah, Shashid Shah, Lalay Lee, Lalay Loo, Looloo Loo, Javid Chai Shirin …

Fat Necro Monarcho Rats (with Arbadeh Keshi): This is our year, Javid Shaf, Javid Shaf …

Jujeh Monarchist: … And Here’s Reza de Eggplant Pahlavi …

Jujeh Monarchist: See you next time. Don’t miss Reza de Eggplant Pahlavi’s 3 minutes show on FOX!
Jujeh Veggie Monarchists: Shaf-and-Shaf, Shashid Shaf, Dadam Vay, Babam Vay, Lala Lee, Lala Loo

All together: Goodnight my love, pleasant dreams my love, dreams of crown my love, Lala Lay ...

End of This Year’s RP Rat Show

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Javid Chai

Reza Pahlavi Eggplant Show
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