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Iran Graphic Designs by Ahreeman X
Ahreemanic Graphics!
Ahreeman X
June 11, 2007

These are some of my various political Graphic Designs, which I had produced between 2002 to 2007. Please enjoy and bon appetite.

Moo Moooo … Hello I'm Halaal Meat the obedient Muslim Cow! Well I am actually a bull but I look like a cow! Maybe I look like a cow because I am well domesticated by Islam! Now Ahreeman is going to introduce me and my friends to you:

Halaal Meat: Got Quran?
Hezbollah Propaganda Poster
Halaal Meat is one of my first cartoon characters. In the future I shall publish much more of his animations and inanimations. Halaal Meat is a Muslim Bull (even though he looks like a cow!) and he also has a girl friend by the name of Halaal Habibi (which I will introduce to you later in my animations)! Halaal Meat promotes Islam and Quran. Halaal Meat is a good obedient Muslim!

Got Quran?
Halaal Meat live in action!

Muslim Cattle Group Choir: Got Quran?
Halaal Meat and Friends
L - R: Halaal Meat, Brother Gusaleh, and Gav Zaqu

Branding of Persians! - Blind Faith
Islamization of Iran via chained closed eyes and Allahic Brainwash. Your foreheads are branded (like cattle), you just don't know it yet!

Thank You for Flying Iran Air!
Even though this graphic was made on 2002, yet today, it makes more sense than ever! What can I say? I am a futuristic visionary! Especially when just recently IRI had arrested the fourth Iranian American Citizen for the crime of espionage, this graphic makes the most sense! I bet with you that from this moment on, Iranian Americans would think twice before travelling to Iran! Afterall a simple vacation to Iran could land you in Hotel Evin! And then they say how come you don't come back home to serve your nation? So if you are an Iranian American, I strongly suggest for you to rethink your planned travel to Iran (at least for now), well unless you are a known Reformist such as Mohamad Khatami, Shirin Ebadi, Akbar Ganji, Jahanshah Javid and other good brothers and sisters whom poses "Green Light Tickets" to safely travel back and forth to Iran!

L. Domestication of Persians
R. IRI Economy

For more information read:

Domestication of Persians

L. Allahic Virus - Highly Toxic Blend!
R. Allahic Virus

For more information read:

The Iranian Disease!

Got Allah?

Islamic Mad Cow Disease!
Converting to Islam could be fatal!

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Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!

L. Great Scientific Thinker
R. Great Shiite Thinker

For more information read:

Brain and Mind

Shiite Can!
For Shiite of the Season!

For more information read:

Shiite of the Season!

Mullah Michael Al Moore
Michael Moore joins Al Qaeda!
Liberalism and Islamism go hand in hand.

Band of Brothers!
Shaikh Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Michael Al More!

What? No Virgins?
Yasser Arafat gets a surprise on the other side!

1st of the 72 Virgins!
Muslims, Muslims:
Those who seek virgins on other side will have their world crushed (literally), when they come face to face with the First of the Seventy-Two Virgins! Allah is Merciful!

For more information read:

IWI (Islamic Whorehouse of Iran)!

Final Stage of Allahic Virus Epidemic!
Muslims, Muslims:
And at last you have reached the final stage of infection via the Allahic Virus (Islam)!

For more information read:

28 + Years of Brainwash!

Kharollah (Khar = Donkey + Allah = God => Donkey of God)
Why are you laughing at me? You think I am funny? What am I? A laughing object for your amusement? Do I make you laugh? Am I like funny Ha Ha? Well keep on laughing and I will back kick your ass all the way to Qom! Just because that infidel Ahreeman includes me in his new graphics page and displays me for the world to see, it doesn't give you the right to laugh at me! I'm just a good Muslim trying to find my way to Islamic Heavens! What's so funny about that? Well keep on laughing infidels and see where does that take you? Depths of Hell alongside Ahreeman, that's where it will take you! God Damn infidels!

OK Boys and Girls, our story comes to an end. For new Animation and Graphics, always remember to keep an eye on the:

IPC Animation -Graphics

Until our next Graphic Session, sleep tight and do not let the Islamist Bed Bugs bite! See ya in the funny pages kids!


Dr. X

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