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Allahman Comes Alive!
Ahreeman X
September 29, 2007

IPC Comics presents
Adventures of Allahman
Episode I
Allahman comes Alive!

Umma' were singing the National Anthem of Islamic Republic...

Olaq Qoli: Hama ba ham!
Umma': Allah Allah Allah, La Elaha Ella Allah, Allah…

Then suddenly something had appeared in the skies of Tehran!

Halaal Meat: It's a bird!
Dr. Baboone: It's a plane!
Asqar Hezbo: It's a bat!
Akbar Pasdar: It's a rocket!
Olaq Qoli: It's a Martian UFO!
Ahmadinejad: It's a new specie!
Massoumeh Ebtekar: It's Imam Zaman!
Umma': The absent Imam has reappeared!
Islamic Dancers: Ya Mahdi, Ya Mahdi …
Imam: No No, it is the one and only Allahman!

At first, it was a Spider looking Allah logo
on the Islamic Republic's flag!

Then it became an inanimated Allah object!

And at last …

It's Alive, It's Alive!
Allahman is here! Praise be upon Allah!

: It's Alive! It's Alive …
: Allahman is here! Praise be upon Allah!

Umma' were amazed!
Pasdars were getting erections!
Suicide bombers were exploding like fireworks!
Chadori Sisters of Zeynab were doing the Islamic Lambada!
Imam was developing a cardiac!
Let the celebrations begin …

AllahMan, a new SuperHero from IRI!
AllahMan, a strong fighter to destroy Iran!

: It's a's a's a's a new's a new super hero...No, wait a second, it's the one and only: "AllahMan"! The One who establishes the government of Allah on Earth and sends little Hezbo suicide bombers to fight the Great Satan!

.......It was a hot summer night in Tehran, bunch of evil youth were demonstrating and rioting for the establishment of democracy in Iran............ Basijis were outnumbered, Anti Riot police banged on the students' heads......yet they ran out of batons and chomaq! Only one man could save the man could protect the government of Allah against the Evil Westoxicated Fufuls and Arazel (Student Movement) in the streets of Tehran! The greatest vigilante Islamic Super Hero from Qom.............The AllahMan! Like a Vulture from the depth of the night, AllahMan came to the rescue and to serve and protect The Night.

AllahMan fights for Enslavement, Injustice, and Prisonment......... IRI Way.

We can count on AllahMan to protect us from the Great Satan, World Zionism, Westoxication and to safe keep us living in 7th century AD!

Allahman shall protect the KIR (Khomeini's Islamic Republic) and help to establish the government of Allah on earth! Allahman is an Islamic Superhero so he shall dry your Persian roots!

: Allah bless Allahman!

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