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Ashura - Part 2
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This is Shiite Islam!


Part Two
Ahreeman X
September 24, 2007

This is Shiite Islam!
Culture of Mourn and Death
Ya Abbas
An IPC Production

Chain Banging (Zanjir Zani)

Chain Banging Teens!
A Teen Chain Banging Session outside the Mosque of Imam Hussein in Karbala, Iraq. But have you ever seen a Cleric doing any self-mutilation?! Not a chance! Maybe some mild chest banging but that's all you get out of Shiite Clerics! The Shiite Clerics encourage the people to self-mutilate, martyr and go to Jihad, but they never risk harming even one piece of their own hair!

Fine Art of Chain Banging!
Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah doing some fine chain banging ...

Bleed Shiite Bleed!
Bleed for Imam Hussein! Feel his pain! Mutilate your back by chains! That's what I'm talking about. That's a good Shiite boy! Who knows, maybe you can inflict such heavy wounds that you can die and fly out directly to Allah!

Moharam Tradition!
Some fine Cows, Sheep, Goats, Donkeys, Mules and baby Elephant Shiites are observed during a Chain Banging and Chest Banging session in India!

Bleed for Hussein!
An Anxious Young Lamb is separated from the Herd of Shiite Sheep, his back and heart is bleeding for Imam Hussein during Ashura!

Herat Chain Bangers!
There's nothing like watching the professional Chain Bangers of Herat, Afghanistan mutilate themselves during an Ashura S&M Session in the Mosque! It's better than SEX! That's why women are observing the show from above balcony (best seats in the mosque) and getting creamy while men are bleeding their skin for Hussein!

Chain Banging!
An ancient art of Religious Sado-Masochistic self-wounding to feel the pain of Imam Hussein and his 72 martyred followers, a blessed Shiite Activity!

Pakistani Shiite Chaining!
Some fine Paki Cattle of Allah are chaining away, bleeding away and parading along the Ashura Ceremonies!

Chain Banging Paki Style!
An audience is gathered to observe a fine group of Muslim Cattle, chain banging their backs in an outdoor parade for Ashura and Tasua!

Bleeding after Chaining!
A fine bloody back after a great session of chaining the back during Ashura Activities!

Shiite Herd near Town!
An outdoor Shiite Herd, chaining and parading near the town! (Pakistan)

Cut your backs for Imam!
Cut your backs and Bang your heads for Imam Hussein, if you want to meet him in the Heavens!

Chain That Back Boy!
Until it bleeds for Imam Hussein!

Little Shiites Chaining!
Chain Banging on the back, is an ancient Iranian Tradition amongst the Muslim Cattle of Umma' in Iran!

Hey wait a second Hezbo, if you are chaining for Hussein then why are you waving Khomeini's picture?

Theatrical Hezbollahi Chain Banging!

Watch them backs bleed!

Some Gusaleh (Calves) of Abolfazl had been observed chain banging in Tehran (Media)!

Chaos amongst Shiite, typical Khar tu Khar in Ashura!

Female Shiite Turks Chain Banging!
Turks are prime donkeys! Over here you can observe Turkettes are Mini Chain Banging!

Turkish chain banging girls

Blade Chain Banging!
Neo chains with sharp blades hanging from them to inflict most pain and draw maximum blood on one's back, Paki style!

Bleed Shiite Bleed! Maximum pain desired!

Lambs of Allah
Lambs of Allah are chaining in Azerbaijan!
Question: Why the government had separated East and West Azerbaijan States of Iran?
Answer: To avoid donkeys (Turks) to mingle, mix breed and create chaos (Khar tu Khar)!
Question: Why have they separated North (external) and South (internal) Azerbaijan?
Answer: To avoid creation of a new specie of Master Donkey (Uber Khar) to form!
Don't shoot me, I'm just kidding, just a friendly Azeri joke! I love Azeris.

Bleed Sheeple Bleed
Sheeple (Sheep People aka Muslim) are blade chain banging!

Bleed for Hussein!

Bang that chain hard, harder, harder… haven't you had your Cheerios breakfast this morning?

Damn look at them chains and blades fly!

Boy this must be S&M Heaven! Muslim must get erections off violence, blood and gore! Don't you just love Shiite?!

"For the unbelievers, we have prepared chains and fetters and a blazing Fire."
(Quran: Al Dahr: 76 - 1.5)

"But now enjoy what ye took in war, lawful and good; but fear Allah, for Allah is forgiving, Most Merciful."
(Quran: Spoils of War: 8 - 67, 68)

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