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This is Shiite Islam!


Part Five
Ahreeman X
September 24, 2007

This is Shiite Islam!
Culture of Mourn and Death
Ya Shahid
An IPC Production

Mob Gathering (Ma'rekeh Giri)

Mullah gathers the Cattle!
The Mullah gathers the Cattle by preaching emotionally sensitive lies about 1200 years ago! The Cattle weeps uncontrollably!

Only in Shiite!
Only in Shiite Islam can a Mullah gather oodles and oodles of cattle in one place to do with as he pleases!

Mob Gathering in Pakistan!
A Mob gathers around the Mullah for directions on every aspect of their lives from bathroom traditions to sex, and from how or what to eat to how to live!

Paki Mob Gathering!
Pakis are great Mob Gatherers! They had great trainers from Qom, Iran! The Masters of Mob Gatherings from Iran!

Alligator Tears!
Mullahs are great in shedding fake Alligator Tears during Ashura! You never see a Mullah or his family mutilate themselves! Self-mutilation is for Umma' al Shiite, not the Mullahs! The Mullahs only Mull-Shiite! Kind of like Bull Shiite!

People with no lives!
Gathering in Karbala for mourning!

Shiite Paganism!
Shiite Paganism is quite an element!
Shiites practically worship the dead Imams, their shrines, imprints of their logos, their portraits or anything related to them!

L. Sea of Shiite
A Sea of Shiite in Karbala!
R. Cattle in Karbala awaiting their Imam's orders!

Mullah Mull-Shiites from book of Bull Shiite (Quran) to the enthusiastic Shiite Cattle!

Mullah cries and gets ignorant Chadori women to mass weep for Hussein!

Holy Presidential Theatrics!
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Arabic getup, having an epiphany and reincarnation of Ashura episodes! Mahmoud pictures himself as a man with mission to speed the Armageddon, so Mahdi, the Absent Imam can reappear and bring on the Judgement Day! Ahmadinejad is the Shiite version of the Jesus Freaks! Same Shiite, different religion!

Miracle of Hussein!
Have you ever seen so many Shiite in one place?

Sing Mourning (Rowzeh Khani)

Ya Hussein Rowzeh!
Rowzeh Khani of Ya Hussein!

Rowzeh Khani!
The Mullahs sing a never ending Rowzeh (Religious Song) and encourage the umma' to cry and weep for hours and surrender their souls to them for benefits in the afterlife!

Picture of Imam in India
Indian Shiites gather for Rowzeh Khani songs lasting hours and prepare themselves to cry and mourn for hours at the Tekiyeh (Mourn Singing Place)! Picture of Imam Khomeini, the most respected Modern Martyr of Shiite is present to protect them!

Theatric Mourning (Ta'ziyeh)

Traditional Shiite Theater re-enacting the events of Ashura in Karbala via actors and large paintings. The theatrics are unique to make sure the crowd will get deeply influenced. In a way Taziyeh is a modern Shiite Brainwash!

The Sacrifice of Muslim!
Throwing down Muslim ibn al Aqil from the Kufa Towers by the Koffar (pro Bani Umayyed Caliphate)

Hussein's Face!
Never shown in Taziyeh or paintings! It is Haraam and not recommended to impersonate the Prophet and Imams!

Gathering for Taziyeh
Re-enactment of Ashura starts with big drums, horns, banners, portraits of Hussein, large paintings, actors with costumes and the whole shebang to capture the mob's hearts and to brainwash them!

Karbala comes alive!
Taziyeh, a form of Mob Gathering and Brainwash, Shiite style! Hussein and Shiites dress in Green (good), Yazid (caliph), Shemr (his general) and their soldiers dress in Red (bad)!

The Shiite Art!
Taziyeh, that's what it's all about!

Ashura Theatrics
Promoting the show for more audience.

No one is safe from theatrics, not even little babies!

The show is about to begin!

Carrying the heavy banner of Hussein …

They even killed the children!

Shemr had no mercy, not even on Muslim ibn al Aqil's children (Do Teflan-e Moslem)!

Shemr mass murdering the Seyeds.

Little Seyed in green

Koffar Sunnis and Yazidis had cut off Seyed al Shohada's head. Ya Hussein forgive them!

Little Seyedeh!

Little Warrior with Seyed al Shohada's horse!

Hussein's battle gear

The glorious portrait of the loving Abolfazl, Hazrat Abbas (Hussein's right hand). These portraits are pure fictional and far from historical realities! Abbas had his both hands cut off by Yazidis in battle, yet still was fighting with his teeth!

Hussein, Abbas (brother), Zeynab (sister) and martyred 6 month old Ali Asghar (son)

Abolfazl stares at water …

Shemr killing all Seyeds (Descendants of Prophet Mohammed)!

Massacre of Karbala by Bani Umayyed troops of Yazid.

Hussein drawing the blood of a Sunni Yazidi Kaffir.

Yazid on throne

Shemr in action

Yazidis capturing Hussein's family

Yazidi troops are moving in Karbala

Shemr beheading Hussein and killing his young son.

Hussein in action

Myth of Hussein

Hussein and Abbas riding to Karbala

Iranian women are sitting with their backs to Imam Hussein's curtain portrait (pardeh) for Taziyeh.

Imam Hussein's getup

Zeynab's battle gear! Were the women and Seyedehs fighting, covered with chadors on their heads and niqabs on their faces? Weren't Chadors uncomfortable to maneuver with in battle? Pile of Mythical Shiite Bull Shiite stories …

Mosque Eating (Polo Khori)

The Treats!
That's what I'm talking about! That's why the Cattle gathers for Ashura! The Mosque Eating Tradition! The Free Food!

Eat Polo Chelo Boys!
Charity Dinners are thrown at the Mosque for every mourning occasion, just to keep the Mob obedient and ready to slaughter the enemies of local Imam, Mullahs and Hojaj! Haji throws the dinners while Mullahs preach Mull-Shiite!

Dig in Boys!
There's mourning every few days of the month for some Holy Character of Islam! And if there's no one to mourn over, then Hajis can come up with some reason to feed the Cattle in the Mosques, they throw Charity dinners!

Everyone having enough?
Dig in boys and remain faithful to Haji (Pilgrim Merchant), Imam Jume (Local Prayer Lead) and Ayatollah (Cleric Leader)!

Large Pots of Nazri (Free Food) Ash (Stew) for Ashura, made by sisters.

Ashura food, the best part of Ashura!

Kuftah (Large Meatballs) are being prepared for Ashura.

Free food is being prepared for Umma'. Usually a rice dish with meat and vegetables.

Kaleh Pacheh
Lamb heads and hands, special treat for Ashura Iftar.

Lamb heads are a favorite. Sometimes the chef runs out of lambs, so he uses the local political prisoners' heads! Just kidding!

Sholeh Zard (Saffron Rice Pudding) another Ashura desert favorite. This dish is decorated with names of Allah and the Great 5 (5 Tan): Mohammed, Ali, Hassan, Hussein and Fatimah.

Ya Ali Sholeh Zard.

Check out this woman's face!
She is mourning and weeping, but still manages to get a big bowl full of free food from the chef! Woman, make up your mind, do you want to cry or do you want to pig out?

Boys in the kitchen

Large pots full of all kinds of Ashura free food is getting prepared.
Kaleh Pacheh (orderves), Polo Chelo (Entres), Sholeh Zard (Desert) …
Ashura free food is why the majority participates in the ceremonies! Haji, feed the Umma' and they will remain on your side!

"O Prophet exhort the believers to fight. If there be of you 20 steadfast, they will overcome 200 and if there be of you a 100, they shall overcome a 1000, because the disbelievers are a folk without intelligence."
(Quran: Spoils of War: 8 - 65)

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