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Part 1: Zeynab Sisters on the March!

FemiTazis of IRI - Islamist FemiNazis
Iranian Female Police and Other Zeynabites
Part 1: Zeynab Sisters on the March!

Ahreeman X
May 30, 2008

I am Allahman
Allahman, the Shiite Islamist Superhero of Islamic Republic of Iran
Allahman fights for injustice, theocracy, terror, & prisonment, the Islamic Way!
Long Live Islamic Republic, Death to Iran and Iranians!
Long Live Islam, Death to Iran!

IPC Comics presents
FemiTazis of IRI
Issue # 1
Zeynab Sisters on the March!

The Allah Spider Flag of Islamic Republic of Iran
See the resemblance to the IRI Allah Flag?!

Ya Zeynab – Ya FatimahYa Shambool – Ya Choochool

 Tazi = Arabic Hound Dog
FemiTazi = Islamist FemiNazi
 Siqeh = Shiite Temporary Marriage
 Lavat = Islamic Anal Sex
Haraam = Islamically Forbidden
Zeynab = 1 of the 21 wives of Prophet Mohammed due to incest [originally his step son’s (Zaid) wife].
Zeynab Sisters = Iranian Female Police

One, Two, Three, Four,
Imam Bang us at the door
Five, Six, Seven, Eight
Haji bang us on the bed
Zeynab Sisters on the march
Imam Hussein had some starch
In the morning we march fast
In the evening Siqeh vast
Zeynabiyoun on the march
Try to catch their chadors’ dust
Kill for Allah on the run
Bang The Imam it’s so fun
One, Two, Ya Hoo
Eat some nimroo

The Five Pillars of Islam
The Solemn Oath of FemiTazis:
1. FemiTazis Forever
2. Zeynabiyoun Forever
3. Siqeh Forever
4. Lavat Forever
5. Cattle Forever

FemiTazis on the March
Allah O Akbar, Khomeini Rahbar
Mahdi Qaeb, Siqeh Vajeb
Dollah Dollah, Mal-e Mullah
Bang O Salavat, Read some Van Yakat
Day time Police, Night time Dick Cheese
Allah O Akbar, Khomeini Rahbar
Long Live Islam, Death to Iran

Soqra: Imam's shoombool is Halaal to eat, he told me so!
Kobra: But President's shoombool is Seyed, I seen it too!
Ozra: Forget about it, Akbar Shah's Shoombool is healthy, wealthy and well Fed, I felt it so! Fesenjan rules!

At "Ashura" Free Food Mourning Rally, outside The Seyed ol Shohada Mosque
Sakineh: No more Qeymeh Polo, down with Qeymeh! This year we want Kabob Barg and Joojoo Chicken Kabob........Hussein himself enjoyed Kabob better! Long live Kabob Bareh.......Ya Hussein, Ya Kabob!

Roqiyeh: Do you know why Mohammed brought The Tasbih rosary beads for Arabs?
Badenjaneh: Why did he (PBUH)?
Roqiyeh: Arabs were sitting in the desert with too much time on their hands and nothing to do, so they were often playing "Arshimalalan with their Shoombool" or played "Bounce The Balls" with their finger tips and balls.
Badenjaneh: Praise be upon Allah.......and then what happened?
Roqiyeh: So Mohammed (PBUH) invented the Tasbih and gave them each one Tasbih, so they didn't have to pick their balls or Shoombool no more! They dropped these nasty habits and started to play with the Tasbih as good obedient Muslims!
Badenjaneh: Prophet was a wise man, praise be upon Allah!

Zeynab: Salaamon Alaikom, this is "1-900-Siqeh", I am Zeynab, Can I help you?!

At Rowzeh Mourning
Mullah (not seen): ....and in Karbalah, Koffar didn't even give one drop of water to Hussein and the Martyrs, cry for Imam Hussein, bang on your heads and chests to show mourning for Hussein, cut your heads with daggers to feel his pain........
Sediqeh: Hey girly, don't block Imam's face, it’s a Sin.
Robabeh: Oh forgive me Imam, that I have sinned, oho oho...mope...cry...mope....Ya Hussein........

At The Reformist Rally
Right to Left
Zobeydeh: I'm sick of his promises, nothing has changed.
Faezeh: Give him time, it’s only his third term out of the office!
Ayesheh: Give Seyed a chance, he maybe a late bloomer but he already has opened the "Dialogue of Civilizations!"

Hameleh: What wise words he wrote! "Do not wash nor finger your Nanaz in the Toilet, while facing The Kabbah, it’s a Sin and you will end up to pay for it at The Judgment Day." He was so concerned about our Nanaz! Imam Khomeini was The River of Knowledge!

Allah O Akbar
Khomeini Rahbar
FamiTazis Forever ….

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