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What is Islamically Halaal (Allowed)?
Ahreeman X
April 23, 2008

Halaal = Islamically allowed
Haraam = Islamically forbidden
Makrooh = Islamically not forbidden, yet disliked and not recommended!
Kind of like sliding it under the table (Islamic Style)!

So what is Islamically Halaal?

Holy Islamic Masturbation as long as the proper verse of Quran has been read before the joyful action, is Halaal!

Global Islamic Jihad, cutting the gut of the Earth, and transformation of the world in accordance to the proper Islamic manner is Halaal!

Blessing of Adolf Hitler by Allah is Halaal!

Dreams of Islamic Paradise with 72 virgins, 2 pearly white boys, rivers of milk and honey, dance and music and even some lovely Hashish is Halaal!

The belief in 72 virgins in afterlife, starting with the first virgin as Rosie O’Donnell is passionately Halaal!

Stealing a little Islamic French kiss from Ayatollah is Halaal!

Passionate little kissey poo with locked tongs from a good Muslim boy, for the Ayatollahs is very Halaal!

Carrying a Quick Islamic Orgasm Key Chain for emergency situations is absolutely Halaal!

Spanking the Monkey for a quarter is recommended, rewarded and Halaal!

Playing a Game of Spank the Monkey with the local Prayer Imam from the corner mosque is much Halaal!

Grabbing of the athlete’s schlong and balls by the coach, for a quick massage before the tournament is surely rewarded in heavens and absolutely Halaal!

Having a wild climatic orgasm via furious masturbation with the Watermelon Girls’ show and eating them watermelons are highly recommended and Halaal!

The belief in True Islam is a necessity and strongly Halaal!

Allah is passionate and merciful
Allah bless you all
Allah O Akbar

Dr. X

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