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Then and Now II

Then and Now: Iranian Hand Kissers
In many ways not much has changed!

Ahreeman X
April 21, 2008

IPC Comics presents
Then and Now
Issue # 2
Iranian Hand Kissers

In a way, in Iran we always had:

A Hand Kiss-ee and the Hand Kissers

Hand Kissing, Foot Kissing and Ass Kissing are old Iranian Traditions! Sometimes the Ass Kissers get so involved in the act and they get their heads so far up in Ass Kiss-ee’s ass that the Ass Kiss-ee assumes that he has developed hemorrhoids or even intestinal polyps!

For instance,
Then, we had our beloved Kiss Ups AKA Ball Polishers (Khayeh Malan).
They used to kiss up to and polish the balls (testicles) of the Ass Kiss-ee, mighty well! More power to all hand kissers, Then!

Iranian Hand, Foot and Ass Kissers, Then

Shah of Iran (Hand Kiss-ee) during a hard-core hand kissing session by a peasant.

Shah of Iran (Hand Kiss-ee) during a hard-core hand kissing session by a farmer. Look at the not so willing smile on Shah’s face!
Shah: Yadollah, don’t kiss so much, well, Umm…. Maybe just a little bit more!
Yadollah: Kiss kiss Kiss Malach Molouch …….

Shah of Iran (Hand Kiss-ee) during a hard-core hand kissing session by an Imperial Officer.
Shah was escaping Iran like a coward, rather than standing his ground and fighting the Islamists (1979), but this professional Hand Kisser (Imperial Officer) praise the coward as a God! This Hand Kisser simply won’t let go of the hand! If Shah would allow him, then he would just crawl up Shah’s rectum, do some severe Ass Kissing and search for the Royal Skies of Brown!

Another close up shot of the Hand Kisser, doing some serious hand kissing. Shah’s hand is turning blue, due to the severity of the hand kissing by the officer! Shah is in rush to jump the plane and escape Iran, save his neck and reach the west, but this officer simply won’t let go of shah’s hand. This is ultimate Khayeh Mali (Ball Polishing) via silk handkerchief!

Now the officer kicks it up a notch and does some severe foot kissing on Shah of Iran! I swear to you, if Shah would have pulled it out, then this kiss up would even blow the Royal Schlong right there in the middle of the airport! Check out Farah’s joyful laughter because they were about to skip town (1979) with billions of dollars while they left us behind to rot and die and they left a country in chaos in the hands of the Islamists! Passengers (Nation) were burning in Islamist Revolution, while the brave Captain and the Crew (Shah, Farah and the Pahlavis) rested peacefully in the comfortable plane and skipped the troubled waters!

A great shot of another Foot Kisser falling on the ground to kiss Shah’s sock! Primarily he started with the shoe and then he worked his way up to the sock! I wonder if Shah’s sock was smelly that day? Check out the security guard on the right, making sure that the Foot Kisser won’t damage the royal sock!

Some severe foot kissing going on here! This guy is kissing the tip of Shah’s shoe! A brand new style and tactic in foot kissing!

This old man is a professional Foot Kisser because he can get the top of the shoe and the shoelace, both in his mouth at the same time, while doing some severe foot kissing!

and …
Now, we still have our beloved Kiss Ups AKA Ball Polishers (Khayeh Malan).
They still kiss up to and polish the balls (testicles) of the Ass Kiss-ee, mighty well! More power to all hand kissers, Now!

Iranian Hand Kissers, Now

Good Shiite is hand kissing Imam Khomeini while Haj Seyed Ahmad observes the Hand Kissing!

Abolhassan Banisadr (now opposition), back then (as the president) was doing some severe holy hand kissing of the Imam Khomeini! Today, Mr. Banisadr condemns Imam Khomeini!

Some hard-core Reformist hand kissing going on here! Check out Khatami’s posture! He is handing his hand to be kissed, in a manner that Louis the 16th used to put forward his hand to be kissed! Check out Khatami’s face! It seems like he is getting an erection!

Hard-core hand kissing of Imam via Ahmadinejad!
Khatami: Baba let go of the hand, that’s enough!
Ahmadi: I can’t, not just yet!
Khatami: Baba jan, president is not supposed to kiss so severely!
Ahmadi: You’re just jealous because you didn’t get elected for the 3rd term!
Khatami: Well I never hand kiss!
Ahmadi: Well I never do anything but hand kiss!
Imam Khamenei: Hojaj, stop fighting amongst yourselves and start fighting the Great Satan, America the Maloun! There are plenty of hands going around to kiss for both of you. Well, one of my hands is handy (due to attempted assassination explosion), but yous can take turns kissing my good hand! Allah is merciful!

So we had hand kissing Then and we have hand kissing Now!
The only difference is that,

Back Then
Monarchists were Hand, Foot and Ass Kissing only the Shah!
Before hand kissing, Monarchists used to Arbadeh Keshi (scream): Javid Shah!

But Now
Islamists are only Hand Kissing, yet they do it to the Imam, President, Grand Ayatollahs, Ayatollahs, Hojatol Eslams, and …

Before hand kissing, Islamists also do Arbadeh Keshi (scream): Allah O Akbar!

In many ways not much has changed! You be the judge!

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