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The 2nd Link

Islamist Evolution III
The 2nd Link

Ahreeman X
May 30, 2008

L. Hamadi Fil: The Missing Link is victorious again. Praise be upon Allah!
R. Gorilla Finger: Shame on you for imitating the Gorillas, you’re only a Baboon!

IPC Comics presents
Islamist Evolution
Adventures of The Missing Link
Episode III: The 2nd Link!

They taught us the Evolution timeline in the school.

The early Evolution Timeline …

The late Evolution Timeline …

The Futuristic Evolution Timeline …. Cyborges are the Future!

And then we found the Missing Link in Iran:

Islamist Evolution, Episode I

And next we discovered the roots of Tolab:

Islamist Evolution, Episode II

But they never prepared us for this:

The 2nd Link!

Yadollah the 2nd Link!
(Yadollah = The Hand of Allah)

L. Yadollah Ahmadinejad, the Neo Islamist Missing Link & IRI President’s Cousin!
R. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Original Islamist Missing Link & President of IRI

And the adventures will continue ……

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