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Mandana's Graphic Arts

My Spirit

L. Iranian woman's spirit
R. Forced Islamic tradition upon Iranian woman

I am an engineer, a liberated woman, an Iranian opposition member, an IPC Operations member and a graphic artist who lives in Tehran, Iran. Long Live Freedom Fighting women of Iran. Long Live Freedom. Here are some of my graphic arts:

Ahreeman The Chain Breaker (My Tribute to Ahreeman)
Ahreeman breaks the chains of religious ignorance
"I believe in fighting against the norms.
I believe in breaking all the statues.
I believe in destroying all taboos
(Part of a poem "What I Believe?" by Ahreeman X)

Iran Pigeon
Long Live Free Iran

Iran Pigeon
Zende Bad Iran-e Azad

Bam Earthquake
Smiles Depressed, Connections Disconnected

Bam Earthquake
Labkhandha Fesord, Peyvandha Gosast

Good Words, Good Thoughts, Good Deeds

Goftar-e Nik, Pendar-e Nik, Kerdar-e Nik

Be Omid-e Piruzi
Hope for victory

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