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And Now, The Rest of The Story …

Alpha Universe Comes Alive! – Chapter 2
And Now, The Rest of The Story …
February 18, 2008


Digital Animation from Outer Space by Mazdak

Name: Mazdak
Universal Name: Alpha Universe
Artworks: Digital Animations, Photography

At the beginning there was the Alpha Universe:

Alpha Universe - Chapter 1
Alpha Universe – Digital Graphic Art Gallery

Time Portal Alpha Eco XZ

The Alpha Universe had become an IPC Spotlight. The IPC Spotlight is reserved for the best, each in their own fields. Mazdak’s art is light years away from the Earth. Let us, once more, take a ride in the Alpha Conscience spaceship with a Galactic Philosopher named Mazdak. Let us enter the essence of the Alpha Universe! But this time, the Alpha Universe comes Alive and Animated! Please welcome the writer, the progressive digital graphic artist, and the digital animator, Mazdak …

And now, the rest of the story ……

Alpha Universe – Chapter 2
The Alpha Universe Comes Alive!

Data has been received from the Outer Space ……

The Alpha Conscience is a spaceship that travels in hyperspace. When life on earth is over, it transcends the earthly dimension to become a new atomic life form existing in another galaxy. The Alpha Conscience travels an endless journey from one atomic life form to another.

Take Off

The inspiration for what you are about to encounter has been generated from a place far away from earth. The main character is a galactic philosopher who dies in a major meteor shower that destroys his planet. He then begins life as a human being on earth.

Moving towards the Time Portal Alpha Eco XZ

Space Motion

The galactic philosopher has been born into a New World with a clean slate of surface consciousness. His notions of who he once was and what has happened to him have been buried under layers of human unconsciousness and now lies in the depths of his atomic mind …… more

Alpha to ground control?

Transformation of the Galactic Philosopher

Cosmic Catastrophe

Atomic Spiral - Galaxy Faraway

Alpha’s Cosmic Odyssey

Smooth Landing

Eye of the Mirage!

The Black Hole

And the story continues ......


Alpha Universe – Digital Graphic Art Gallery

Alpha Universe Digital Art Site

The Image of Zartusht Blog

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