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Episode 1: An Islamic Passion!
Part 1, 2

Vipers of IRI
Episode 1: An Islamic Passion!

Ahreeman X and Lawrence of Persia (LOP)
July 27, 2009

IPC Comics presents:
Vipers of IRI
Episode 1: An Islamic Passion!
Islamic Cartoon Animation Series

Hello Children
I am Viper-che Bozmajeh
I am a good old little Muslim Viper, living in IRI
Hallow is IRI
Now let me introduce you to our Muslim Hee-Rows

Mohammad Khatami, the Reformist Hezbollah Viper
The Master Guru of Reforms

… and:
Seyedeh Massoumeh Ebtekar, the Reformist Hezbollah Vipress
The Mistress Guru of Reforms

An Islamic Passion!

An Islamic Passionate Love Affair in Formula:
Seyed Viper + Seyedeh Vipress = Seyedche Love Child!

The Results of the Affair:
Seyedche Love Child

Hezbollah is Hezbollah
Fundamentalist, Moderate or Reformist …
They are all Hezbollah … and …
The only Good Hezbollah is a Dead Hezbollah!
Survival of the Regime depends on Violence or Reforms.
Reforms are not the Solution. An End to IRI is the Solution.

Support the Fight to Establish Freedom, Secularism,
Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran

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