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Part 2: The Passion Gallery

Martin Armand Body Paintings
Live Persian Body Art
Part 2: The Passion Album

Art Review: Ahreeman X
Martin Armand
October 29, 2008

Blue Zebra

In part one, we reviewed the “Armand Persian Gallery”. Now here’s the rest of the story ……. The "Armand Passion Gallery":

L. Martin Armand
R. Strawberry (one of Martin Armand’s creations)

Martin Armand (right) with one of his creations (left): Oh Paris!




Old West


Baby Got Back!

Red Lingerie


Victoria’s Secret

Halloween Horror

Halloween Horror up Close

Super Heroine

Female Warrior

Femi Creature

Wonder Woman

Pin-up Girl

Marching Band Girl

Bullfighter, Bullfightress, Bullfight Trans?


Jungle Love



Body Painting Rave, Cornucopia Event - Group Models

This would bring us to the end of our tribute to Martin Armand. For more information:

Martin Armand E-mail

Martin Armand Website

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