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The Modesty Paintings Gallery

Islamic Sexy Costumes Art – The Modesty Paintings Gallery
Art Review: Ahreeman X
Art Gallery: Max Emadi
June 2, 2010

The modest Cameron Diaz with Chador flavor!


Max Emadi is once more in the IPC Spotlight! By reservations only, The IPC Spotlight is reserved for the best that Iran has to offer. We welcome Max Emadi’s latest controversial series, the “Modesty Gallery”, in to the IPC spotlight.

Yes, Max Emadi is at it again! In his last two controversial series and shows, Max (Makan) Emadi had brought forward the concept of westernization of the Muslim women and their outfits. The two popular art galleries of “Islamic Erotica” and “Islamic Exotica” were the perfect examples of Max Emadi’s ultimate sin against the virtues of Islam and chastity of the Muslim women!

Max (Makan) Emadi
The artist behind the Islamic Erotica, Islamic Exotica and Modesty Galleries

As long as Max is a fair and just man, then in his latest concept gallery, he reversed the fortune and had turned the odds against the west! Emadi’s new concept gallery is west’s ultimate nightmare!

The Concept

What if the filthy, smelly and bearded Islamists win the war on terror! Can you picture it? In his past concept albums, the west won the war; therefore, the Muslim women started to wear sexy Islamic getups. In this new album, Islamists win the war and impose hejab and chador on all western women, celebrities and icons!

Cameron Diaz in Chador

In a way, Islamists will teach the west some eastern “Modesty” and replace the western “Bold” and “Provocative” outfits with “Modest” and “Humble” veils! This is why the new concept album is named “Modesty”.

Max is simply dazzling! I am not stating this due to the fact that Max is an IPC artist, an IPC reader, and a friend; I am also not stating this because I like Max’s work, yet I am stating this because Max truly deserves dittoes and credit for this wonderful concept. Think about it, in his last album, he challenged the eastern fundamentalist thought patterns and brought it down to its knees. In his new album, he challenged the western extreme and chaotic individual freedoms and brought it down to its knees! In both parallel universes, women become objects and puppets to western and eastern politics, culture and traditions.

Cameron Diaz in Chador 2

In a way, Max questions the authority of the both western and eastern so-called popular cultural and fashion norms imposed on the women. Max questions both western pop culture pressuring women into dressing provocative and the eastern Fundamentalist Islamist Fad, forcing Hejab (veil) to become hip!

Both western and eastern popular sub-culture pressure to mold women and young girls in to a certain way of thinking, dressing up, and behavior. They both impose standards on the society, dictate values and decide what is hip! Max uses his artistic talent to criticize these social and cultural fads. This is where Max becomes a rogue agent and not just questions but rebels against the shallowness of both sub-cultures.

Sienna Miller in Chador

So how does Max show his rebellion? Via his art galleries. I have to give credit to Max for both of these wonderful and controversial concepts.

What Makes Max Emadi’s Art Distinguished?

Artistic Intellect, Observant Sarcasm and Fashion Controversy are the three factors which makes Max’s art extremely conspicuous by excellence!

In fact it is due to his social criticism and artistic controversy which I find Max’s art attractive to the sight and worth reviewing. Let us celebrate Max Emadi’s new series titled “Modesty”.

Dr. X

* * * * * *

Max Emadi on Modesty Series

“Modesty Series”

The “Islamic Erotica Series” was an exploration of the conflict between east and west exacerbated by the “War on Terror". The images were seen by many as cautionary tales of negative western influence on Muslim nations.

Please review Islamic Erotica Series:

Islamic Erotica

Islamic Exotica

The work was a parody of the Muslim extremists' worst fears when faced with globalization.

What will happen if the "infidels" take over? Will the secularists "strip" their female population of their cherished honor and integrity?

Angelina Jolie in Chador

The paintings morphed cultural traditions that were contradictory but led to the same ultimate result. Over exposure as well as over protection can both be forms of objectification and in turn contribute to the marginalization of women.

"Modesty" considers the parallel universe; the west's great fear: What if the "Terrorists' win? Will there be a revisionist history? Will there be retroactive censorship willed by our new fundamentalist, prudish overlords? Will the "Jihadists" deconstruct the sexual revolution? Will the new Theocracy not rest until all populist images of western "Sex Symbols", past and present, are covered under a veil of "decency"?

Makan Emadi

* * * * * *

Welcome to the Modesty Series:

Britney Spears in Chador

Britney Spears in Chador 2

Grace Kelly in Chador

Lindsay Lohan in Chador

Marilyn Monroe in Chador

Megan Fox in Chador

Paris Hilton in Chador

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