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Faravahar History and Art Galleries
Chapter 5: Science Fiction Faravahars


Faravahar History and Art Galleries
5 Chapters
Chapter 5: Science Fiction Faravahars
3D Persian Sci-Fi Digital Graphic Art
Ahreeman X
December 7, 2013

In this final chapter we will focus on the Science Fiction Faravahars. Throughout the years, I have created a series of 3D Digital Graphic Art pieces about Sci-Fi Faravahars.

3D Persian Sci-Fi Digital Graphic Art

In this futuristic Sci-Fi World, the Persian Empire survives the Arabo-Islamic Invasion and will not get occupied by the Muhammadan Tazi Barbarians. The Persian Empire will fight back strong and push the Locust Herd of Muhammadan Muslims back to the deserts of Arabia. The Persian Empire continues thriving and progressing as the sole or one of the two superpowers on Earth (depending on the era).

Faravahar Planet Base

Before the Islamic Invasion, the Persian Empire was the center of the globe. The empire was extremely progressive and advanced in the fields of science, medicine, engineering, mechanics, military, music, poetry, philosophy and literature. Persian Culture and Civilization dominated half of the known world and along with Rome, was a great superpower. Scholars from around the globe gathered in Gunde-Shapour (Gondi Shapour) University in Khashtarah (State) of Khuzestan to discuss, write, teach and trade various sciences. After defeating the Roman Empire and the Roman Emperor Valerian, the Persian Shahanshah Shapour built the Gunde-Shapour and made it a massive center for global scholars, scientists, artists and philosophers to gather and trade knowledge. Originally Gunde-Shapour or today’s Jondi-Shapour (Army of Shapour) was a military town but Shapour turned it to a massive city and heart of the global science of its time. Gunde-Shapour was located near the Susa. Gunde-Shapour University was world famous.

If the Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation would have not occurred, then The Persian Empire would eventually progresses to become the sole superpower on Earth and dominate the global civilization.

Faravahar Mars Space Stations

In this Parallel Universe of the “Science Fiction Faravahars”, the Persian Empire dominates the globe and rules the Earth with Persian benevolent style of governing. The Persian Wisdom and Advanced Science progresses the globe and the advanced Persian Civilization spreads around the world to educate the global public about the “Persian Way” of life, love and glory.

True Federalism spreads in the globe and the same as the Old Achaemenian Persian Empire and Sassanian Persian Empire, each nation of the Earth has absolute autonomy in their internal affairs. All the Earth nations rely on the Persian Empire only on the matters of Imperial Security, Imperial Universal Military Campaigns and Imperial Diplomatic and Political Trades. Every other issue is internally controlled by the Earth Nations.

For more on history of Federalism in Iran, read:

History of Federalism in Iran (2 Chapters)

Persian Empire is not just the master of the Earth but the Empire is also a Universal Force to spread the Parsi Ways and the Good Words around and across the Solar Systems, Galaxies and beyond our Universe throughout other Universes.

Faravahar Mars Dual Stations

“Imperial Persian Galactic Space Force” is a powerful military force to spread justice, knowledge and order around our Galaxy; conduct diplomatic trades around our universe; and to explore other universes.

“Imperial Persian Galactic Space Force” consists of:

Imperial Persian Expeditionary Space Force
Imperial Persian Air Force
Imperial Persian Interplanetary Marines
Imperial Persian Navy
Imperial Persian Planetary Land Army

Imperial Persian Immortals Special Forces

“Immortals” are the cream of the crops of the “Imperial Persian Galactic Space Force”.

In this futuristic parallel universe, masses live a free, just and fruitful life under the Persian Empire. Every single citizen of the Persian Empire despite his species, subspecies, race, ethnicity, religion and belief has equal rights and freedoms under the Persian justice and laws.

Faravahar Mars Alpha Space Station

The Persian Aryan Salute is the official salute of the Empire and the Good Aryan Persian Ways are the model ways of the Empire. Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds are the motto and Faravahar is the symbol of the Empire.

For more on Persian Aryan Salute, read:

Pahlavi Military Uniforms - Chapter 21

8000 Years of Iranian History – Chapter 1

In this Futuristic Universe life is good and the masses are united. Even though petty conflicts and wars over religion and ideology does not exist, yet there still exists a group of Jihadi Terrorists who spread around the solar system with their headquarters on Earth, located deeply undercover in the deserts of Arabia. These Jihadi Terrorists are Islamists and they are fanatical followers of Muhammadan Religion of Islam now banned yet still somewhat popular in the Middle East and the Arab World. Islam is banned because the Imperial Law clearly states that:

Islam = Terrorism

And describes that:

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected!

Muslims are medically and mentally treated to clear themselves from this Brain Infection (Islam) and they are treated as humanely as possible. This epidemic “Infection” is pretty much under the control but even in this day and age, there are still a great number of fanatics who still cling to their Quran and Scimitars! Their assassin ways and terrorist tactics still goes on. They promote Jihad and the same old “Global Islamic Caliphate” to be achieved via Suicide Bombings and Terror.

Faravahar Air Base

The Jihadists are mostly incognito and blend in with the camouflaged local desert species of various planets of the solar system who originated from the lizards and reptiles! Even though their numbers and conversions are decreasing amongst the humans, yet they spread their beliefs amongst the sub-humans, primates, lizard species and other species of reptiles. Lately they have expanded their operation and spread their groups by even converting and drafting various members of the “Insects” from the Insect populated planets.

Islam and Islamist ideology has become very popular amongst the overgrown and evolved species of “Lizards”, “Insects”, “Apes”, Reptiles, and Sub Humanoid species. Islam is very much compatible with the psyche of these lizards, reptiles, insects and ape communities; therefore, they can be easily converted and drafted as Guerrilla Terrorists. These Jihadists often live and train together in the deserts and dunes but they carry their terrorist missions in to the Persian Empire’s main Galactic metropolises and cities.

Faravahar Planetary Air Base

Persian Empire rules the Earth and various planets of our Solar System, also has colonies around the Milky Way Galactic planets. The Imperial moon bases and space stations are present everywhere. A New World Order, the “Universal Intelligence” has been spread across the galaxy and now the “Imperial Persian Galactic Space Force” explores other galaxies in our universe and beyond, across other universes.

The “Imperial Persian Council” and the “Imperial Persian Senate” with their Councils and Senators are located on Earth and in the heart of the Persian Empire which is Iran. The Metropolis of “Persepolis” is the Imperial Government’s Capital of the Persian Empire. Susa is the main city of the Empire, Gunde-Shapour is the main academic center of the empire, Caspian Sea Shores and specifically Port Pahlavi AKA Bandar Pahlavi (the old Anzali) are the main vacation spots and sea resorts of the Empire, Tehran is the Fashion Center of the Empire and the County and City of “Qom” is now one of the largest Segregated and Secluded “Reservations” where they sent and gathered all the Imams, Mullahs, Clerics, Jihadists, Islamists and other Muslims to live as they please. These Reservations are self governed as they please. Mosques are only allowed to be built in these reservations segregated from the rest of the Empire. Muslims are allowed to live their desired lifestyle inside the reservations but once they decide to exit the reservations to the outside world, primarily they must enter the “Health Facilities” to go under the strict Medical and Mental Rehabilitation to cure their “Brain Infection” (Islam); therefore, they can join the general public and the global civilized world out there and outside their reservations!

Faravahar Space Spheres Takeoff

Aside the usual Islamic problem, life is good, peaceful, logical, scientific and beautiful under the Parsi Way and safety and security of the Persian Empire. Science and technology jump evolved to new levels. Art, literature and poetry are the most occupational pastime fascinations amongst the Imperial Citizens. Other favorite pastimes are Backgammon, Checkers and Chess, Persian Style! All 3 games were invented in the Old Persian Empire:

* Backgammon invented in old Shahr-e Sukhteh, Iran (under Kirmania Kingdom of Iran)

* Chess invented in old Indus Valley, Pakistan (part of Indian Subcontinent under Sassanid Persian Empire)

* Checkers invented in old Ur, Iraq (under Susian Kingdom of Iran)

All locations at the time were parts of the ancient Iranian kingdoms or Khashtarah (States) of the Old Persian Empire.

For more information on Susa, Kirmania and Persian civilizations of the Persian Empire, review:

Susa is not Elam

Iranian Dynasties of 8000 Years

This is life in the Imperial Persian Earth, solar system and galactic boundaries. Life is good. Light of Zarathustra and the Persian Zoroastrian Fire shines on ….

Please enjoy the Science Fiction Faravahars and our Futuristic Imperial citizens’ lives in a future parallel universe, “Persian Style”!

Eternal be Faravahar

Dr. X

Faravahar Space Spheres Landing

Faravahar Early Search Drone on Planet Dune

Faravahar Liberation Landing on Planet Dune

Faravahar Post Liberation of Planet Dune

Faravahar Dome Base on Parallel Solar Systems

Faravahar Galactic Space Station and Mother-Ship

Faravahar Galactic Space Station

Faravahar Mother-Ship

Faravahar Saturn Base

Faravahar Scout Spheres Ocean Landing

Faravahar Spheres Ocean Landing

Faravahar Sun

This would brings us to the end of our presentation.

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