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Persian Miniatures: Gallery 2

Mahmoud Farshchian Online Gallery
Gallery 2

Compilation and Design by Ahreeman X
Mahmoud Farshchian
December 19, 2007

Master Mahmoud Farshchian

The Distant Drummer, Rumi (Deep Orange)

Master Farshchian's art is based on Persian Classical Poetry from great masters such as Hafez, Rumi, Ferdowsi and indeed Khayyam. Farshchian is very much in to Persian Mysticism. His theme is classical Persian poetry; however, he mixes and portrays various human emotions, moods, feelings and desires in his art. His final touch is his wild Imagination. Welcome to Master Mahmoud Farshchian's second online gallery.

Moonlight Embrace

Morning Star


(Painting by a student of Master Farshchian)

Morning Blossom

Night's Engulfing Magic

Oh God

The Birth of Hope

Rode Yonder



Sorrow and Joy

Sounds of Creation

Spirits Beckoning

The World Beyond

To Be Alive


Winery of Existence

Woman Man (Painting by a student of Master Farshchian)

The Prophet Abraham

The Ashura


The Hunt

Sohrab and Gordafarid (Shahnameh)

The Third Adventure of Rostam (Shahnameh)

The Hoary Man

The Burning Illuminates

Yet She is All Smiles

The Last Breath of Phoenix

What Price for Freedom!

The Distant Drummer, Rumi

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