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Islamic Exotica
Femme Fatales

Max Emadi
Web Narration: Ahreeman X
April 17, 2008

“Who is Max Emadi?” (Max questions himself!)

Max stares amazed in to his alter egos …
The Amazed Max, The Military Max, The Blue Max
Max Emadi, the man, the music and the whole shebang!

Max Emadi shows you the clue, but his art is open for interpretation. He shows you the controversial key and now it is up to you to open the door and walk in to the taboo! Are you ready to take the Forbidden ride and step in to the Wild Side?

Islamic Femme Fatale 7

In his last art review – gallery, Max Emadi had boldly covered the “Islamic Erotica”. In Islamic Erotica Album (Islamo-Erotic Paintings), he concentrated on the naked bodies of the Hejabed women. In his last album, Max took a wild turn in to the Forbidden Zone and made a bold move via mockery of the stereo types, the brands, the taboo and the political correctness. That was the last chapter …

Now, the rest of the story,

Chapter Two:

Islamic Exotica!
Femme Fatales

Islamic Femme Fatale 8

In Islamic Exotica Album (I came up with the name), he concentrates and digs deep in to the faces of the hejabed women. He searches deep in to their eyes and in to their souls through their eyes. Max calls this one: “Femme Fatales”, but I call this one the “Islamic Exotica” Album!

Islamic Femme Fatale 3

Max Emadi’s Art Categories

Islamic Erotica
Islamic Exotica - Femme Fatales
Terrorists and Freedom Fighters
Hero Worship
Self Portraits

Islamic Erotica

Max Emadi on Islamic Erotica:
“Representation of the female body is forbidden in strict Islamic tradition, and is therefore taboo in today's Muslim cultures. To imagine Western art without the nude is, in contrast, impossible. These paintings revisit the Western tradition of pin-up art and its "celebration " of the female form while "lovingly" objectifying it through overexposure and unnatural posing of the model. The Middle East's version of sexism, in contrast, takes the form of control through mandated repressive female clothing, or "Hejab," in the name of protecting and honoring women.

Islamic Femme Fatale 1

I have avoided referring to my heritage in my work until now. After all, I have lived in Los Angeles most of my life, not Iran, and expressing "pride in cultural diversity" has been too fashionable a movement for me. However, in recent years, as in 1979, when my family immigrated to the United States, I have been confronted by my "otherness" on a more regular basis. As the battles between fundamentalists on both sides of the globe rage on, so do my bicultural conflicts.

Islamic Femme Fatale 2

In my new series of paintings, "Islamic Erotica," I have portrayed Muslim women in a style that references American pin-up art, modern advertising, and photographs of tribal women in National Geographic-type publications.

Islamic Femme Fatale 4

When these seemingly contradictory traditions are combined, we can envision an absurd future where the ever-expanding arm of globalization and the growing influence of American-style democracy in the Middle East will continue to manifest into stranger and more outlandish hybrids.”

Islamic Femme Fatale 6

Now lets us dig deep in to each category of Max Emadi’s painting and post some examples.

Islamic Erotica
Max Emadi’s Islamo-Erotic Paintings

To view Max Emadi’s Islamic Erotica Album, observe:

Islamic Erotica

Islamic Exotica - Femme Fatales

Islamic Femme Fatale 5

Miss Liberty
Lady Liberty, Islamic Style!

Miss Freedom
Give me freedom or death!

Terrorists and Freedom Fighters

One’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist and vise versa. There is a very thin line between who is the freedom fighter and who is the terrorist!

Before Serrano
Max Emadi’s Blog on Before Serrano:
“This painting represents Christ on the cross engulfed in an inferno, perhaps at the ninth hour when Matthew records the moment when Christ fears he has been abandoned by God. Emadi's title for the work, "Before Serrano", is a reference to controversial photographer Andres Serrano who became notorious for his 1987 exhibition of his controversial piece "Piss Christ", a red-tinged photograph of a crucifix submerged in the artist's own urine. One wonders exactly why Emadi titles this work "Before Serrano".

There are definite similarities between Serrano's and Emadi's work which both have Christ enveloped in a swirl of red, so we would understand had he entitled the work "After Serrano". By the use of "Before", we wonder at Emadi's message. He is obviously not indicating that his work predates that of Serrano's "Piss Christ" since Emadi's painting is dated 2004.

Perhaps he is drawing a comparison to the division of the Christian calendar into "Before Christ" and "After Christ" in that this signifies the end of one era and the beginning of another. Perhaps Emadi is suggesting by the title that Serrano cleaved the history of religious art when he unveiled his image of Christ in urine.
And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? - Matthew 27:46, King James Version”

Che (Ernesto Che Guevara)
The Great Revolutionary

Osama Bin Laden
The Islamist Fundamentalist

US Marine
US Marine in dress uniform presents his sword against a background of Holy Arabic writing:
Bisme Allah al Rahman al Rahim.
(In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.)
Is the US Marine’s sword towards the direction of Kabbah, Mecca?

Children are our future!
Even children at the Islamist Madrasah?

G W Bush

Hero Worship

Bombs Over Baghdad (Dr. Strangelove)
Inspired by the famous cinema moment from the film, Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove.”

The Passion of Jesus Christ
Tears of blood running down the cheek during the crucifixion.

Relax it's Imam Ali
Muslims, please relax before condemnation! It is not another Prophet Mohammed cartoon! It is only Imam Ali, the first Shiite Imam, the 4th Caliph of Rashedin and Mohammed’s cousin! For Allah’s sake, It’s only Ali!


Skin Deep
Now I have to admit that I cannot stand Abstract painting. I’m a Classical man and I do not dig deranged modern abstract paintings; however, I have to admit that I like this one! This is deep and meaningful and way open for interpretations!

Self Portraits

The Blue Max
This one is a digital looking Blues image of Max Emadi. Max does some deep soul searching over here.

The Bunny Max
Max Emadi Doppelganger II
Max was Bunny Hopping over here! The child within?

The Enlisted Max
Max Emadi Doppelganger I
Here is a portrait of Max before going AWOL from the US military in Afghanistan, joining the Cindy Sheehan’s Anti War “Liberal Pacifist” movement, singing “Kumbaya My Lord, Kumbaya” songs in Canadian Airports and collecting peace donations! Of course he got arrested, brought back to US for a quick court-martial and as for the punishment, he was sent to the Sunni Triangle in Iraq to fight the Al Qaeda!

Relax art lovers, I am only kidding! At one point, even Max turned blue!


Sheeple (Ensan Guspandan)
Max did not name this one, so I have done Max a favor by naming this one for him! I call this one:

Sheeple = Sheep + People (Ensan Guspandan)

The people who live like sheep. On daily basis, these Sheeple follow the latest fad, watch their heroes on TV, follow the leader, consume what they’re told, and basically Eat, Shiite and Sleep. They are good spare parts, which make the Big Machine to run smoothly. They are parts of The Wall …

The Future Looks Bright
The 4 Skulls. Is this a comedy tragedy? An optimistic pessimism? Max for sure played around and poured his heart on this one!


Stan (Sculpture)
I have to admit that Max Emadi’s sculptures, even though meaningful and artistic, yet they could give nightmares to the children! I particularly like this one. Does Stan stands for Satan? Could it be that Stan is indeed Satan? Stan the Satan? Is this why I can really relate to this one? For some reason, my Ahreemanic nature draws to this Stan guy! Could it be that Max had me in mind while sculpting this one? One never knows!

And this will bring us to the end of Max Emadi’s second Art Show in IPC.

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