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Amid Haghighatjoo


Amid Haghighatjoo

Amid Haghighatjoo (Author, Translator and Islamic Scholar)

Amid Haghighatjoo 

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Amid Haghighatjoo

Haghighatjoo means the seeker of the truth. Amid Haghighatjoo is an alias and I need not to inform you of why I choose to use an alias. With the present situation and strength of IRI and global Islamism, when you read my work, you will comprehend that why an alias was needed! It was a privilege to become an IPC author, because by doing so, I can transform all of my research, studies, translations and work to the readers with never ending thirst for the true knowledge of Islam and it’s fundamental which is Quran. In the future I will do my best to write and translate Islamic texts and related material.

Amid Haghighatjoo takes a deep look at Islam, Quran and Hadith.

I was born in Iran. I have grown up in a fundamentalist Muslim family. Due to my dad’s encouragement, by age 5, I started reciting Namaz Islamic prayer (Salath) and by age 10, I started Roozeh Islamic fasting. In my subconscious mind, religion and religious customs had become habits and norms of my life. When I hit 19, I started my draft duty. To escape my fellow soldiers’ mockeries, I used to refuge to a quiet corner far from everyone’s sights to recite my daily prayers. At this corner I would spread my Ja Namaz (prayer cloth), set the Mohr (prayer seal) on top of it, grab my Tasbih (Islamic prayer beads) and have moments with my God.

During one of these isolated Namaz sessions, I have noticed that I was reciting my Namaz extremely fast. It felt like a boring choir that I just wanted to get done with it. I was not truly concentrating on the purpose of this prayer, my dialogue with God and what I really wanted to tell God, yet I was just speed reading my Namaz as an unpleasant chore. I immediately seized my prayer and stopped what I was doing. I started over and this time tried to concentrate on my Namaz and the true intention of my action. It was a useless effort. My mind continued wondering around and pondering about everything except my Namaz! Next, I tried to purely think about the meaning of Namaz. I told myself that during the recitation, I must think about the true meaning of the words, so I can finally concentrate on my Namaz and connect with my God. Unfortunately words were in Arabic! Then I told myself that while I was reciting the Namaz in Arabic, I must concentrate on the meaning of these words in Persian! That was also useless and a waste of effort! I just couldn’t concentrate on my Namaz and connect with God.

I could not connect with Allah, so at last, I packed up my seal, beads and prayer stuff all in my prayer cloth and dumped all of them in the nearby trash can! I released myself from worrying about my “Namaz Time” to run early or late (3 times a day)! I just forgot all about Namaz!

20 years later, I was discussing “Speed Reading” with a brain and neurology specialist at abroad. He talked about how we can read a 200 page book in one hour! He stated that at a given time, an average awake human mind requires between 60 to 120 words to learn as food. For whatever reason, if this food becomes less or the feeding time cuts short (Namaz Length), then the brain automatically wonders around and searches for more words to grasp. Finally it clicked! This is why despite the fact that I have read Namaz thousands and thousands of times, yet my brain could not concentrate on it! My brain was automatically searching for new words to learn, so it was wondering around!

Any Muslim with a bit of thinking and personal experiment can discover that it is absolutely and physically impossible to concentrate and connect with Allah, every time that he reads Namaz over and over and over ….

Despite my experiments, I have considered myself a Muslim, even though my knowledge of Islam was limited to what I have learned from my parents and what I have heard during the mosque preachings by the clerics (Paye Manbar). I kept on asking myself, why not go and study Islam from the source?

That was the moment in which I started reading various Qurans. I started from compact Qurans and continued my studies with complete Qurans. The funny thing was that most of these Qurans were not the actual translations from Arabic, yet they were interpretations and sugar coatings of the authors about the Quran! Each author wrote his own version of Quran and in these versions; they transformed the words of Mohammed or Allah in a way that it would sound rational, holy, righteous and meaningful. Each author wrote what he grasped from the actual words of Quran. In a way all of these authors gave themselves the rights to interfere, revise and change the words of Allah or Mohammed!

If we take the words of these authors, clerics and scholars as the true words of Quran, then it only means that Mohammed and Allah were incapable of speaking and transforming what they meant to the people. So Allah or Mohammed needed these authors to interpret their words for the people! In a way this means that these authors, clerics and scholars believe that they are more intelligent and knowledgeable than Mohammed and Allah; therefore, Allah and Mohammed are in need of them to interpret Quran for the people! The fact is that all of these authors have twisted the words of Allah or Mohammed.

In reality Quran does not need revisions, interpretations or harmonization. All needs to be done is to read Quran in Arabic and translate it word by word to Persian or any other language. Quran is written in a very simple language and anyone can understand it.

This is how my never ending crusade to study, learn and reveal the true words of Quran had begun. I started an in-depth study and analysis of Quran and other Islamic texts. I managed to do word by word translation of Quran and other Islamic texts. Quran and other Islamic texts are self explanatory, no need for interpretations …..

Amid Haghighatjoo

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