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Anwar Shaikh

Anwar Shaikh Interview: Exposing Islam

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We welcome Anwar Shaikh in IPC Hall of Literary Fame. Anwar Shaikh, the valuable scholar and author have been granted an honorary IPC Author position. We recognize him as a progressive writer and worthy enough to officially become an IPC Author. Anwar Shaikh is now officially in IPC Hall of Literary Fame.

"Islam is the most violent and intolerant faith that has ever been presented to mankind."
[Anwar Shaikh (1928 - 2006)]

"The problem is not Muslims, the problem is Islam."
[Anwar Shaikh (1928 - 2006)]

“Mohammed himself was a terrorist, the most authoritative precedent for contemporary Islamic terrorists.”
[Anwar Shaikh (1928 - 2006)]

Anwar Shaikh is one of the greatest Indian authors. Anwar Shaikh is an author, poet, philosopher and a great Islamic historian and scholar. Anwar Shaikh unveils the true nature of Islam.

Anwar Shaikh spoke Urdu, Arabic and Persian. Anwar Shaikh has been writing in Urdu and English. Anwar Shaikh was a great Islamic Scholar and a great critic of Islam. Anwar had vast studies in Vedas, Hinduism and Shiite Islam.

Anwar had core studies on Persian Culture, Traditions, Religions and Language. Anwar Shaikh was a great fan of the Persian Culture but a great critic of the Shiite Islam. Anwar despised Iran’s and his own Shiite Islamic roots and he believed that Shiite Islam is a great threat to the humanity!

Anwar Shaikh does not only belong to India and Iran but he belongs to the freedom loving free world.

Anwar Shaikh was an apostate of great intellectual value. As a young man he was a Muslim who had killed 3 Sikhs because of Islam, the memory of which had haunted him for the rest of his life. An ignorant mistake of his youth as a Jihadi, had haunted him forever!

Anwar Shaikh (full name: Haji Mohammed Anwar Shaikh) was born on June 1, 1928 in Gujrat, Punjab, India. He was an Indian born Pakistani.  Anwar’s roots go back to Kashmir and he was born in a religious Shiite Muslim family. Anwar’s family were Religious Fundamentalists and forced him to study and practice Shiite Islam. His mother used to memorize a great part of Quran.

During those uneasy days of 1947 (Partition of India in to Pakistan and India), due to religious fanaticism, Anwar had murdered a father and his son (Sikhs) and later on in life, he had murdered another Sikh! Those days, Anwar was a Shiite Muslim religious Zealot and a Jihadi. Muslim, Hindu and Sikh violence were sky high.

By the age of 25, he started asking questions about Islam. The doubt started and eventually he became a critic of Islam. Memories of his crimes haunted him for the rest of his life. Later on in life, he became a schoolmaster.

Anwar migrated to United Kingdom (1956), had married a Welsh lady and lived in Cardiff. As a citizen of Great Britain, he basically settled in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. Anwar moved on and became a successful businessman.

From 1970, he started writing books and exposing Islam. Later, Anwar discussed and woke about the harms that the division of the Indian Subcontinent had done to the country and the Indian people.

Anwar emphasized on the analysis of where did the Hindus go wrong? Why Hindus are so ignorant of the Islamic danger? What is the cause for the Indian and Global Catastrophe? Anwar Shaikh enlightens the readers about the true nature of Islam.

Anwar wrote a great number of articles and books. Amongst some of his books are:

This is Jihad
Islam: The Arab National Movement
Islam: Sex and Violence
Islam and Human Rights
Faith and Deception
Taxation and Liberty

To enlighten and educate the masses, we will publish some of his important articles and books in IPC.

In 1973, Anwar went public about his mission to expose Islam and encourage people to leave Islam. Anwar started a mass education of Muslims and enlightened them to the true nature of Islam.

Later on he wrote his testimony of leaving Islam (Autobiography of a Dissident). Anwar left Islam and embraced Hinduism. Anwar was a Liberal Humanist. In 1990s over 15 Muslim clerics (Ayatollahs and Imams) had issued a Fatwa and released a Death Sentence for Anwar Shaikh for renouncing Islam and Insulting Islam.

Anwar was unpopular during the reign of Imam Khomeini but he became extremely unpopular after Imam Khomeini’s demise (1989) to the point that a number of Grand Ayatollahs clearly stated that they would love to have Anwar Shaikh’s head on the platter!

"Whatever happens now, I will die confident in my humanist and rational beliefs and, if my writings have weaned even a few dozen people away from religious hatred and fanaticism, I feel I will have partially redeemed myself, even though nothing, nothing can bring my three victims back to life."
(Anwar Shaikh interview with Tariq Ali in the Observer at 1995)

Anwar Shaikh has always emphasized that: "I want to die honorably."

On November 25, 2006, Anwar had passed away in Wales, United Kingdom. Anwar Shaikh was a great scholar and a valuable comrade.

Anwar came to this world as an Indian Paki Muslim boy but he had left this world with a legacy of enlightenment for those who want to free themselves from the entrapment of Islam.

May his Great Spirit rests in peace …
Anwar Shaikh (1928 – 2006)

Why Islam Can’t Coexist with Other Religions?

Anwar Shaikh responds in Interview Videos:

Anwar Shaikh Updates and Interviews Thread

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