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The Truth About Islam


Biography of,
The Crusader

I'm a writer concerned about the satanic nature of Islam, which is hidden from non-Muslims. I have to use a pseudonym as when I used to point out contradictions in the Quran a decade ago, I was threatened several times by Muslims.

Since then, I have seen first hand the murderous frenzy of Muslims and so have put together some essay and writings. I appreciate that IPC will help me to make a few points about the cultic and beastly nature of Islam.

Basically I grew up in the UK in an immigrant city and was constantly assailed by Muslim youth and how great Islam was and better than anything local. When I started reading the Quran to appease my neighbors, I was shocked at what is so obviously in there yet never mentioned. Non-Muslims are simply unaware of Islamic hatred.

I have lived in the heart of Muslim communities in Europe, especially the UK but have also spent a lot of time in Turkey and Sri Lanka where I have seen the vitriol and hatred of Muslim mobs against non-Muslims first hand.

I now devote a substantial amount of time posting on Internet blogs and chats, counter-arguments against Islam and the often-unchallenged drivel that Muslims espouse.

Naturally, this has led to threats and menaces so I prefer to use pseudonyms.


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