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Fereydoun Farrokhzad

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Fereydoun Farrokhzad Biography

We welcome, Dr. Fereydoun Farrokhzad in to IPC Hall of Poetic Fame. Fereydoun Farrokhzad, the valuable Iranian poet and performer have been granted an honorary IPC Author position. We recognize him as a progressive author and worthy enough to officially become an IPC Author. Fereydoun Farrokhzad is now officially in IPC Hall of Poetic Fame.

Dr. Fereydoun Farrokhzad was a singer, performer, poet, actor, political scientist, opposition member and the leading TV and Radio Showman of Iran.

Fereydoun Farrokhzad was born on 1938 in Tehran; however, he had Tafreshi roots (city of Tafresh). He graduated from Dar al Fonun High School in Tehran, then he moved to Germany for the higher education. Fereydoun had graduated from University of Munich in Germany. His thesis for his Masters, was about the philosophy of Karl Marx. In 1967 he had achieved his Ph.D. Fereydoun had a Ph.D. in Political Science. He wrote various papers and books of political science and poetry. He was married in Germany (1962). His poetry was first published in 1963, but his first complete book of poetry named "Another Time" was published in 1964. Both series of poetry were in German and had won various poetry awards. He was also a member of the "Youth Literary Academy of Munich".

Fereydoun started his career in the German Television and Radio on 1963. He had produced and played in various TV films and productions. He also wrote and produced various pieces of music and poetry. During this period, he had won a number of literature, poetry and music awards.

Eventually he ended up going back home to the motherland. In Iran, he started low and went on to high places. He worked hard and flourished as a poet, musician, singer, Radio Performer, Radio Show Host and TV Showman. Throughout the years, he became the number one TV Showman in Iran. Amongst his greatest shows were the very popular "Silver Carnation Show" (Mikhak-e Noqrei).

Fereydoun was always the center of gossip due to his hot and scandalous lifestyle. His bisexuality was always the topic in the Iranian Media. They even dragged his private life in to the public scene and tried to muddy his legacy.

In addition, the Media Lords always blackballed him. Iranian TV Hypocrite bosses; Iranian big boys in government and other big shots were constantly on his case! Many people in high places did not like him or even despised him, but he was extremely popular amongst the masses. Big Boys tried a few times to get rid of him, fire him and marginalize him away from the Iranian Radio and Television; however, his great popularity amongst the masses did not allow them to push him away. These Big Boys had repeatedly tried to drag his name though the mud. Primarily they portrayed him as an immoral person and detest him for flirting with the female artists in public and on the national TV. One of their greatest complains were that he used to kiss women's hands on TV and that is immoral. Once they had portrayed that this immoral person (Fereydoun) is assaulting these women on the National TV by kissing their hands! They had portrayed him as the big bad wolf who is deflowering these innocent pious virgins! Fereydoun looked at kissing women's hands as a part of the etiquette and conduct for men!

Inside Iran, and during the Shah's regime (before 1979), he could not publicly challenge these people, simply because he would had ended up in jail, at minimum as a moral prisoner and at maximum as a political prisoner; therefore, he often would shut his mouth and avoid public responses to these people. Later on in exile, Fereydoun had broadly explained on how the Big Boys of the Imperial Regime and the Iranian Media Lords had blackballed him in Iran (before 1979).

Fereydoun Farrokhzad was a socialist and later on a nationalist. It is simply funny for me to view that these days, Monarchists portray him as a Monarchist! They use his songs and edit them on to the old films of Shah and the Imperial Troops and publish them on Youtube! Primarily Monarchists tried to destroy him (before 1979), even portray him as the enemy of state, so they could drag him to SAVAK (Shah's secret police) and possibly to the prison, and today, they try to portray him as a Monarchist! The Monarchist Lies would never end!

Throughout his life, Fereydoun was always performing, creating shows, and entertaining the masses and the everyday people of Iran. He was conducting interviews, or going around, creating various programs in the streets of Tehran and amongst the masses of Iran.

Fereydoun's Radio or TV shows were always packed with audience. People would come from far away distant places, only to see him and view his shows.

Throughout his career, he had introduced a new method and style of conducting TV shows to Iran. He is responsible for the introduction and career of many famous Iranian artists. He introduced them to the public and then he made them famous. Amongst some of these artists, there are famous names such as Ebi, Dariush, Simin Ghanem, Fereydoun Foroughi, Maziyar, Neli, Shahram Shab Pareh, Shohreh and Shahram Soulati, Soli, Aki Banai, Martik, Alice, Marjan and many more ……

… His latest protégé was Saeed Mohammadi whom he performed with in his concerts. Fereydoun Farrokhzad and Saeed Mohammadi had conducted a series of tours and political concerts. Together, they wrote a various number of political and nationalistic songs and performed them on the stage.

After the Islamic Revolution, due to much pressure from the Hezbollah, he had to escape Iran. He would have loved to stay and perform in Iran, but Hezbollah almost made it impossible for him to live in Iran. So he fled Iran and started his Anti Islamic Republic career in exile.

At the same time, these Iranian Media Mafia Lords, Monarchist Fat Boys and other Big Shots in exile, were spreading rumors that Farrokhzad is Hezbollah and a committee chief of Imam Khomeini in Tehran!

In exile, Fereydoun started a series of tours, performing nationalistic songs and flaming anti Islamic and anti Islamic Republic speeches on stage. Then he started a series of TV shows such as "The Broken Silver Carnation" (Mikhak-e Noqrei-e Shekasteh). His exile shows, even with limited resources, were still hot!

He conducted a few telethons to gather funds for good causes (charity and political), but the same Big Boys (Media Lords and Monarchists) branded him as a Charlatan and a Thief who wants to fraud the public! Once more, they tried to drag his name in to the mud!

In 1989, Fereydoun had published a book of poetry in Persian named "Eternally, Love is the Primary Sentence" (Dar Nahayat Jomle-ye Aqaz Ast Eshq). He also played a leading role in the movie "Vienna My Love". This movie was produced in German language. By publishing this book of poetry and performing in this movie, once again he proved that he is still a valid poet and actor.

On 1992, after many death threads, at last Islamic Republic of Iran had sent their Terrorist Goons to murder Farrokhzad. Fereydoun knew many people and there were always many people hanging around (coming and going to) his apartment. He was a people's person and he loved Iranians. Fereydoun's friendly attitude and always wanting to help Iranians, and basically his wide-open lifestyle had finally cost him his life. He was too wide open and vulnerable for assassination.

On 1992, in Bonn, Germany, Fereydoun had opened the door of his modest simple apartment to Hezbollah, assuming that they were friends. They had entered his apartment, dragged him to his bathroom, in to the bathtub, cut his throat and stabbed him 17 times and finally beheaded him (Islamic Style)!

Fereydoun Farrokhzad was a generous and giving person whom loved camaraderie, friendship and nationalism. His life was limited to his friends and Iran. Fereydoun did not pile up wealth on top of the wealth. He was not motivated with greed. He had always spent his money on his friends and shared whatever he had with his friends. I primarily knew Fereydoun Farrokhzad through my father. Fereydoun was one of the warmest and most sensitive human beings whom I had ever known. Forough Farrokhzad, the famous Iranian poet is Fereydoun's sister. Fereydoun spoke German, English, French and Persian. Fereydoun is buried in Bonn, Germany.

Fereydoun, rest in peace, thus we shall continue your path. Soon or late, your murder will be avenged. Fereydoun had left us; love had left the house!

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Fereydoun Farrokhzad (1938 - 1992)

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