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Lori Foroozandeh

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Lori Foroozandeh

I was born on 12-11 at the time of 12:11, which to me was very odd. I am not one to follow any superstitions or doctrines based on numerology but the way my life has went I now wonder if that birth-date and time, which coincide so perfectly, might in all actuality have a purpose.

I am a nurse, teacher, translator, author, entrepreneur, research scholar, and influential mentor. I lived in Shiraz from 1998 - 2001. I taught English in Shiraz. I also operated a translation and Immigration Consulting Business in Iran. I value Iran, Iranians and Iranian Culture. My stay in Iran turned out to be a catastrophe, which can be read in my book.

I obtained my BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) from Northern Michigan University in 1995, and obtained my MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing) from Shiraz Medical University in Shiraz, Iran in 2000.

I have learned a lot in life and one thing is, to never say never about anything because life is a paradox. I have also learned that you can learn from anyone, even if you learn how NOT to be like someone you still have learned.

My previous occupations have been and they are diverse but all true, and allow me to elucidate one thing here and now .... These occupations are in no way related to me being Impressionable :)

Army: (I married my recruiter after watching the movie Private Benjamin...and they say I'm I'm NOT!
Truck Driver: To stay mobile after going AWOL from the Army...I got tired of it after I found out that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be :)
Nurse: (Received my BSN in the USA and my MSN in Shiraz, Iran): Had to do this cuz I was dating a doctor...see still not IMPRESSIONABLE :)
Corrections Officer: Dating a very high official at the prison...go figure :)
Exotic Dancer: An escape from reality and a research tool to validate my findings on what I already suspected to be true...will elucidate later or upon request.
English Teacher: Taught English in Shiraz, Iran: This by far was my most rewarding occupation.
Influential Mentor: This is a tricky one to define: this is based on the premise of:
Convincing anyone including yourself that with the right amounts of self-belief you or anyone can become anything or anyone; thus you create your own reality.

I currently am self-employed and have many hobbies of which posing for erotic art and mentoring students on the art of combining love of language and persuasion; along with the talent of: you guessed it, convincing anyone including yourself with the right amount of translation Vs belief that anyone can become anyone; thus anything can become perfect with the right amount of belief system you can convince yourself of anything..... Therefore don't believe in anything unless you want to and if you want to then nothing is impossible.... Therefore you create your own reality.....So...never dismiss is exactly WHAT YOU MAKE IT... this I THOROUGHLY BELIEVE! :)

We already do create our own realities we just don't realize it. Just peruse this club if you'd like a prime example of it.

Another example is teaching people how to treat us...this is fact...and like Ahreeman keeps telling people to do this or do that as he does me, I say USE your resources, he calls it manipulation, some people call what women do as "nagging" or "complaining" I say it's stating facts... It all goes back to the translation Vs interpretation rule.

All RELIGIONS are based on that same premise as above: of translation Vs interpretation. We can read the Qur'an or the Bible and take both books and preach to those that don't know how to read them and brainwash those gullible followers into believing that they mean nothing more than killing people in the name of God and they will believe. That is what is happening in the Middle East now. But lets use some common sense, a loving, PEACEFUL, GOOD GOD/aka/ALLAH would not wish death and torture among any human being, but yet the slaughter continues. That is why I don't believe in RELIGION OR POLITICS they are both forms of PREJUDICE. I believe all religions started out with good moral building blocks but then man intervened and corrupted it.

My thoughts on...........
Understanding that learning about other cultures does not always mean ACCEPTANCE; sometimes this ammo is just enough for the hypocrites of this world to expound their ignorant anger even more!

Favorite Quote: which is mine :)

While Terrorism is a war that starts developing within the mind, religion is a war that antagonizes our conscience, but love is a war within the heart.....Lori F.5/2002 Share The Peace!

My personal picks and interests are below....if anyone would like to contact me my email is available to the public.... If we never talk I would just like to say, Peace to EVERYONE, and remember always try to understand the other side of an arguement, if you do this then it automatically reduces it to a debate thus making it more tactfully correct according to society, but more importantly if you do this with your heart truly in it, then you might even learn something. Always TRY to play DEVIL'S ADVOCATE or should I say "AHREEMAN'S ADVOCATE"....... if one can do this with not only their heart but their mental capacities as well this world would be a much more equal environment, or at least we could try to think it would be......ok, ok, ok, enough of the BS.....just do what you have to do to live with your conscience on a daily basis, but remember YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH YOUR ACTIONS!!!!!!

GENERAL INTEREST: Immigration and Naturalization, Iran, Farsi, Political Debate, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Theology, Quran, Islam,
MUSIC INTEREST: Blues, Lynyrd Skynrd, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Deep Purple
SPORTS INTEREST: John Elway (Denver Broncos), Mark Martin (Nascar #6 Viagra)
Best Movie: The Professional, Transporter 1 & 2, Toy Story 1& 2, Kansas
Hobbies: Playing XBOX 360 First person shooter games:

Luvs, LORI aka LAYLA

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