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Max Emadi

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Max Emadi

I am Makan Emadi. I had emigrated with my family from Iran in 1979 at the age of fourteen. While attending Claremont High School I became interested in art courses and took Ceramics for four years. Following high school, I studied sculpting with Betty Davenport Ford.

The Scarred Max

My career took me away from art for many years. I received training and worked as a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor and have found my second passion in the helping field. I had pursued my education by completing a bachelor's degree in social work at Cal Poly Pomona and a master's degree in the same field from Cal State Long Beach.

The Blue Max

The Bunny Max

After becoming secure in my career as a psychotherapist and beginning my current job for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, as well as joining the adjunct faculty at Mount San Antonio College, I have decided to revisit the artistic interests of my teens.

The Enlisted Max

In the last few years, I have participated in a number of group shows and have been featured in a various solo exhibitions in the Los Angeles area.

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