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Mazdak (Art by Mazdak)

Alpha Universe Comes Alive: Outer Space Digital Anime (Animation)
Alpha Universe - Digital Graphic Art Gallery [Spotlight] (Graphic Art)

My Biography


I am a young Zartushti Persian. I have devoted my life to translating and refining historical material with regards to Zartusht and Pre-Islamic Persia. I have devoted my time and energy to finding a significant volume of information and historical facts about Zartusht; it is extremely difficult to accumulate accurate and credible information about Zartusht, which is not a personal evaluation of Zartusht, rather a credible account with regards to his massage. There are quite a few European scholars who have written books about Zartusht, yet most of them have cleverly manipulated the massage of Zartusht to enhance their own academical status, enable to refine this massive volume of information, I had to create a filter that separates facts from personal interruption. I have come to realize that enable to create a relatively credible account with regards to Zartusht and his massage, I would have to start a quest, wondering thorough the endless grave yard of Greek mythology and European Renaissance literature and hand pick the wild flowers that are mere fragments of the image of Zartusht. It is a delicate and complex research and development task, a task that I will continue to pursuit as long as there is a breath left in me.

I am a Digital painter/Photographer/Animator. I speak four languages. I currently live in Europe.

My sites:

Alpha Universe Digital Art Site

The Image of Zartusht Blog

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