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Parvin Darabi

Dr. Parvin Darabi at 1960s

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Dr. Homa Darabi's Portrait
"To keep the memory of her sacrifice alive,
I have chosen the portrait of my dear sister
as my personal icon."

A brief biography of Dr. Parvin Darabi

Dr. Parvin Darabi

I was born in Tehran Iran on September 16, 1941. On February 7th 1964 I arrived in San Francisco with $500 to pursue my childhood dream of learning how a radio worked. I studied at Calif. State University Northridge, University of Southern California, Pepperdine University, and California Coast University. I worked as an electronic systems engineer, program manager, company president, and engineering consultant until 1994. From 1985-1990 I owned and operated my own Company PT enterprises, in Mountain View, California where we developed the most sensitive Radar Detector presently on the German Naval Vessels active in NATO.

On May 12, 1994 I testified before the Human Right Caucus of the United States House of Representative, on women's rights violations in Iran. I lecture frequently on the Islamic oppression of women.

My son Romin P. Thomson (an attorney in San Jose, California) and I, have written a biography of Dr. Homa Darabi. The book is titled "Rage Against the Veil, the Courageous Life and Death of an Islamic Dissident" published by Prometheus Books, 1999. The book describes what it was like to grow up as Moslem girls and become accomplished feminists in an Islamic patriarchal society. The book has been published in German with the title of "du Wolltest fligen" in 1997 and in Dutch in 1998, and Persian in 2002.

We recommend this valuable book by Dr. Parvin Darabi:


In September of 1995 I spoke at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing regarding the situation for women in Iran and other Islamic countries. I have also lectured on the condition of Iranian minorities to the San Francisco Immigration and Naturalization Office. A video of a recent stoning in Iran was showed to the participants.

Since the death of my only sibling, Dr. Homa Darabi, on February 21, 1994, I have not been able to continue my profession as a consulting engineer and has dedicated my life to the betterment of the women's lives in the Islamic world.

Dr. Homa Darabi, my sister

I have lectured and been guest speaker at Iranian and other international organizations in Paris, Hamburg, Washington DC, Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, New York, Los Angeles, California, Feminist Majority conference, Douglas College New Jersey, Vancouver Canada, University of North Carolina, AAUW Incline Village. I was the keynote speaker at the Planned Parenthood anniversary of Roe vs. Wade in Reno. Guest speaker for many of the AAUW branches in California, Human Rights Conference Oregon School of Law. I was guest on O'Riely show of Fox News Network regarding the Kosovo women. Keynote speaker at the North Idaho College, Human Rights Banquet, 2002.

My objective has been to inform people in general and the Western society in particular on the horrors of blindly following religious taboos and tenets. I speak on the injustices done to women living under the Islamic laws. Where women are considered the "ward" of their fathers as long as they are children and then "ward" of their husbands when they are married and ward of their sons, grandsons or any other male relative they may have alive. Under Sharia laws women are denied the right to decide whom to marry, divorce, get custody of their children and their testimony is considered half of that of a man. They are not allowed to pursue some professions such as becoming a judge and their worth is half of that of a man. In Saudi Arabia the birthplace of Islam women don't even have an identification card and in Kuwait they are denied participation in their, so called, "democracy." Women are too emotional to vote, that is what was said by the religious members of Kuwaiti Parliament the last time the issue of women's right to vote came up. I believe change will only happen when we learn of the problems that exists in our world. And that is what I have set my mind into doing.

I have been interviewed by numerous newspapers, radio and television stations on the oppressive conditions faced by women, religious minorities, and political dissidents of Islam and Iran.

There are many laws in the Shiite Islam that completely turns off any educated person; one of them is Siqeh (Temporary Marriage) which terms as "religiously blessed prostitution." Islamic Republic of Iran has brought only poverty and misery for the Iranians.

Parvin Darabi

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IPC recommends this valuable book:

My book:
Rage against The Veil
Courageous Life and Death of an Islamic Dissident


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