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We receive a great number of E-mails from our readers questioning which books do we recommend for them to read on various subjects? It takes a great amount of time to respond to each E-mail. To solve this problem and to make it easy for our readers and ourselves, I have come up with a solution. From this moment on, you do not need to E-mail us and ask us about our book recommendations. You wanted our recommendations, you got our recommendations.

Welcome to the 46th section of the IPC Website: IPC Iran Online Book Store. From time to time new books will be added and the store inventory will be updated.

Here are our top book picks, best of the best. They make perfect gifts to give to your intellectual and free spirited friends and that special someone. They make great additions to your library. They are highly educational, informative and entertaining. They are IPC approved. They are our hall of fame best seller books about Iran. Buy a book and educate yourself. Give a gift of book and educate your friends. Books are your best friends. Enjoy the “Iran Online Book Store”:


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