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Ahreemanic Early Toons

Iran Cartoons by Ahreeman X
Ahreemanic Early Toons
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: June 10, 2007

2nd Edition: February 7, 2014

Ayatollah Fesenjani (Rafsanjani) The Iranian Business Tycoon!
The Commander of Construction, Head of the Moderate Fraction of IRI (Kar Ghozaran). Fesenjan = A type of Persian food.

These are some of the political cartoons, which I had drawn between 1993 and 2002. They were published in various cartoon and caricature publications. At the time when the IRI terror of the exiled opposition was sky high and the suffocation of the inxiled press was choking the media, it was pretty bold to draw and publish these toons! At the time, these toons had made a lot of noise!
The style is deliberately primitive because IRI in its nature is primitive! Please enjoy and Bon Appetite!

Namaz Prayer (1993)
Namaz Jum'a at Tehran!
On an average good Friday, Holy Men are praying to the $

Namaz Prayer (1993)
Small Frame

Time (1993)
You can't turn back the time!
Mullah is riding the clock and trying to turn back the time via a turtle! Notice the Mullah is riding with his Aftabeh (Islamic Toilet Pitcher) around his shoulder! He did not forget his Aftabeh and Chomaq (Mace, Islamic Baseball Bat)!

Time (1993)
Small Frame

Caliphate (1993)
Caliphate of the Muslim! - Female Dog and her Pups!
Caliph Fesenjani (Rafsanjani): Ahead to Fundamentalism!
Puppies left to right:
Golbedin Afghani: This milk is delicious!
Al Bashir of Sudan: Ya Allah!
Hezbollah of Lebanon: Ahlen!
Hamas: Marhaba al Fesenjan!
Tajik Fundamentalist: Wait for me, I'm coming …

Fractions (1993)
Moderates (Rafsanjani) vs. Fundamentalists (Khamenei)
Left to Right:
Ardabili: Death or Aftabeh!
[Ardabili is holding the banner of Moderates, an Aftabeh (an Islamic toilet pitcher). Ardabili is a Turk, notice his long and pointy Donkey ears!]
Fesenjani (Rafsanjani): Fanatic, Backward, Bastard…
(Rafsanjani holding a scimitar.)
Khamei (Khamenei): Liberal, Evil, Confused…
(Khamenei holding a mace.) Khame = Cream
Khar Khali (Khalkhali): Long live Na'leyn (Islamic Flip-Flops)!
[Khalkhali is holding the banner of Fundamentalists, a Na'leyn (Islamic Flip-Flops). Khar Khali = Pure Donkey!]

Cat Killing! (1993)
Cat Killing in Jamaran!
Persian Cat (Map of Iran): Help Me!
Khar Khali (Khalkhali): Come here pussy cat, I heard that you are an Anti Islamic Revolutionary. Islam does not joke around. Party only party of Allah and Leader only Ruhollah (Hezb faqat Hezbollah, Rahbar faqat Ruhollah)! Long live Chomaq (Islamic Baseball Bat)!
[Khalkhali holding a blood dripping dagger in his right hand (one choice for Iran) and book of Khomeini in his left hand (the other choice for Iran)!]

Women's Rights (1993)
Progress of women in the Islamic Regime!
Islamized woman: What we used to be and what we are now!
Khar Khali (Khalkhali): Evil, Zaifeh, Outlaw, you have been made from one rib of the man. Imam strictly had ordered us to make sure that you are obedient or slap you on the mouth! Now are you going to become my Siqeh (Temporary Wife)?!
[Khalkhali is holding a mace in his right hand which "Chomaq of Hejab" is written on it. In his left-hand he holds Khomeini's Resaleh. The book reads "Resalat al Mohmalat al Mozakhrafat" (Book of gibberish and nonsense)!]

Iran - China Relations (1993)
Amazingly for 28 + years, the Atheist Communist China and the God Fearing Islamic Republic of Iran have been having a beautiful ideological compromise! Back then, this love affair was very strong! In Jamaran:
Fesenjani (Rafsanjani): Comrade this gift is not worthy of you, Ensha-Allah you will join us for the Jum'a Namaz Prayer, right?!
Shang Kun: Ensha-Allah! And Haj Aqa, this is an unworthy souvenir for you!
[Rafsanjani's gift to Shang Kun is Halaal (Religiously Allowed) Oil and Shag Kun's gift for Rafsanjani is an Atomic Warhead!]

Mullah Flower (1993)
New species of flowers has been discovered in the recent botanical research in Afghanistan (Media)!
Afghan Brother: Now I shall bite my finger while standing amazed! Damn myself, thus what had occurred in Afghanistan is my own fault!
(A Mullah Flower has grown from the roots of Islamic Superstitions all over Afghanistan Map!)

Baqal Grocer (1993)
A Day at Haji's Persian Grocery Store!
Miss Moosh Mooshak: Is this foot filing stone (Sang-e Pa), an original Lava rock from Qazvin or is it an American Replica?!
Grocer (Baqal): Miss, I assure you that this Lava Rock is from central Qazvin! Its surface is as rough and extreme as my boldness!
[Notice Haji is boldly attempting to finger Miss Moosh Mooshak with his right hand's pointing finger while playing with an Islamic Tasbih (Rosary Beads) with his left hand! Notice Moosh Mooshak's shaky fat bottom in tight westernized jeans! Some of the signs around the store reads:
Top sign: Fresh Snake Poison from Kazerun had arrived!
Counter sign: Donkey Poison flower is available!
GunnySack sign: Golchin Donkey Ass Powder - On Sale
GunnySack sign: Sadaf Cyanide - On Sale
GunnySack sign: Strange Powder - Price = As high as a contract on my dad's head!
Deli Cold Cut sign: Sausage of Dr. Kamal
Deli Cold Cut sign: Halaal Bologna of Engineer Jamal
Deli Cold Cut sign: Mortadella of Dr. Massoud]

Q (1998)
The Self-Selling peddler (Messing with Q) - The Qorbati Torbati Q (Torbat Heydariyeh, Khorasan) is coming back from his favorite Chelo Kaboby.
Q: Hey Janet (referring to me)? Are you going to ask for neighbor's daughter's hand for me? Are you gonna ask her to marry me?
Q: Let's inject some kabob into our veins! It (referring to the bag) has kabob, charbroiled tomato, rice, onion, flat bread, it got everything!
[Q's Anatomy:
Tintin hairdo, Elvis front forehead curl, well planed and plucked eyebrows, bulged yellow cross-eyes, black eyes due to much masturbation, Elvis sideburns (of course Elvis Now, in the grave), triangle mustache, shark beard (kuseh) traces of Kambujiye, dirty collars, flat chest, Hot T-shirt, Ass does not exist (flat assed), extra long pinky on the right hand (gay style), toothpick legs (extra thin), huge feet (size of the baby's grave), Hot short smelly sox, and with his left hand holding the chelo kabob bag!]

Weight Lifters (2000)
Iran Air (Qoma Air) has landed in Sydney, Australia to drop off the Iranian Olympic Weightlifting team (Media)!
Reporter: Excuse me sir, are you also a weight-lifter (Vazneh Bardar)?
Haji (Manager): Not at all! I am the budget-lifter (Vardar Varmal)!
[Haji is the manager in charge of the Weightlifting Federation. Haji slushes away the federation's budget gently into his abroad bank account! Notice the sign on the plane's body, which reads "Aftabeh (Islamic Toilet Pitcher) Technologies"! Notice the IRI brand Aftabeh at Haji's feet! (Haji = Pilgrim)]

Half-Breed! (2002)
Persian botanists have discovered a new Half-Breed of Persian Rose (Media)!
Darius: Hey Cyrus, is that the new Half-Breed of Persian Rose?
Cyrus: No Darius, that is the new and improved Mutated Iranian Weed!
[Notice: The clear identity conflict within the Persian Half-Breed! He is torn between Iran and Islam! His right half is dressed in pure Persian Achaemenid hat, Faravahar chest Emblem, boots and his left half is dressed in traditional Muslim turban, Allah IRI robe, paisleys and crescent and star logo and pointy Arabic shoes! With his right hand he is holding a bleeding body of the Persian Cat (Map of Iran) and there is an IRI Allah flag waving on his left hand! Notice deep roots of superstitions at his feet!]

Dr. X

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