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Suicide Bombers are the most misunderstood souls! The problem is that westerners look at Suicide Bombers as terrorists! They should look at Suicide Bombers as "Do Gooder Samaritans"! Suicide Bombers are like bus drivers who take bus-loads of people along with themselves to heavens to meet God or Allah! They are just trying to get people closer to God ASAP! Suicide Bombers are just misunderstood divine people! The problem is that westerners are too ignorant of good Islamic ways, good intentions of the suicide bombers and the misunderstood religion of peace, Islam! May Allah opens their eyes to see the true Islam! Mohammed (PBUHB = Peace Be Upon His Bone) was pretty found of Martyr Missions. Here are the best of Suicide Bombers cartoons to help the civilized world for a better understanding of Islam, religion of peace! Please get enlightened! Peace be upon Allah!

M&M Bomber.jpg

M&M Bombers.jpg

Suicide Squadran.gif

Doggy Bomber!.jpg

72 Virgins.jpg

Adventures of Ahmed The Bomber 01.jpg

Adventures of Ahmed The Bomber 02.jpg

Adventures of Ahmed The Bomber 03.jpg

Adventures of Ahmed The Bomber 04.jpg

Adventures of Ahmed The Bomber 05.jpg

Suicide Cartoonist!.gif

Israel is the only country ....gif


Evil Israel.gif

Dark Times.gif

Dreams of Virgins.jpg

70 Virgins.jpg


Suicide Family.jpg

More Bombers needed!.jpg


Hejab Bomber.jpg

Bomber Bombers.jpg

Flying Carpet Bomber.jpg

Bomber Tetethon.gif

Suicide Bombing School.jpg

Errorist & Terrorist.jpg

Suicide Toonist.gif

Yasser & Suicide Bombing.gif

Suicide bombing model.jpg

New London Underground Sign.jpg

No Thanks.jpg

Got Light!.jpg

Training Course.jpg

Arafat relationship speicalist.jpg

Suicide bombers grow up fast!.jpg

Mouse bomber.jpg


War on Error.jpg

You've got a lot of blowing up to do.jpg

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