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California Sanctuary Banana Republic Cartoons
Chapter 1: Land of Stoners & Eco Wackos


California Sanctuary Banana Republic Cartoons
Bankrupted by Liberals!

Chapter 1: Land of Stoners and Environmentalist Wackos
Ahreeman X and Cartoonists
November 3, 2018

America’s Most Wanted Jerry Brown Ahreeman X Cartoon Graphic
Ex California Governor and Present Drug Lord: El Jefe Jerry Brown
Wanted for Crimes Against the American People:
* Rebellion and Civil Unrest against the United States of America
* Undermining the Authority of the President of United States
* Rejecting the Results of the 2016 US Election
* Selling Drugs to the Public
* Money Laundering the Drug Money to Escape the Wrath of the Federal Government
* Racketeering, Grand Larceny, Fraud, Corruption and Bureaucratic Hypocrisy
* Bankrupting the State of California
* Killing Millions of Jobs and Businesses
* Creating a Homeless Catastrophe
* Causing Thousands of Businesses to Leave California
* Causing Millions of Californian Middle Class to Leave California
* Allowing Entrance, Homing and Bedding Millions of Illegal Aliens into California
* Allowing MS-13 Gang, Other Gangs, Drug Cartels, Murderers, and Criminals into California
* Destruction of California Economy
* Creating Inflation and High Prices on Gas, Food and Other Goods
* Interruption of Californian Way of Life
* Making California Unsafe and Crime Infested
* Collusion with the Communist China
* Creating Bogus Droughts and Brush Fires due to the Bad Environmental Policies
* Help Creating the Climate Change Fantasy
* Spending and Wasting Billions of Dollars on the Climate Change Fantasy
* Waste, Fraud and Theft of the State Budget
* Incompetence and Mental Incapacity due to Mass Drug Usage in the 1960s
* Imitating a Human Being

Vote and Turn California Red!
Make California Sane Again!

Liberal Infested California

California Liberal State Government is resisting and defying Trump, America, 2016 election results, and Will of the People. An insignificant little bald man, an ex-hippie and a present yuppie, the liberal socialist bald-headed liberal bastard Jerry Brown (governor), his Sissy Faggy Boy Toy, Gavin Newsom (Lieutenant Governor) and a Rag Tag Band of Liberals including but not limited to Sacramento Bureaucrats, Silicone Valley Geeks, San Jose Anarchists, Oakland Thugs, Los Angeles Illegals, ANTIFA, Marxists and other leftovers from the 1960s are resisting and fighting the Trump, Federal Government, Californians and American People.

San Diego County and Orange County are the last conservative stands in California fighting to keep California free of Socialism.

Reefer Madness Movie Poster
Public Enemy # 1: Dope Provided and Sold by Jerry Brown
Women Cry for It, Men Will Die for It
California Reefer Madness

The government of each land is a representative of the people of that land. In other words, people deserve their government. Obviously, the majority of Californians were stupid enough to vote 4 times for Jerry Brown to destroy California but things are changing because the liberal state government is totally out of control.

Smoke Weed Jerry Brown Poster Ahreeman X Cartoon Graphic
Smoke that weed boy, we need a state of junkies!

3 Aces in Democrat Party’s Sleeve

I call it Democrat Party because it is not Democratic! Democrat Party has 3 wings which help him fly high:


Fake News, Entertainment Propaganda and Indoctrination are fundamental tools of the Democrat Party.

Jerry Brown Toilet Police Daryl Cagle Cartoon
“California Water Protection Regulations are getting out of control!” (Media)
“California Government dumps water in the ocean while farmers having a drought!” (Media)
Jane: There’s no peace in California even when I wanna Shiite in peace!
Brown: Can you just hold your poop, think of the farmers?!

Luckily the 2016 Revolution of Trump and the People occurred and saved America. Democrats are still denying the results of the 2016 Revolution and Election, but fortunately Trump has one ace under his sleeve which is larger than any Democrat ace! This ace is called the “American People”! Trump has the American people on his side. This is why everyone who picks up a fight with Trump, he loses! Trump shall overcome!

Trump National Populist Revolution

California Yesterday and Today Cartoon
Yesterday: Going to California for Gold, Milk and Honey
Today: Leaving California for High Taxation and Regulations
Courtesy of Jerry Brown and Liberals

California State Government Destroyed California

Liberal Achievements in California:

* California, where Columbus Day is a not a National Holiday

* Liberal Made Drought, Brush Fires and other environmental disasters

* Illegal Aliens, Convicted Felons, Dead People and Double Dippers, vote Democrat

* No ID is needed to vote in California

* Mexican and Cuban Drug Cartels are now renting property in California and produce mass amounts of weeds, cornering the market and exporting it everywhere because it is now cheaper to produce legally in America, than abroad! Thanks to liberals!

* California legal Dope Dealers cannot deposit cash in the banks because federal government doesn’t allow banks to receive illegal money (selling dope is federally illegal). So, they look for ways of money laundry such as Las Vegas to turn the money to chips and then check.

* Mexican Drug Cartels are aiding the illegal aliens and smuggle them into the United States for sums of money. Drug Cartels are also trafficking drugs and humans through the illegal aliens and caravans into the United States.

* On yearly basis, gang bangers, terrorists, drug traffickers, human traffickers and other criminals mix with the illegal aliens and caravans to cross the US Mexican border.

* Out of control illegal immigration due to liberal open border policies has cost taxpayers big time. Tax payers are funding welfare, food stamp, healthcare, housing and education for illegals.

* Massive number of Islamists, Muslims and other non-assimilative multi-cultural people entering California, occupying California, refusing to become a part of the melting pot, learning English or be productive. They have no love for America or the American way of life.

* Number of illegal, legal, refugee, visa lottery, chain migration and anchor baby immigrants in California is sky rocketing. Multiculturalism will be the end of the American Culture.

* DMV issues drivers licenses to illegal aliens while the online DMV site does not even work half the time for license renewals for legal Americans.

* No one speaks clear English in government offices, so how the hell do you understand them? How can they help you if they can’t even speak English?!

* Liberals Bankrupted California

* High taxation without representation in Sacramento

* High prices of Gas, food, housing and other goods

* Liberals bankrupted California and now they try to isolate it by creating a Sanctuary State disobeying the Federal Law!

* Homeless all over streets of California, Shiite all over the streets, smell of urine and feces in downtowns, begging is a liberal way of life!

* Crime infested neighborhoods because liberals are loose on law and order

* Businesses are leaving California due to high taxation and massive regulations

* Middle class are leaving California due to high cost of housing and living

Should I go on or have you had enough?

Jerry Brown, the Governor Who Would Not Go Away Cartoon
Ran for 4 Terms to Destroy California
Ran for Governor and won on 1974, 1978, 2011, 2014
Ran for President and lost primaries on 1976, 1980, 1992
Ran for Senate and Lost on 1982
Ran for Mayor of Oakland and won for 2 terms (1999 – 2007)
This can tell us that Californians were radical and stupid enough to elect him as the governor for 4 terms and mayor for 2 terms, but Americans were smart enough not to elect him as the president. As the result, California is destroyed but America is saved by Trump!

Ahreeman X and Cartoonists

In this series we publish cartoons by Ahreeman X and our dear cartoonist friends:

Ben Garrison

A F Branco

Michael P Ramirez

Bob Gorrell

Daryl Cagle

and many other friends:

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Ahreeman X Ahreemanic Early Toons

Ahreeman X Index

Jerry Brown Then and Now Cartoon
Then: Disaster
Now: Catastrophe

Fruits of Liberalism

Historically, everywhere the liberals went (same as the Muslims), they have left a legacy of debt, bankruptcy, poverty, entitlement, crimes, destruction and disease. As Trump is great with creating wealth, business, jobs, security and prosperity; ironically, liberal socialists are masters of creating welfare states, food stamp nations, dependent voters, oppressed victims and second-class citizens. Afterwards, the liberal solution for the disasters they create, is to bombard these oppressed victims (which they created) with free healthcare, free education, free housing, Free Money and free everything; however, there is only one problem with this system! The problem with socialism is that nothing is free. Government does not have money of its own. Someone has to pay for all of these generosities! Guess who pays for it? You and I, the hard-working taxpayers!

Reefer Madness Movie Poster Ahreeman X Cartoon Graphic
“Jerry Brown is officially changing the name of the state from “Golden State” to “Golden Weed State!” (Media)
California Weed: Women Cry for It, Men Die for It!
Special Offer: Free Pot for Today’s Illegals and Tomorrows Democrat Voters
Made Possible by Open Border Jerry

It is now 60 years and in some cases 100 years that the liberals have been governing and ruling the large inner cities of America. All of these large cities have been ruled and then ran down by the liberals. Democrats have destroyed, bankrupted, debt-ridden, corrupted and impoverished almost all the large major cities of America, including but not limited to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Detroit and so on. Liberals even destroyed whole states such as California!

Jerry Brown Reelection Poster
Ahmadinejad: I stand with Jerry Brown because next to him, I even look sane!

Liberals Destroyed California

Liberals have taken the richest state of the union and turned it to a bankrupted cesspool dump loaded with illegal aliens on welfare, food stamp, housing, healthcare and public education paid by the American taxpayers’ dollars! As this was not enough, they have handed the illegals, drivers licenses and want to also hand them the right to vote!

California is not an independent country, but only a state of the union (USA); however, it is the 5th largest economy in the globe, now surpassing the UK economy! California has a GDP of over $ 2.7 Trillion, yet unfortunately a $ 1.3 Trillion debt which is almost half of its GDP!

Jerry Brown, yesterday’s Hippie and today’s Yuppie
Floating in the air due to Acid, Mushrooms and other Hallucinogenic Drugs
Governor Moonbeam 1.0: First 2 Terms
Governor Moonbeam 2.0: Second 2 terms
Results: Liberal Destruction of California by a Left Over from the 1960s!

California state government’s policy is to get the workers and businesses taxed up the butt to fund the welfare, food stamp, healthcare, education and housing for the illegal aliens and the ever-growing number of people on entitlements. As the Liberal Democrats are rapidly losing their Black and Hispanic voting blocks to the GOP (thanks to Trump), they need to import these illegals as their future democrat dependent voters.

Trump has provided jobs for the Blacks and Hispanics, something that Democrats’ Socialist policies could have never done; therefore, now the Democrats are in need of the new oppressed victims for their same old social justice song and dance!

California State government boldly hands illegal aliens, drivers licenses and plans to give them the right to vote! Some of the illegals are already on the small-town councils and run the small towns in California.

Jerry Brown’s Bull Shiite Level was Maxed on the Lie Detector!

Tranquilizing the Public with Dope

California State government legalized pot to keep the people doped up on weed, so they become stupid and tranquilized; furthermore, easier to control them like cattle. State government treats the people like sheep, doped up on weed to execute their policies. Half the state is doped up on weed and smokes the doobie, the other half works hard and pays taxes. Half the state works their butts off to pay for the other half whom are on entitlements, welcome to socialism in action!

Liberals have surely bankrupted the richest state of the union. Homeless are everywhere, Shiite in the streets (literally), smell of urine and feces in the air, businesses and workers are leaving the state and housing is unaffordable. Gas prices up the roof, inflation intolerable, food prices are crazy and Sacramento liberals are adding to the debt.

Slick Willy Clinton: Hey Jerry, I forgot all about the presidential campaign animosity because we have too much in common to have bad blood between us. We’re both perverts and of course we never inhaled!
Jerry Brown Nose: Hey Bill, don’t get too close to me, your pants are always down, and don’t touch my shoulder, I don’t know where your hands been, no offense!

Perfect Immigration Policy

Here is the perfect immigration policy, Ahreemanic Style:

“We shall not allow a single illegal or legal immigrant into the United States, until we feed and clothes our own homeless, poor and hungry. Until there exists one homeless in the street or one hungry child in the ghetto, it is a sin to allow entrance to any immigrant into the United States.”
(Ahreeman X)

“Scientists are predicting that the future earthquake may break apart the tectonic plates, crack California off the mainland USA and drift it to the Pacifics.” (Media)
The ever-widening gap between the Sanity (Trump America) and Insanity (Jerry brown’s California)!

Real Number of Illegal Alien Population in USA

Lying Fake News Liberal Media claims that there are 10 million illegal aliens in America, but the reality is that there exist at least 22 million illegal aliens in America which is almost double the number claimed. MIT, Yale and other university studies have proven this fact.

Number of illegal immigrants in US may be twice what's reported: Yale-MIT study - FOX

Yale, MIT study: 22 million, not 11 million, undocumented immigrants in US - Hill

Scientific Discovery
California Dollars Black Hole, a new phenomenon has been discovered at the Golden State!” (Media)

Ahreemanic Discovery
“The Force Behind the Black Hole: Jerry Brown, the Magician who mastered the vanishing of the California Budget!” (Ahreeman Joon)

Caravans are Coming!

Now every few months we have caravans of illegal aliens invading America! Liberals belie in open borders. The reality is that no one is entitled to anything except the fruits of their labor. No one is entitled to enter United States except who we the Americans choose to enter our country by merit. We are not the mother of the world’s poor and hungry. We have our own poor and hungry to feed and clothes.

Caravans of illegal alien invaders are invading America. For instance, the present caravan approaching the American borders is 15,000 and adding. Many violent criminals are amongst the caravan and are already battling the Mexican police and security forces which are trying to stop them.

Half the illegal immigration to US is now from Central America. This caravan is loaded with people from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

It costs the caravan of illegal aliens from central America about $ 7,000.00 per head to travel from their home country to America. There are all types of costs such as paying the crossers (coyotes), food, drink, vehicles, logistics, maps, navigation, planning, bribes, and so on. The number of the illegals in the caravan started from 2,000, then 4,000 and now well exceeds 15,000 and adding. Who is paying for this well- planned migration or invasion? It takes over $ 35,000,000.00 to fund this migration smacked right on the midterm election, so who is paying for it? Who is paying to undermine the US Sovereignty, borders and midterm elections?

The answer is George Soros and the Democrats; however, it is backfiring on them. There are all types of leftist and anarchist NGOs and Orgs funding and organizing this invasion but follow the money trail and as always, the trail ends and leads to George Soros!

Trump offered Democrats the path to citizenship for 1.8 million DACA recipients but liberals did not go for it because they do not want Trump’s wall, blocking visa lottery, chain migration or anchor babies. They want illegals to pour in to the US as prospect Democrat voters of the future.

Who do you think El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala send to US? Their best? No, they send their drug dealers, gang bangers, criminals, drug smugglers, MS-13 and crooks.

Comrade Brown’s Logic
We can always use taxpayers’ dollars to fund illegals’ entitlements.

Caravans are Organized Political Statements

Caravans are not about political asylums, they are well organized political statements by the left to undermine Trump and the American Sovereignty. Caravans are about George Soros Globalist Open Border policies to create chaos and to get rich. Venezuelan Government, NGOs, Activist Orgs. And Democrat strategists are only tools in the hands of George Soros. Follow the money trail and it all ends with George Soros!

Why Caravans are not about Political Asylums?

1. If Caravans were about political asylums, they would refuge from Honduras and El Salvador to Guatemala or Mexico and not travel all the way to USA!

2. If Caravan Travelers were oppressed by their country of origin and wanted to refuge for security and safety, they would not carry banner size flags of their countries in front of their parades and wave their countries’ flags all along the way!

The goal of caravans are not political asylums and refuge for safety from oppression, but the goal is to forcefully and illegally enter the USA by breaking the border barriers.

Why the Establishment does not want to Solve the Immigration Problem?

Liberal Establishment needs dependent voters, so they do not want to solve the immigration problem.

GOP Establishment needs cheap labor for businesses, so they do not want to solve the immigration problem.

Trump does not want the illegals to undercut the American workers, so he wants to solve the immigration problem.

That is the immigration shenanigan in a nutshell.

New California Iconic Logo Poster Ahreeman X Graphic
“New logo and design for the California Flag has been proposed by the Governor Moonbeam.” (Media)

“Weed Forever!” (Hippie Joe)

Junkie State of California

Jerry Brown and Liberals have legalized pot in California and by doing such, Jerry Brown has become “El Jefe” the Drug Lord! Governor of California is now the Drug Lord and the Liberals are the Drug Dealers! Welcome to the Junkie State of California with a higher rate of driving under influence, traffic accidents, kids’ addictions, general crimes and mindless stupid people on dope!

Kids can now buy dope from anybody and sell it at the school to the other kids! Liberals are creating a nation of junkies with lost minds on dope!

Canada and Uruguay are the only two countries which nationally legalized marijuana.

Countries with liberal drug laws where you don’t get arrested for personal usage and possession of drugs are:

Netherland, Portugal, Croatia, Czech Republic (Europe)
Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay (South America)
Canada, Jamaica, Mexico (North America)
Cambodia (Asia)

So on …

Where has this drug legalization taken them?

Keeping the people hooked on drugs, so doped up and tried to rise up and change the imposed socialist system on them. That is the government’s goal.

Same thing in Canada as in California but the difference is that some “Little Sissy Boy” (Bache Obne) does it in Canada as the prime minister (Justin Trudeau) and some other “Little Faggot” (Bache Kuni) does it in California as a wanna be future governor (Gavin Newsom). Liberal Socialist Sissy Faggy Boy Toys are the same, but one is Canadian and the other is American!

Find Jerry Brown in the Weed Farm Maze Puzzle for Kids Poster Ahreeman X Graphic

What’s Wrong with California?

California is heaven on earth and the greatest state of the union; yet, there is only one problem with it!

Do you know what is wrong with California?
Liberals are the only problem with California!

We must pack up all the liberals and ship them to some desert like Wyoming or Oklahoma to settle them in reservations or work camps to work and reside, so the rest of us can live happily ever after in the best prime real estate of the world, the sunny California!

Déjà vu Gubernatorial Race
Old Jerry Brown 2010: Don’t I know you from somewhere?
Young Jerry Brown 1974: We met in outer space, here’s a flower for your rifle!

Trump Must Land Troops in California!

Jerry Brown in California is worse than George Wallace in Alabama. George Wallace was segregating Blacks from Whites, this was Anti American. Jerry Brown is openly Anti-American citizens and pro illegal aliens. Jerry Brown is demanding high taxation from American Citizens to support the Illegal Aliens! It cannot get more Anti American than this!

Democrats were always on the wrong side of the history. Democrats created slavery, KKK and ran the South. Abraham Lincoln and Republicans freed the slaves and unified the United States.

Democrats ran all the plantations and enslaved the Black bodies.

Democrats still run the “Liberal Plantations” (Democrat Party) and they enslave the Black minds!

Democrats have only changed tactics but the strategy is the same! Democrats create social victims and then scream social justice for the oppressed victims which they have created! The only difference is that they controlled the Black bodies before the civil war but now, they control the Black minds by victimizing them and pretend that Republicans do it!

Blacks were and are still slaves in the “Liberal Plantations”, but the good news is that on daily basis, the Blacks are now leaving the “Liberal Plantations” (thanks to Trump Economy and Jobs).

George Wallace, another 4 term (1963 – 1987) democrat governor (Alabama) who fought against Desegregation and the Federal Government is the perfect case study for the history of the Democrat party. His famous statement: “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” still rings the memory bell. In 1963, President Kennedy ordered the troops to intervene and force Wallace to accept the desegregation starting from the university of Alabama.

Jerry Brown same as George Wallace is resisting the Federal government and does not obey the US Government laws; therefore, Trump must land troops in California to restore law and order to end the sanctuary cities, restore immigration policies and cleanup the bogus environmental policies. Trump cannot save California, it is Californians who should wise up to save California.

California Liberal Bogus Drought and Climate Change Cartoon

Liberal Made Climate Change Fantasy

Climate Change Catastrophe is yet another liberal made invention. Of course, there is climate change. Of course, there is global warming but there is also global cooling and it has been like that for millions of years. Man’s effect on the environment is too microscopic to create catastrophe. There is no scientific base for the climate change fantasy of the liberals.

Truth about Climate Change
Dr. Patrick Michaels Interview
Life, Liberty & Levin 10/21/2018

Truth about Climate Change

One day, the liberals sat around, pondered and figured that they need a gimmick like Republicans to attract the masses, rally the base and create a cult following. Republicans have the gimmick of Religion but the Democrats had nothing; therefore, they drafted some biased scientists to fabricate the great Lie of the “Liberal Made Climate Change Apocalypse”!

First, they called it “Global Warming” but then they noticed that the Global Cooling is also happening, so they had to change the name to “Climate Change” which causes both!

Climate Change Apocalypse Scenario is a fabricated fantasy created by Al Gore and the Clintons to make millions of dollars and the Liberals to create a cult-like religion of their own for their socialist followers. Democrats did not have a Religion, so Al Gore and Clintons created one for them! It is all Bull Shiite!

Joe: Where has California budget went?
Jane: Jerry Brown’s High-Speed Eco-Friendly Green Train to Nowhere!

Liberal Made Environmental Problems in California

Saudi Arabia is a large desert but they are managing their drought problem by creating water purification centers, purifying ocean salt water to drinking sweat water. They even drag icebergs from the North Pole to the Desert Kingdom. If Saudi Arabia is overcoming its drought problem then how come California can’t?! Are we less hi tech than Arabs? No, the problem is liberals and their environmental laws. Allow me to elaborate:

Liberal made Drought in California

We have water coming out of our ears in California but liberal state government does not allow people to use it! For example:

State Government diverts the rain water and rivers to the Pacific Ocean to save the Delta Smelt Fish (endangered species) than allowing the farmers to use the water to irrigate their lands to mass produce fruits, vegetables and crops. We were exporting produce to overseas but the way it is going, we will now buy produce from abroad.

Farmers have to pay an arm and a leg for water which they could get for free from the rain and the rivers but government diverts the water to the sea to save a little fish. That is the reason for produce shortage, low quality, and high prices. State Government cuts off the water on people to save a fish. In the liberal upside down Bizarro World, animals are more important than people!

State government does not allow the flow of water, otherwise there is plenty of water for agriculture, public usage and private usage. The drought is liberal made.

Problem can be solved by building purification centers, diverting water to reservoirs than ocean, drafting hi tech solutions and trashing fabricated environmental laws. The good news is that despite the California State Government resistant, Trump is doing something about these issues; however, Trump’s efforts are only a temporary remedy. To permanently cure the problem, we must turn California Red and get rid of the liberals.

California Beware
Never Underestimate the Stupidity of the Liberal Cattle!

Liberal caused Brush Fires in California

California environmental laws do not allow forests to be properly managed, logged, harvested, dry trees moved out, so it is maintained and not out of control to be fire hazards. That’s the reason for out of control brushfires. California liberals try to falsely blame it on the climate change.

Environmentalist wackos cause the drought and brushfires in California. Liberal Environmental policies destroyed California. They don’t allow forest management. Proper forest management takes care of the problem.

Bad State and Federal Environmental policies have caused drought and brushfires in California.


Sean Hannity – Devin Nunes
Exposing the man-made drought in California

Part 1 of Hannity - The Valley Hope Forgot

Part 2 of Hannity - The Valley Hope Forgot

Part 3 of Hannity - The Valley Hope Forgot

Trump says California wildfires magnified by bad environmental laws

California’s environmental policies have harmed our forests: Rep. McClintock


California's farmers left high and dry by drought, environmental regulations

Trump, Jerry Brown make dueling claims on cause of California fires

Federal land management to blame for out-of-control fires, say critics

Switchblade: Liberals' Best Friend Ben Garrison Cartoon
“The Angry Left cannot accept the results of the 2016 US Election!” (Media)
“The Angry Left’s Violence in California is on the rise!” (Media)

California Liberals

Democrats are now the party of

Dope Smokers
MS13 Gang Members
Other Gang Bangers
Illegal Aliens
Baby Killers
Transgender Bathrooms Activists
Militant Gays
Stormy Daniels and Porn Stars
Vagina Wavers and Liberal Women’s March
Radical Muslims
Black Lives Matter Terrorists
IRI Iran Lobby
IRI Iranian Agents
Iranian Americans Wheeling and Dealing with Iran
Dumb Millennials
Indoctrinating Professors
Brainwashed College Students
Yesterday’s Hippies and Today’s Yuppies
Dependent Voters
Violent Thugs
People living under the rocks

Jerry Brown’s Hollow Fists Poster Ahreeman X Graphic
Roots of the Angry Liberal Left Violence!

I had a Dream!

I had a California Dream when I entered California over 3 decades ago. Now, my dream has turned to Shiite! Liberals have turned our Dreams to Shiite! Specifically, us Persians have been forced to exile or escaped Iran because of Shiite taking over our country (IRI). We came to California for Freedom; however, the Shiite followed us here (thanks to Jerry Brown) and now California looks like a Shiite Hole full of Shiite! There are Shiites everywhere. Where ever you look, you see Shiites in Beanie Hats, Hejab, Baggy Pajamas, Chador, Burqa, Shalwar, Head Scarves, Robes and other Islamic Garbs! There are Shiites everywhere which have turned California to a Pile O Shiite. What a Bull Shiite, Full O Shiite!

Liberals and Muslims go hand in hand and they scratch each other’s back. Liberals created this Bull Shiite!

Next thing you know, liberals create new high taxes in the form of gas tax, property tax, breathing oxygen tax, my schlong tax, and so on …

Then they start becoming Drug Dealers by legalizing Marijuana and creating a state of junkies and degenerates! After legalizing marijuana, people smoked so much that tons of people ended up in hospitals vomiting and screaming at the same time! ER was full of new and old California junkies! So much for liberals’ theory of legalize it and let people moderate themselves and be adult about it!

Jerry Brown and California Liberals are now in drug business and they are drug dealers, trying to create new creative ways to fund their welfare state! They have so many legal and illegal immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America and then Muslim Refugees to support, feed and home, that now they need to sell drugs to create revenue supporting entitlements!

Obviously, tax money is not enough and Jerry Brown (California Governor) is now the King Pin and major Drug Cartel Lord! Aren’t liberals amazing?!

Now if all of that is not enough disaster, George Soros paid protests and media agitated protests are demanding more open borders so more illegals can pour in to California!

Liberal Brain Structure
Is Liberalism a Mental Disorder?!

China – California Relations
“California will remain in the Paris Climate Accord despite USA leaving it, Jerry Brown stated!” (Media)
“California is working on a separate climate deals and trades with China!” (Media)
“California is clearly defying and undermining the US Federal Government!) (Media)

Xi Jinping: Jerry you make sure, you undermine Trump, so he will loosen up the trade war.
Jerry Brown: Don’t worry comrade, I’m all the way with you.

X: We appreciate California staying in the accord and expanding tariff free trades with us.
(X ponders: This guy must be a first-class fool and my number 1 agent in America!)

J: Comrade, we will bring down the emission and tariffs to near nothing and up to your desires.
X: You do that, in a meanwhile we cooperate!
(X ponders: We kick in on 2020, so for now pollute the hell out of earth, work our factories full force, blast environment with emission and kill you with high tariffs!)

J: Together, we are a great Green Power …
X: We are one force …
(X ponders: where has this idiot come from?!)

J: Us Socialists must stick together comrade …
X: Proletariat of the world unite …
(X ponders: I’m a Totalitarian Capitalist you fool, I’m just releasing Socialist rhetorics for show!)
J: I’m glad we have an understanding. You dig me but Trump doesn’t!

X: Power to the People …
(X ponders: Chinese economy may survive Trump tariffs, thanks to this fool! With imbeciles like this Marxist Idiot, Trump needs no enemies!)

California Governor, Los Angeles Mayor and Chinese Leader at the Climate Change Meeting
Xi Jinping: Antonio, they say Latin Boys are Hot, do you Sucki Sucki or FAQi FAQi?
Antonio Villaraigosa: Oh Comrade you flatter me with your deep words. It is my honor to handle your great Chinese schlong … I sucki and FAQi both …
Jerry Brown: I thought you like White boys? I even shaved my Bun Bun!
Xi Jinping: Don’t worry, night is long, I’ll FAQi both, the Old White Mature Baldy and the Latino Chili! We FAQ like Tank all night long!

Jerry: They say Chinese schlong is small and thin, is that right?
Xi: Oh No no no, mine is both healthy and wealthy! I’m a Big Boy!

At the Climate Change Meeting
Xi Jinping: I enjoy round hard butts like this …
(Xi ponders: This Climate Change Scam is boring me, let’s change the subject to something exciting!)

Antonio Villaraigosa: What did Xi say?
Jerry Brown: Nothing, he’s talking about global warming by big round sun …
(Jerry ponders: Well my butt is a bit wrinkled up and looks like shriveled up prunes but I’d say I still have a nice round butt, thanks to Botox Butt Injections!)

Socialist California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Cartoon

Bankrupt California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Cartoon

Gay Bears California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Cartoon

Poor Bear California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Branco Cartoon

Brushfires Crying Bear California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Cartoon

Dead Bear Socialist California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Cartoon

Fire Bear California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Daryl Cagle Cartoon

Gay California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Cartoon

Beggar Bear California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Daryl Cagle Cartoon

Jerry Brown High Speed Rail California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Daryl Cagle Cartoon

Rebels California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Cartoon

Hitchhiking Bear California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Cartoon

Life Support Bear California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Daryl Cagle Cartoon

Stoner Bear California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Cartoon

Bong Bear California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Cartoon

Suicidal Samurai Bear California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Daryl Cagle Cartoon

Drought Thirsty Bear California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Daryl Cagle Cartoon

Suicide Revolver Bear California Sanctuary Banana Republic Flag Branco Cartoon

Young Jerry Brown: Wow, I can see colors, it must be the mushrooms or is it the acid?! Signs and voices are telling me that one day I will be the Governor of California and after this governorship, there will be no more California!

Jerry Brown with Linda Ronstadt and Hippies
Jerry Brown: Hey dudes, lets go smoke some doobies and see the world from another perspective!
(Jerry ponders: This is a good photo op., it makes me look cool!)

Jerry Brown with Linda Ronstadt and Musicians
Jerry Brown: Hey Linda, show some legs, it’s good for my campaign!
(Jerry ponders: I look a bit fake, mechanical and cheesy, but hey, Linda makes me look cool and hip!)

Jerry Brown with Linda Ronstadt in the Plane
Jerry Brown: Hey, I’m pretending that I’m reding something important, but make sure you get Linda in the frame. This shot is great for my campaign and makes me look cool to the youth.

Jerry Brown and Linda Ronstadt Official Campaign Button
President and First Lady for 1980
Linda: Hey, who knew it would all turn to Shiite?! I never become the First Lady and you never become the President! You never even married me! I think you just used me for banging and photo ops!
Jerry: Look at the bright side, I destroyed California in only 4 Terms!
Linda: Lets be real, I have turned to a Fat FAQ and you have turned to a Bald-Headed Bastard Geriatric Liberal!
Jerry: Hey, speak for yourself, I’m still young and have hopes and dreams. Maybe I’ll be President one day!
Linda: Yeh, I bet you should run for 2020 but my dough is on Trump!

Hussein Obama: Hey, you never know! Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the American people! Who knew that they would elect a Marxist Islamist Kenyan Muslim Dhimmi Boy as the President of United States?!
Jerry Brown: Yeh Linda, if they erected this Commie Muslim for president, then why not me?
Hussein Obama: Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves, baby steps would do. You run a few more terms for Governor of California until you’re in the wheel chair, and then maybe we’ll talk about it. I don’t think the country is ready for yet, because the rest of the country are not as stupid as California Liberals on dope!

And now a message from the Governor Moonbeam of California:
Dear Groovy Californians, smoke more reefer, wear more peace sign necklaces, and meditate, so maybe you can also float like me and defy the gravity and reality! Who needs economy, industry, business and individualism when we can have weed, peace signs, green power and eco friendly bicycles? Let’s be one big happy liberal family, hold hands and sing Kumbaya!

Doped Youth Movie Poster
Thank You Jerry Brown and Liberals for Creating a State Full of Addicts. Even the children will have addiction in their blood!

Reefer Madness Movie Poster
The Devil’s Drug which kills your brain cells and makes you dumb.

Reefer Madness Movie Poster
Youthful Marijuana Victims
See how the productive youth turns to brain dead outcasts!

Hey Jerry, it’s all fine and dandy to be chummy with Chinese Dictators but there’s only one problem: The Giant Elephant in the Room!

Jerry Brown Digs Californians’ Butts Poster
Jerry: If you wanna live in California, you better get used to have my finger up your butts! High Taxation, Gas Tax, Business Tax, High Food Prices, High Water and Sewer Prices, Air Tax, Life Tax, Schlong Tax … My finger will always remain up your butts, even after I leave the Governor’s Palace!

Cool Jerry Brown Cartoon

Jerry Brown: What do you mean no more salad on Labor Day Picnic? It is good for you and the environment! Less Carbon Footprint!

Doctor Death Jerry Brown and the Dead California Cartoon

Liberal Eco Wacko Jerry Brown
Wanted for Treason Against USA

Jerry: My Dingaling is this little but I still manage to FAQ the whole California State!

California Psychedelic Marijuana Flag
California, where your brain becomes far from reality!

Moonbeam Up in Smoke!
1001 California State Problems and Governor Moonbeam is meditating inside a cloud of Dope Smoke!

Yabadi Dabadi And That’s all Folks
Courtesy of the Loony Left Democ-Rats!

Save the California Dream

My dream had turned to Shiite and I am getting old. My time of dreaming has come and gone, so please save the California Dream for the future generation. Please vote and turn California Red because mind is a terrible thing to be wasted under the liberal dope, schools and rule!

Self-educate yourselves because your Liberal and Islamic schools won’t!

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