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In every country it takes a different shape and form and it is called a different name such as Burqa, Hejab, Veil or Chador; however, the women who wear these Islamic Coverings "by choice" are some of the most clueless, ignorant, fanatical, illiterate and backward females of the globe. Lately, it is also a fad and fashion to make an Islamic statement; therefore, many piss ant Muslimettes also started to wear these garments to make a political and fundamental statement! As Iraj Mirza, the great Persian poet stated to these women: You may cover your face tightly, thus I do my chore from beneath! Iraj Mirza used to bang these Chadori women by the dozen! Chadori religious women are often the first who lose their virginity and keep on working it! In Islam, you can Bang O Salavat all you want, but as long as you cover your face tight! What a religion, it is all about belly and under belly! Mohammed the prophet PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone) himself was the Boner of the masses! In fact the prophet had invented the Hejab and primarily had put it on Ayisha's (his 6 year old child bride) head, because at the time of the invention of the hejab, Mohammed was an old man and Ayisha was a young voluptuous woman with needs which only hefty Arab Generals could satisfy! So eventually Mohamed got fed up with Big Boned Arab Generals banging her child bride; therefore, he invented the hejab! Afterwards Mohammed made hejab mandatory for all his wives (21 of them) and all Muslim women. Hejab was invented, so women would be covered from head to toe and men would not get improper erections by eyeing the women! You see, in Islam, horny Muslim men cannot control themselves, so they have to cover their women from head to toe! This is Islam's solution for the question of morality! Up to this date, Muslim women in the globe have to pay for sins of Ayisha! Put a chador on their head, send them to kitchen and keep them stupid, bare foot and pregnant! That is the Islamic way! Now let us celebrate hejab and its Persian version (Chador), thus without it, we would have nothing left for the imagination! Actually there is an erotic element to Chador, don't you agree? I think I am already getting turned on! Thanks to various artists!

Muslim Dog.jpg


Muslim Parrot.jpg


Danish Muslimette.gif

Miss Iran universe.JPG


Chador Catwalk.jpg

Missing woman.JPG

Marriage age.JPG



Wet chador contest.JPG

Chic Chador!.jpg

Gogo Girl.jpg

Britney Spears.gif

Shemale Transvestite Muslim.jpg


South Dakota.jpg

Fashionable Chadori!.jpg

Tooth fairy!.jpg









Mohammed and Chador!.gif


Women's Seat!.jpg

Greatest Fear.jpg

Good Muslimette!.jpg

katusha baby.jpg

Islamic Liberty.jpg

Jack Straw's Politics of banning Veil.jpg

Under Clothing Bomb.jpg

Arabian Export - Hejab.gif

Sissy Teenage Girls!.jpg

Sunglasses and Beach Burqa.jpg

Burqa Specs.jpg

New Hejab.gif

Baby Got Burqa Ankle Flip Flops!.gif

Burqa Transport.jpg

Jack Straw veils.jpg

Hejab Prison.jpg

Burqa Barn.gif

Perfect Muslim Woman.jpg


Hejab is my life!.gif

Islamic Love Doll.jpg

It's Hot in here!.jpg

Burqa Squad Police.jpg

Run Chadori Run.jpg

Hillary in Hejab.gif

Christmas Tree.jpg

Miss Islamic World.jpg

Perfect Woman!.jpg

Patriotic Hejab.jpg

Before and After.jpg

Hejab and Meme!.jpg

Good Muslim Woman in Congress.gif

DKIR Fashion.jpg

Anti Jack Straw Protests.jpg

Boy to girl - Got Burqa!.jpg

Beach Hejab - Wait a second, ankle is showing!.jpg

Family Photo!.jpg

Hejab and Jack Straw!.jpg

Islamic & Secular Societies in Lebanon!.jpg

I thought I would wear hejab for Ramadan.jpg

Paki Chadoris in Islamabad.jpg

Raise your hejabed hands to vote!.jpg

Veil solution-Islam forbids representation of Mohammed!.jpg

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