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Islam in a Nutshell: Welcome to Islam 101 for naïve, gullible and deep sleep west! I am here to educate you about the Religion of Peace! The other day an American friend of mine was bitching and moaning about how Muslim Immigration is turning America to a 3rd world Shiite Hole and Islamist Terrorism has ruined America and ... I told him: Stop your moping buddy! You guys (Americans) are just beginning to sense the true meaning of Islam since 9-11, but us (Persians) have been getting screwed by the Islamic Prick for 1400 years! This Prick called Islam has been raping us up the Shiiter for so long (since Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation of Iran) that we are getting used to it! Some of us are even beginning to enjoy getting anal raped by Islam! So buddy, you got no room to complain! You Americans just had a taste of Islam, this is only the beginning, so open wide and get ready for True Islamization of America! Then my American friend said: But aren't there Good Moderate Muslim and then Bad Fundamentalist Muslim? I replied: Yes indeed, the Moderate Muslim are those whom not yet read the complete Quran and not yet enlightened by the true teachings of Mohammed, so once they do, then they turn to True Fundamentalist Muslim! Buddy, the good and bad Islam is only liberal political correctness crap you hear on CNN. There maybe some Moderate Muslim but Islam in its nature is Fundamentalist. Welcome to Religion of Peace and Welcome to "Ameristan"!


An Islamic present for European Union!.jpeg

Islamic Republic of France!.jpg

Islamic Republic of Iraq!.gif



But I am not a Cartoonist!.jpg



Sponge Bob.jpg

Here is your new book, this is what you need to study (EU Constitution). Your old book (Quran) can be used as toilet paper!.jpeg

Democratic Party is Islamist Terrorists Party of Choice!.jpg

Muslim and African Blacks Relations-Genocide & Slavery in Africa.jpg

carnivore Human Eating, Terrorism Flower with Dynamite leaves!.jpeg

Perfect Muslim Integration & Disintegration in West.jpg


Islam Religion of Peace.jpeg

Islamic Injection of Lady France!.jpg

Islamist Workshop.jpeg

Bin Laden.gif

Happy Anniversary to Europe Lrg.jpg

Wrong Way! Using democratic votes to create Islamism!.jpg


Turkey Wolf entering European Union!.jpg

Earth Fruit's Middle Eastern Worm!.jpg

Olive Branch.gif

Sectarian violence.gif

Racist Europe!.jpg

Muslim Victims.jpg

New Islamic Band!.jpg

Can Lady France do it.jpg

Islam Wolf.jpg

Support Netwrok.gif

Tracking Islam.jpg

Preparation Muslim.jpg

Burqah Snow White & 7 Taliban.jpg



Lady Liberty.jpg

Dry Dishes!.jpg

Family Values.gif

Islamic Terrorism.jpg

Shadows of Quran appears in Europe!.jpg

Trojan Horse -Turkey entering European Union!.jpg

Nature of Islam.jpg

Band of Brothers.jpg

Statue of Liberty bat!.jpg

The Crusaders.gif

Islamic Toon.jpg

Teaching of Islamic Culture to children!.jpg

Turkish Piggy is trying to get into The European Union!.jpg


Don't make me go Muslim on you!.jpg

Blind Justice (On Turkish Entrance to EU!).jpg

Cultural Conflict in French Schools!.jpg

Islam Monster chasing after Pope, Lady France and Jew!.jpg

Jesus-Mohammed, my kingdom is not of this world! Mo-But mine is!.jpg

Bugs Begon 3.jpg

Bugs Begon 1.jpg

Bugs Begon 2.jpg



Osama 3.jpg

Europe & Threat of Islam.jpeg

Myth of Violent Islam!.gif

Picking up presents from Koffar Infidels!.jpg



Osama Scorpion.gif

Canada and Terror.gif


War on Terror.jpg

PLO & Hamas Dog.gif

Vote vs Terrorism.jpg

Islam Reaction.gif


Body Guards.gif

How far will Terrorists go!.gif

Raisins and Virgins!.gif

Good Feeling.gif

Hoping for the best!.gif


US against Terrorism.jpg

The Limit!.jpg


Muslim Accounts.jpg

Evil Islam.jpg

Cox & Forkum Target Practice.jpg

illiterate Muslim demonstrators!.jpg

Protests and Police in the west.jpg

Islamic Tolerance of Unhejabed Women!.jpg

Let's do some target practice!.jpg

Lucifer's Match!.jpg

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