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Nowruz Persian New Year Haft Sin Cartoons
Ahreeman X and Various Cartoonists
March 25, 2014 = 2573 PIY (Persian Imperial Year)

Ahreeman X
AX: Hello kiddies, howdy? Happy Persian New Year and Nowruz-etan Piruz. As you can see, I am still celebrating Nowruz with a couple of She-Devils, one is mixing me a none-alcoholic drink and the other is serving the cards, watch it baby, I got an Ace up my sleeve. Do not cheat or get out of line because my 38 Special Revolver is on my side. I shoot first and do not even ask questions later! Oh Lord, only if my pal, the drunken GOP Pink Elephant would behave! What can I say? It’s Zoo here in IPC! Now I got a special Nowruz present for all of yous! Here are a selection of mine and other artists’ Nowruz and Haft Sin cartoons for yous. Try to behave and not to do what we do! Happy Persian New Year to All … Ho ho ho, hey wait a second, that’s not Amu Nowruz, that’s Santa Clause, but what the hell, in Nowruz, everything goes! Enjoy the Toons kiddies ……

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Nowruz Persian Year Haft Sin Tables

Who Wants What for Nowruz?

Iranian Festivals (Iran Culture and Language Index)

Scorpion of Allah Stings! - Ahreeman X (2014)
“IRI Islamist Regime is not fond of the Persian Culture and Nowruz!” (Media)
This year’s IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) Special:
“Scorpion of Allah Stings!”

Hyacinth Wars! - Ahreeman X (2014)
“Hyacinth is the symbol of Nowruz.” (Media)
“Mullahs declare War on Nowruz Persian New Year!” (Media)
Nowruz declares War on Islam!
Haji Firuz (Black Pilgrim): Mullahs can Kiss My Black Persian Ass!

“Spring is in the Air!” (Media)
“Amu Nowruz (Uncle Nowruz) and Haji Firuz (Black Pilgrim) as the Persian harbingers of Spring, are spreading the message of Spring!” (Media)
Amu Nowruz and Haji Firuz: Goodbye Old Persian Year, So long Snowman …

Islamic Haft Sin!
Haft Sin Items (7 S Items):
1. Seyed = Descendant of Prophet Muhammad
2. Sang = Stones for Islamic Stoning
3. Sikh = Skewers as cold weapons
4. Sajadeh = Namaz Prayer seal, tasbih beads and cloth
5. Sianur = Cyanide Poison
6. Sansor = Censor Dicer
7. Sepahi = IRGC Revolutionary Guard
(Notice Imam Khamenei’s picture in the Haft Sin Mirror!)

Khamenei and Ahmadinejad Haft Sin!
Haft Sin Items (7 S Items):
1. Selah-e Sard: Sikh O Satur = Cold Weapons: Skewer, Dicer, Baton, Brass-Knuckle, Mace, etc.
2. Selah-e Garm = Warm Weapons: Atomic Bomb, Rockets, Rocket Launcher, Grenade, etc.
3. Susmar = Arabo-Muslim Lizard
4. Sang-e Sangsar = Stones for Islamic Stoning
5. Sorb O Sachmeh = Bullets and Pellets
6. Samm-e A’la = Quality Poison
7. Sorang = Addiction Needle

Inured Persian Cat’s Haft Sin!
IRI has injured the Persian Cat!
Hey kids, that’s our Persian Cat!

Persian Cat’s Haft Sin Items (7 S Items):
1. Sonbol = Hyacinth
2. Somaq = Sumac
3. Sir = Garlic
4. Senjed = Oleaster Tree Berries
5. Sabzeh = Wheat Sprout Greens
6. Serkeh = Vinegar
7. Sib = Apples

Anti Riot Police Nowruz Haft Sin Cloth
7 Sin Items (7 S Items):
1. Sangdeli = Heart of Stone
2. Saltanat-e Faqih = Religious Monarchy
3. Sarneyzeh = Bayonet
4. Sangsar = Stoning (stones with hand sticking out)
5. Sarkub = Baton
6. Sandis = Box Drink
7. Salus = Hypocrite (Ahmadinejad’s Picture)
Kid to Police Father: I’m skipping your Haft Sin and going over Grandpa’s Haft Sin Cloth!

Aftabeh Toilet Pitcher Export Nowruz Persian New Year Iran Cartoon
“This year is the ‘National Production Year’ for IRI!” (Media)
“IRI’s main export is “Aftabeh’ Islamic Toilet Pitcher!” (Media)
Anti Riot Police to Production Labor: Happy National Production Year, sir!

Imam at the Aftabeh Toilet Pitcher Factory!
“This Nowruz, Imam Khamenei emphasizes on the ‘National Production Year’ for breaking the productions and exports records!” (Media)
Khamenei (with rattle snake turban): Bravo, bravo, this is the ‘National Production Year’!

Speaker: Long Live Spring!
Hungry: Long live Lunch!
(Notice the skeleton and the black cat amongst the hungry!)

“Iranians’ backs are breaking under the inflation!” (Media)
Haji Firuz (singing): My Master, hello how are you? My Master raise your head!
Haji Firuz (Black Pilgrim) plays the ‘New Year’ tambourine.
Inflation Fish is breaking the back of the Iranian Master!

Iran in Chains Fishbowl for Nowruz Haft Sin!

Iranian Freedom Fists Nowruz Sabzeh (Wheat Sprout Greens) for Haft Sin Table!

Khamenei Chahar Shanbe Suri!
Imam Khamenei (jumping over opposition martyrs graves): To my long life!

Bonfire of the Mullahs!
“For this Chahar Shanbe Suri, youth were lighting up the bonfires with photos of Imam Khamenei!” (Media)
Free Iran Youth to Bonfire: My yellow (disease) to you; your red (health) to me!

New Year Baby Traitor!
New Year Baby: Out with the Old …
Khamenei: Silence Traitor!

Green Table and Cloudy Thoughts!
This Nowruz, our table cloths are green but our minds are cloudy (for Iran)!

Help Seyed Ali!
Khamenei and Ahmadinejad Beggars: We got over 70 million dependants and no money! Please help Seyed Ali, descendant of Imam Ali, Amen!

“Presence of Snakes has been reported at the Iranian election booths!” (Media)
Imam Khamenei Papa Snake (to his tale coming out of the ballot box): Come out my children, come out my selected candidates for the good Umma’ al Islam (Muslim People)!

Nowruz Eve Shopping!
100 % Off Shoe Sale from Dumpster!

“The most popular Nowruz presents this year are ‘Imported Child Brides’ from Iran!” (Media)
Iranian American Mom and Pops: Happy New Year son, we got you a Chadori wife!

The Neo Persian Haft Sin (7 Sin) Cloth: Invasion of the Hasht Sin (8 Sin)!
“There has been a New Sin (S Item) added to the traditional Nowruz Haft Sin (7 S Items)!” (Media)
Persian guy: Next to Sonbol (Hyacinth) we have “Surakh” (Hole) where we are expecting Mahdi the 12th Shiite Imam to come out of it and Shiite in the fishbowl!

An Islamic Nowruz!
Suicide Bomber Kid: Mommy, Mommy, look what daddy got me for Nowruz, a brand new suicide bombing kit!

Mullah Fish Haft Sin Issues!
Big Fish to Mullah Fish: This bowl ain’t big enough for the one of you!

Incomplete Haft Sin!
Wife: Is that a toilet Siphon in our living room?
Husband: I needed one more “S” to complete the Haft Sin cloth!

Monarchy Haft Sin!
(Reza Pahlavi’s Haft Sin Piggy Back Ride!)
Haft Sin Items (7 S Items):
1. Sign (Dollar Sign Crown)
2. Shah Zadeh (Prince Reza Pahlavi II)
3. SAVAK-i (Ex Imperial Secret Police)
4. See.I.A (CIA)
5. Supporter # 1 (Sucker)
6. Supporter # 2 (Sucker)
7. Secular Democracy (bottom of the pits)

Iranian political prisoner’s Nowruz Haft Sin!

Bad Economy Haft Sin!
Due to bad economy, this Nowruz, we didn’t grow ‘Sabzeh’ (wheat sprout green), so our 7 Sin is not complete and the Nowruz is not Piruz (victorious)!

Nowruz Haft Sin in Iran’s Stormy Weather!
“Iranians are dissatisfied with the political suffocation and economic instability.” (Media)

Question: How do White Persians become Black Haji Firuz (Black Pilgrim) for Nowruz?
Answer: Tehran’s Pollution!

IRI’s War against Nowruz!
“Nowruz Festival (Persian New Year) is always on the first day of Spring.” (Media)
“Islamic Republic of Iran’s Islamist Regime is conducting a war against Nowruz, Persian Festivals and the Persian Culture!” (Media)
Anti Riot Police battles the Spring (Nowruz)!

“This year is the Chinese year of Snake!” (Media)
“Imam Khamenei’s turban resembles a snake!” (Media)
“Imam has become popular by his nickname ‘Snake’!” (Media)
Imam Snake (Imam Mari): Happy New Year!

Ahreeman X: Happy Persian New Year Folks! See ya in the funny pages kiddies!

Nowruz-etan Piruz

Dr. X

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