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Obama vs. Carter Cartoons: Who’s Worst?
Who's the Worst President in the History of USA?


Obama vs. Carter Cartoons: Who’s Worst?
Who is the Worst US President Ever?

Forewords: Ahreeman X
June 8, 2016

Who is the Worst?

Like Father Jimmy, Like Son Hussein!
Dynamic Duo Hussein Obama and Jimmy Carter

So who is really the worst president of United States? I honestly have never thought that anyone could top Jimmy Carter as the worst president of United States in the history, until Hussein came to the picture! Obama heads down and hands down beats Jimmy as the worse of the worst! Combine the disastrous foreign and domestic policies, unemployment, inflation, high taxation, Obama-care, not drilling our own oil, gas and coal, and no national growth, then compare Obama’s numbers with Jimmy and you will surely conclude the same conclusion! I mean just look at these numbers:

Obama’s Record

19 Trillion Dollars of National Debt
45.5 Million Americans are on Food Stamp
110 Million Americans are on Welfare
64.5 Million Americans are Unemployed
20 % Unemployment Rate (including those left the job market, whom Media and Obama never count them)
0.5 % (almost zero) GDP (Gross Domestic Production)

Obama has the worst record in the history of USA. Obama is the Food Stamp President of America. Surely Americans have never been more jobless, more poor, more homeless, more energy dependent to the Arab Oil, more in debt and more hopeless than today, in Obama Era!

Of course Carter has an amazing disastrous legacy, but Obama’s record is beyond disastrous and more like catastrophic!

What would you donate to Carter?

Reasons for the Birth of IRI

This would surely make Obama much worse than Carter and morely the worst president in the history of America!

Carter was a one term president because Reagan was a strong savior who appeared in the political scene as the GOP candidate and pushed him out after only one term. Unfortunately, Romney was no Reagan and he choked; therefore, he could not push Obama out of the office and Hussein remained in office for 2 terms to completely destroy America!

Lets kick start some humor to forget our problems during the Obama Era! Humor is the best medicine and we surely need it now! Let us dig into some prime cartoons on Obama vs. Carter: Who’s the Worst?! Master cartoonists have done their jobs and these are the best of the best cartoons, especially selected for your viewing pleasures. Enjoy the Toons:

Obama’s Shiite Can of Foreign Policy!
Putin: Hussein, I dig your “Hope and Change Door Logo” and “Islamic Crescent Door Top”, but you dumped a Shiite load on the Middle East and the world! Relax a little bit; you are up to your waist in the Shiite! Here’s a roll to clean yourself up!

“Hussein Obama is the illegitimate son of Jimmy Carter!” (Media)
Hussein: Well, the secret is out and the Shiite has hit the fan!

Jimmy: I’m so proud of you son, you got my smile!
Hussein: Thanks Pappy, I loves you too!

Jimmy and Hussein, practically identical!

Like Father, Like Son
Jimmy the Father: Son, I surely am mighty proud of you cause you saved my face!
Hussein the Son: Yeah, I surely FAQ-ed it up ten times worse than you Pappy!

“Biologists have proven that Jimmy Carter and Hussein Obama are genetically identical and surely of the same family!” (Media)
Hussein and Jimmy, the perfect match!

The Amazing Liberal Transformer Man!

At the “Tired Old Fart Liberals Country Club”:
Jimmy: Son, you have made me proud and saved my face and legacy. You are my true disciple!
Bill: I couldn’t have put it in better words!
Hussein: Pappy, I will carry the torch and continue your legend …
Michelle: You two are surely legends in your own minds!
Old Fart Liberal Plantation Uncle Tom (all the way on the left, clapping): This place is surely getting full of Bull Shiite! I can smell the aroma! Some heavy Shiite is going around here!

“Hussein Obama and Jimmy Carter are Mirror Images!” (Media)
Jimmy: Now c’mon Hussein, who’s the prettiest of them all? You got Yo Mama’s eyes but you know you gots my smile!

Liberal Star Wars!
Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away from rationality …
Starring, Socialist Jedi Masters: Jimmy Yoda and Obama Wan Kenobi!

“Obama desires to walk in Reagan’s shoes!” (Media)
Ahreeman Joon: Hey Boy, wanting and doing are actually two separate things!
Hussein: Yes I can …
Ahreeman Joon: No you can’t …
Hussein: Yes I did …
Ahreeman X: No you didn’t and you Shiitted all over the world for 8 years! Now forget about them big shoes and get into the “Peanut Farmer’s Shoes” …

“The FAQ-ed Up and The Corrupt Dirty Liberal Rat Pack are leaving town!” (Media)
Dirty Liberal Rat Pack: On to the show, here we go …

Father Jimmy and Son Hussein: We maybe FAQ-ed up the USA, Middle East and the Globe, but our intentions are good and we just love-se, love-se, loves you! Bye Bye, Why? Why are we leaving?!

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