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Obama - Iran Nuke Deal Toons 3
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Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons
Part 3: Netanyahu - Arabs & Other Low-Down Dirty Deals


Obama – Iran Nuke Deal Cartoons
3 Parts of Low-Down Dirty Political Deals!
Part 3. Netanyahu – Arabs and All Other Low-Down Dirty Deals

Toon Narration: Ahreeman X
Art: Cartoonists
June 24, 2015

Like Father (Jimmy Carter), like Son (Hussein Obama)!
History repeats itself: Most Incompetent US Liberal Presidencies!
Obama to Carter Mirror: unemployment, inflation, sad foreign policy, Iran Nuke Deal …
This presidency has aged me!

Obama’s Respect in the world!

Obama drowning in his cockamamie Arab Spring, Iran Nuke Deal and finally Global Warming Myth!

The Final Iranian Blow: Iran Nuke Deal Victory!
The final knockout jab punch from IRI lands on Obama’s face!

Sad US Foreign Policy is the laughing stock of the world!
Director of the Policy: Toddler Hussein Obama!

Hussein Obama, the shoe polish boy of the Mullahs!

Mullahs and Media!
Mullahs killing the Elections and making Nuke Deals!

Mullahs and Media!
Mullahs jailing the Press and making Nuke Deals!
Obama’s indifference!

Obama’s Peace and IRI’s Piece!

Mullahs: Can we all just get along?!

Persian Kabob and French Fries!
At the Kaboby
Mullahs: What, France stalls Nuke Deal?! No more French Fries, only Islamic Fries!

Voice of Sanity, comes in from one ear and goes out from the other!

“Israel and Arabs protest Iran Nuke Deal!” (Media)
The only way the Jews and the Arabs can agree on something and become allies is due to the “Fear of Iran”!

“Israel and Arabs protest Iran Nuke Deal!” (Media)
Question: How to get Jews and Arabs to become united?
Answer: Scare them off from Iran!
Hey boys, stop throwing eggs at the liberals!

“Obama protests GOP and Congress ‘Anti Iran Nuke Deal’ stand!” (Media)
 “Middle Eastern women in chador and burqa protest against congress!” (Media)
“Burqa Sales is on the rise in DC!” (Media)
Press: Mr. President is that you in burqa?!

Obama grants everyone’s wishes: Cuba, IRI, Charles Manson ….!

“Obama’s priority is not running the country but playing gulf!” (Media)
Obama: Now let’s see, do I have enough time to finish this game?!

“Zarif is a superb dancer!” (Media)
IRI – EU Nuclear Dance!

Obama Snow White and the IRI Witch!

Khomeini’s wish has finally come true and more …
Obama Negotiator hands Israel on a platter to the Imam!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Obama’s Foreign Policy when pigs fly!
Check out the GOP Elephant is getting the pig in the eyesight range of his rifle!

New Obama Era Surrender Flag of Our Fathers!

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