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Part 2:  Socialist Toons

Barack Hussein Obama Socialist Cartoons
Part 2

Cartoons by Various Artists
Introduction, Narration, Design and Compilation by Ahreeman X
October 17, 2008

And now on to Part Two: Obama Socialist Toons …

Barack Hussein Obama
An Islamic Socialist Change We Can Believe In!

Future Vision: USSA (United Socialist States of America) aka Ameristan!

Obama rhymes with Osama and Ahmad Aqa (Ahmadinejad)!

Question of Records?
Barack Hussein Obama’s History and Records

On November 4th you will decide the fate of America. Study the records and history of both candidates. Vote smart or do not vote at all!

Voting for Barack Hussein Obama equals:

Compromising National Security of America
Higher Taxes
New Taxes
More Government Spending
New Government Expenditures
New Government Bureaucratic Organizations
Larger Government
More Government Control of Your Affairs
Interference with Your Right to Own Arms
Affirmative Action
Legislation from the Benches by Liberal Judges
Less Individual Rights
Less Freedom of Choice
More Business Regulations
More Socialism
Less Free Enterprise

Are these your desired plans for America?

L. Barack Hussein Obama and Karl Marx for 2008
R. What rhymes with Obama?

Obama Campaign Poster
Obama’s Vision for America’s Future
USSA (Unites Socialist States of America)

Obama Campaign Poster
A Change We Can Believe In:
Islamic Socialism!

L. Comrade Michelle Obama
R. Obama Campaign Poster

Obama Campaign Poster 2008
Yes We Can
USSA (United Socialist States of America)

Obama Campaign Poster 2008
A Change We Can Believe In!

Obama Campaign Poster 2008: Obamunism
Obamunism Economical Formulas:
Obamunism = Obamaism + Communism
Obamunism => Have Less + Pay More

Obama’s White House

NRA - No Room for Obama’s Stickers!
Keep Your Laws Off My Guns!

Obama is an empty suit (Media)!

The Obama Puppet!
Created by Mainstream Liberal Media and Hollywood!

The Obama Abomination Totem!

Famous Cartoon Characters Obama and Poo Bear - Yes We Can!

Obama – Marx for 2008
Obama is Proletariat’s candidate of choice.
This message has been approved by Communist Party USA!

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