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Google - Persian Gulf Controversy Cartoons
Compiled and Created by Ahreeman X
May 30, 2012

Arab fishes for Persian Islands but catches the toes of the Iran Giant

Google vs. Persian Gulf Controversy
 “Extra, Extra, Google have created a new body of water on Earth!” (Media)
Google have created a new Gulf!
Google Gulf = The Unnamed Persian Gulf on Google Maps

* If you search the term “Persian Gulf” on the Google, it will direct you to this map with a body of water marked with the letter “A”. All the other bodies of waters around it are properly named such as the “Arabian Sea”, “Gulf of Oman”, “Red Sea” and the “Indian Ocean”; however, the “Persian Gulf” is not named. This geographical and historical inaccuracy is due to Google’s liberal policy of “Political Correctness” and “Pandering to the Arabs”. Liberalism is the best friend to Arabo-Muslims and Islamism. Arabs claim that the name is “Arabian Gulf”. Despite 2500 years of history and historical accuracy of the name “Persian Gulf”, Google decided to bend over backwards to the Arab’s will and bow to the Arab money; therefore, not naming the body of water by its proper name which is the “Persian Gulf”. Google realized that if they would have named the body of water as the “Arabian Gulf” then the results would have been more catastrophic and the globe would have laughed at them, so they settled only by leaving it blank and not naming the body of water to please the Arabs!
* IRI brought the subject forward, claimed that Google have recently taken the name off and threatened to sue Google.
* Google claimed that the body of water has never been named and it was always unnamed.
* Even though IRI is using the Persian Nationalism to rally the Persians around the globe behind them and this is a pure political move to rally the Persians behind the unpopular regime of Tehran, yet this does not change the fact that Google not naming the body of water by its proper name of the “Persian Gulf” is geographically, historically and ethically wrong.
* It does not matter if Google have never named the body of water or they have just recently taken the name off, but what matters is that denying the historically, geographically and ethically proper name for the “Persian Gulf” is a shameful act on behalf of Google.

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Google, Persian Gulf and IRI Iranian Agents in USA

UAE Arab fishes for Abu Musa and Tunb Islands but catches the toes of the Iran Giant

Google erases the Persian Gulf from the History (With Arab Hands)!

Blind Google Cannot See the Persian Gulf!
Only Blind People and Liberals Fail to See the Persian Gulf as a Historical and Geographical Reality!
Google is both!

Google stabbing the Persian Gulf

Google - Persian Gulf Controversy: Google Revising the History

Persian Gulf and Arabian Golf

Iranians are in deep sleep while Arabs and Google revise the history of the Persian Gulf

Arabs dumping money in to Google and changing the Persian Gulf name

Google Persian Gulf name change

Persian Gulf and Arabian Gulf Geographical Locations!

British Scorpion is behind separating the Persian Islands and renaming the Persian Gulf

Iranian military might and rocket power will protect the Persian Gulf

Arabian Gulf vs. Persian Gulf
"Arabs desire to change the name of the “Persian Gulf” to the “Arabian Gulf” to get their own Private Gulf!" (Media)
Here is a Gulf for the Arabs:
Welcome to the “Arabian Gulf”!

Arabs cannot erase the Persian Gulf name!

Arabs trying to drain the Persian Gulf via buckets to the Arabian Gulf!

Extra, Extra, Western Archeologist discovers … (Media)
“Cave archeological discovery of 2500 year old Persian Gulf!”

Persian Gulf destroys dreams of the Arabian Gulf

Arabs ride the Google Islands to eat (erase) the Persian Gulf

Iran (Persia) is the essence of Persian Gulf

Arabs buy Persian Gulf name change with Dollar

British plot of granting Arabs the Persian Islands of Abu Musa, the Greater Tunb and the Lesser Tunb

British treachery of shooting UAE arrow to capture the Persian Gulf Iranian Islands fails

Arab Dollars buy Persian Gulf name change

Arab tries taking Persian Gulf off the map

Persian Gulf destroys Arab sand castle

Arab shakes and wets himself looking at the Persian Lion and her 3 cubs (3 Persian Gulf Islands of Abu Musa, Greater Tunb and the Lesser Tunb)!

Arab Dollars and Google Persian Gulf name change

Persian Gulf

Google Persian Gulf name change and Arab Dollar dumps

Persian Gulf Arab blindness

Persian Gulf vs. Arabian Golf

“Iran ready to hand over Tunb Islands to UAE Arabs.” (Media)
Wazir to UAE Prince: Your highness, Iranians are here to hand over the Tonban to us!
(Tonban = Pajamas (Persian), also Plural for Tunb Islands)

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