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Steph Bergol in English - Part One
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Islamic Cartoons of Steph Bergol in English
Part One

Steph Bergol
July 29, 2009

Islamic Apple Worm! (2004)
The worm in the fruit is coming out of Mecca ...


At last here are the English versions of the Steph Bergol’s infamous Islamic Cartoons! Steph Bergol is a leading cartoonist in France, Belgium and Europe. He is famous for his bold approach towards Islam and Islamism. Bergol bravely deals with the issue of a huge Muslim minority in France and Europe which many of them refuse to blend in, integrate and prefer to further isolate and segregate themselves by remaining Islamists!

Islamic Republic of France (2004)
“The Muslim protesters in France protested against the Anti-Veil Law …” (Media)
- Frenchie: But the flags of the demonstration were slightly different!

Bergol is extremely infamous amongst the Islamists and branded as a Racist Infidel! That’s why we love and support Steph Bergol. In this series, we have selected his best work and translated them to English. To translate his work, word by word to English, would not make sense for the English speaker; therefore, I took the liberty to slightly change the words, change around the text, spice it up and narrate the subjects in a way that they would make sense and remain funny in English. Here is our English version and tribute to the wonderful work of that infamous infidel cartoonist Steph Bergol.

Ahreeman X

*      *      *

Islamic Democracy (2004)
End of Democracy in Europe
“On February 20, 2004, Belgium will pass a law to enable the foreign residents to vote ... “ (Media)
Moving away from Democracy and towards the Dar-al Islam (Land of Islam)!

Islamic Crucifixion (2004)
On Good Friday, Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus and the sacrifice that he had done for the humanity. The Good Friday for the Christians is celebration of Jesus, King of the Universe. " A kingdom not of this world ... As Momo (Mohammed) was against it ...
- Jesus: Mohammed, my kingdom is not of this world ...
- Mohammed: But mine is …

Guilty Mohammed (2004)
Why was Mohammed dragged from the Heaven’s Gate in to the Hell?
- Mohammed (being carried away by devils): "It is a judicial error! I am Mohammed, the prophet!"
- St. Peter (with a scimitar through his chest): "Definitely: GUILTY!"

Islamic Easter Egg Hunt (2005)
The Gifts and Chocolate Eggs from Infidels, but are they Halaal?!
A Belgian television show stated that the "hunt for eggs" are open to all.
This event is declared Halaal for Muslims! They have made out as bandits with the presents and eggs from the infidels!
- 1st Lachaki Woman: Ultimately they are not so bad, the silly festivities of the Kaffirs (infidels) …
- 2nd Lachaki Woman: Tais-Toi! Yeepi Ya Ye, let’s collect!

Turkish Halaal Pork! (2005)
Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, launched legal action against a magazine which caricatured him in the form of various animals  ...
- Erdogan Piglet: .. so it’s like that, ha? I won’t speak to you anymore! Now can I go home? Home to European Union?

Resignation and Contract! (2005)
A veiled Muslim woman resigns from her job because his boss has again been threatened with death if he would not let her go ...
-  Lachaki Woman: Here, I give you my resignation, boss! This would engage you with my brother, who is even a better Muslim than me! He will not commit violence, I promise! Disregard anything that they say, those dirty kaffir Infidels! Islam is religion of peace!

Stoning Woman in Islam (2004)
“Muslims stoned a woman in Marseille, France!” (Media)
-  1st Imam to 2nd one: What’s your technique? Do you point first and then shoot or do you pull back first and then throw?

Politically Correct Stoning! (2004)
A woman was stoned in Marseille, France ... Some reject the term “stoning” and prefer to speak of "killing with stones" ... but what’s the difference?
- Muslim Man: I'll be your good prince charming ... I will give you a choice ... what do you prefer? Stoning or l kill you with stones?

Face of the Infidel (2004)
We know the fate of the infidels ... but do we know the fate of the ostriches?
- Mohammed: This creature looks like an infidel, I will deal with him the Islamic Way!

Veil and Blood (2004)
“Two French journalists have been kidnapped by the Islamists in Iraq, demanding the removal of the Anti-veil Law in France. Islamists claimed that this Law would stain the purity of the Muslim Women and drench the veils of the Muslim Woman in dirt and mud …” (Media)
-  Observer: The veils of the Muslims are already soiled with blood ...

Bending Over to Allah! (2004)
“During the Salath (Namaz) Prayer, the Quran quickly reaches the head ...” (Islamic Scholars)
- Observer: Once you kneel and bend over, the wise words of Quran, quickly rushes from your buttocks and colon, down to your intestine and stomach deep in to your head and brains!

Turkish Croissants (2004)
The French did not invent the croissants!
Is there anything more French than the croissants? And yet, in Austria they were born. The crescent is the national symbol of Turkey. In 1683, while the Turks were besieging Vienna, the Viennese symbolically had devoured small crescent-shaped fresh pastries as gestures of munching on the Muslim Invaders …
- Observer: French must learn from the history!

The Turkish Wolf (2004)
Turkey is welcomed in to the European Union ...
- Observer: The Wolf in Sheep Clothing ….

Islamic Trojan Horse (2004)
Turkey entering the European Union: The Trojan Horse of Islam ...

Muslim Godfather (2004)
“Announcement of the Prince Laurent of Belgium: the Godfather of his daughter, Princess Louise, will probably be a Muslim ... “ (Media)
-  Priest: Princess Louise, I baptize you in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit …
- Imam: The Christians say: "Christ is the son of Allah." May Allah destroy them all! (Quran 4:30)!

Rise of Islam in Europe (2004)
"Islam is a giant that is being put on his feet … by the European Governments …"

9/11 in Spain (2004)
“Spain pulls out her troops from the coalition and behaves hostile towards USA!” (Media)
After the 9/11 attack, on March 2004 in Madrid ...
Better to laugh and dance than fight the Terrorism ...
Momo (Mohammed) and the Burqah Girls, a new Spanish Band are performing in Madrid:
- If I build a bomb, Lala Lala ..
I would choose a plane a train or a bus, Lala La …
With your father, your mother, your brother and your sister in them, Woohoo … yeh …
and put all my heart in it, Lala Lala …
this is true happiness, let us laugh and dance …

Kicking Mohammed Out (2004)
Kicking Mohammed out of Europe!

Chopping Down the Minaret (2004)
Close the mosques, the gathering places for the dangerous terrorists, conspiracy, brainwashing, and teaching the true meaning of Quran! ...
- Lady France: Timber …

Muslim Men don’t hit in the face! (2002)
“The Imam of Venissieux explained that according to the Quran, the man could beat his wife ... but not in the face!”
"You chastise those you fear of their disobedience and those relegate you in bed, you beat." (Quran 4:34)
- Muslim Woman: However, my husband is a good Muslim. I never band-Aid and tape my face!

Tyrannosaurus Islamicus (2004)
Islam, the bloodthirsty monster!
- Patriot, Lady France and the Cardinal: … with brain the size of a walnut!

Why Afraid of Veil? (2004)
- Imam: What is behind the veil? Why does it frighten the French?
(While injecting the serum of veil, Sharia’ Law and Jihad Subjects in to the vein of the Laic Lady France!)

Islamic Sacrifice
Joyous Aid

Who’s French?
- Lachaki Woman: But I’m telling you, I swear that I'm French …
-  Knight Templar: Well and I am Meccan!

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