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Steph Bergol in English - Part Two
Part 1, 2

Islamic Cartoons of Steph Bergol in English
Part Two

Steph Bergol
July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Europe Animation! (2006)

And now on to Part Two of the selected Islamic Cartoons by Steph Bergol:

France of Tomorrow! (2005)
The France of tomorrow?
- 1st Muslim Student: Say, do you know what this Red, White and Blue Flag is?
(Arabic is read backwards, from right to left! The French colors, get it?)
- 2nd Muslim Student: It was the French Flag, before the Islamic republic!

Islamic Carnivore Plant! (2005)
Fruits of Islam!
The pouring garden pitcher on the right, the European Union pours cowardice and on the left, Quran pours Islamism in to the pot of Islam where the roots of Islamism gives growth to the Terrorism which becomes the “Islamic Carnivore Plant”!
On 2005, Philippe de Villiers in an interview stated:
“In today’s France, there are issued Mosque building permits on weekly basis. I think
Islam is a breeding ground for Islamism, and Islamism is the breeding ground for terrorism
so you better be careful ...” (Media)

Mohammed the False Prophet
Leading the Umma’ to Hell!

Politically Correct Christmas
- Muslim Mother to Muslim Child: Go tell Santa what you want for Christmas …
 - Saint Nicholas: Not to worry, I will tell Mohammed what you desire for Christmas! Mohammed has a good place in the paradise, a place at the height of the paradise because of all the good deeds which he had done on Earth!!!

Apollo in Space
- Apollo to Earth: Houston We Have a Problem!

Islamic Time Bomb
- Future Generation of Islam: Tic Tac, Tic Tac …

Islamic Scimitar
Drenched in blood of Kaffirs (Non Muslims)!

Instructions for Muslims
Instructions: Apply to kill

Application of Quran
Application of Quran impairs mental health

Islamic Insecticide

Muslim Cockroaches (2007)
A good slap to the ideas that creep!
February 2007: Charlie Hebdo’s trial follows his publication of the pages of cartoons of Mohammed. Dalil Boubacker, the complainant, rector of the Paris Mosque, did not even attend the hearings. Ideologically, he also happens to doubt the existence of a peaceful Islam?
Amazingly as the results, the Accuser, Islam got charged!
If all Muslims are offended when you point the finger at the violence, then does this mean that Islam is really violent?

Lady France Exterminates
Lady France is spraying the Imam, the Islamist Apologist and the Lachaki Woman!

Muslim Integration
Muslims are well integrating in to the European Society!
Left: Muslim perfectly integrated
Right: Muslim perfectly disintegrated
February 2007: The French police arrested 11 people including nine in Midi-Pyrenees. These four women and seven men, "fully integrated", are believed to be linked with the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda ...
Some were surprised, after the London bombings to see that the terrorists were "well integrated" into the British society ...
These new arrests "well integrated" surprise us less and less.
Gradually European eyes will open and slowly the consciences are awakening ... that …
Islam is therefore not a religion of peace and tolerance as the Muslims claim ...

Pinocchio in Madrasah
The more Pinocchio reads the Quran, the longer his ears will get!
Pinocchio is turning to a Donkey! Allah is Merciful!
- Father: Where will you go Pinocchio?
-  Pinocchio: I'm going to the Madrasah school at the Mosque ...
- Father: Ah? To learn to speak French?
- Pinocchio: Nah, to learn Arabic to, recite the Quran ...
- Father: What greater source of pride for a father than to see his child recite by heart, many verses of the Quran? Good exercise of memory, bravo!
- Frenchie: But when studying the Quran takes place in Madrasahs, the Real Universities tend to become empty of students (this is the trend in Morocco, and elsewhere in Middle East ...), there are serious concerns. Poor Pinocchio puppets ... All  are being lobotomize and turn in to young Muslims!

Pope and Islam
Pope Benedict XVI (B16) expressed his vision of Islam citing Manuel II:
"Show me what had Mohammed brought to the world? You will find things evil and inhuman, such as the right to defend by the sword, the faith that he preached. "

Hezbollah Peace
Brussels, Belgium. 8000 people gathered to demonstrate for peace in Lebanon. Phony peace: Hezbollah flags and portraits of its leader Nasrallah were shown to cries of "Zionists are Fascists!" and "Allah, Hezbollah, Nasrallah."
The Israeli and U.S. flags were burned. The protests were authorized by Belgian authorities under police protection! This is similar to throwing the red carpet for the Islamists! Belgium, wake up!
Then the protests continued on in Holland …"Lucifers" means "matches" in Dutch (the language of the north). Lucifers? Lucifer? ... it reminds me of someone ... Of course not Muslims! It was surely a demonstration for peace!

Happy Birthday Europe! (2006)

An Islamic present for Europe!

Red card to Islam! (2006)
Is it Racism or Playing the Race Card?
In the heat of the World Cup Soccer, Zinédine Zidane controversy was high! His behavior cost France the World Cup! Zidane was sent off in extra time after headbutting Marco Materazzi following a verbal taunts in the form of racial and ethnic slurs from the Italian player, and so did not participate in the penalty shootout, which Italy won 5–3; however, he kept the Golden Ball award. In a civilized world, you do not hit people because they use profanity against you! You can return profanity but you cannot assault people, specifically when the World Cup Soccer is at stake!
Was Zidane’s behavior excusable or inexcusable? In Islam, if a Muslim is insulted, then he has the right to defend himself by hitting the insulter!
“Excusable and excused,” Dalil Boubakeur, rector of the Muslim Institute of the Paris Mosque stated, bringing Zidane "full support and fraternal admiration and affection."

Shadow of Mohammed (2005)
A Danish newspaper published caricatures of Mohammed. Scandal! Blasphemy! They screamed!
But the Quran itself is not a clear representation of Mohammed’s personality because what it reads is not divine words. It is only human speech, hate speech, Mohammedan speech. Respecting the wish of Mohammed, I have not drawn his face. I have only designed his shadow ... the shadow behind the Quran!

Culture of Hate (2005)
I Hate USA!
A new method to cultivate the culture of hatred. Natural method ... and revolutionary!

Lend a Hand to Islam (2005)
For centuries, Europe has held Islam out of the European Territory. At the present, Europe tends to extend a hand to Islam (Turkey). What will the response of Islam be?

Islamic Trade! (2005)
The Imam of Venissieux wants to leave the mosque to open a trade ...
- Imam: My chosen brother! Here are Quranic remedies for your grandchildren, your wife will become gentle as a lamb, the use are prohibited in France, They can be bought but cannot be applied in France, if you know what I mean? … Hee Hee Hee …
“The former Imam of Venissieux had abandoned the mosque!” (Media)
"I intend to leave the mosque after my return to France. I will probably convert myself in commerce," said the former Imam of Venissieux, the Algerian Abdelkader Bouziane, in a telephone interview from the home of his sister in western Algeria where he resided since his expulsion.
"The exercise of my duties at the mosque has earned all sorts of accusations and a lot of trouble.  Unfortunately, in this case, I found myself alone; no Algerian official has lifted a finger to help when I was away from my family," he explained. "Even men of religion of my country and other scholars of Islam have remained silent," said the former Imam. "Their attitude would have been understandable if I were a terrorist, but I am not and justice had just proven my innocence," he said Bouziane who "thanked God for prevailing the truth" and the French courts which have ruled in his favor.
"I am very pleased to have been released. I wanted very much for the French people to discover the truth and the Algerian authorities to know that I did not go to France to sow discord, but to give a good image of my country." said the former Imam of Venissieux.
Mr. Bouziane said he "hoped to return soon to France" to "find my children and fulfill my responsibilities to them." "They miss me a lot," he said. "I await the decision of the Lyon tribunal (on June) which is to vote on the legality of the deportation order against them.” (Media)

Blind Justice (2005)
Is Justice being blind?
“Justice declares itself incompetent to hear the Imam who quoted the Quran: "... and beat them".
It returns the ball to the politicians. But they will not be a deaf ear? For now, the Imam of Venissieux relaxes! Abdelkader Bouziane, Imam of Venissieux quoted from Quran. The Quran clearly promotes violence against women and non Muslims. The 53-year old Imam is a polygamist and father of 16 children. He was prosecuted and deported.” (Media)
- Lady France: … and poof! I refer to the political ball!
- Sarkozi: Splash .. hee hee hee …
- Chirac: Whistling …

European Constitution (2005)
“In a Referendum, France said NO to the new European constitution, a vote against the entry of Turkey into Europe? Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan must not jump for joy ... “ (Media)
“May 2005, a scandal breaks out about the desecration of Quran in a toilet at Guantanamo.” (Media)
- Lady France: Mr. Erdogan, do you want to use this (New European Constitution)? We already have what we need to use as the toilet paper (Quran)!

This brings us to the end of Steph Bergol’s Greatest Hits!

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