Terrorism in Islam

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Terrorism in Islam

Postby maziar » Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:05 pm

So many misguided people have claimed that “neither the basic texts of Islam, nor accepted Muslim practice condones terrorism or killing of civilians”.

The above statement is not true. Killing civilians, including women and children was normal practice throughout the history of the Islamic movement. The practice started from the very beginning, by Mohammed himself who during his 62 years of living participated in sixty five wars which only three of those were defensive and sixty two were offensive wars.

In those wars, Mohammed used to torture kill his captured prisoners of war in order to create fear and terror in his enemies heart. After he declared himself “khalifeh”, then prophet, he put all those methods of torture killing in Koran and made Koran a killing manual.

There was one infamous mass murdering which does not qualify as a torture killing if one can say that beheading a person is not a torture killing. This incident is worth mentioning because the Muslim world, especially the followers of Shiia sect take pride on that. For example, after 1979 revolution in Iran and the take over by Khomeini, in one of his speech, Khomeini bragged about Ali’s participation in that mass murdering ceremony and called that as Ali’s bravery.

The story was recorded by Arab historians in which in one of Mohammed’s latter victories in war, when Mohammed used to live in Medina, his troops captured 700 enemy solders. One of his generals asked him; what do you want us to do with these seven hundred POWs! Mohammed Okayed their execution by beheading in a public ceremony.

Outside of town in an open field, they structured a temporary stadium with benches for Mohammed and the expatiators. They brought the 700 POWs with their hands tight behind their back. Mohammed appeared with his entourage including his son-in-law Ali. Mohammed ordered the beheading to begin. Ali who always used to show-off his bravery specially when Mohammed was around, stood-up in front of Mohammed and requested to have the honor of beheading the 700 men all by himself. Mohammed smiled in disbelief and said okay go-ahead.

Ali always used to go around with his helps (nowchehs) with him. He took out his sword (Zolfaghar) and ordered the prison guards to bring the prisoners one at a time and force them on their knees while their hands were still tight behind their back. Ali started the beheading until it got to about thirty or so when he ran out of breath. At this time Ali looked at one of his “nowchehs” seeking help with his eyes. A nowcheh took over until Ali refreshed his breath and came back and resumed the killing. The task went on for hours while Ali and his helpers taking turn until the seven hundred men were all killed.

The next day, Ali’s followers spread rumors in town that Ali beheaded all 700 prisoners by himself. Gradually the rumor changed into; “Ali killed 700 enemies with his Zolfaghar all by himself” implicitly in a war. So much for the brave man of Medina!

Now a few verses of Koran as follows:

Koran 17:16-17
When we decide to destroy a population, we send a definite order to them who have the good things in life and yet transgress; so that Allah's word is proved true against them: then we destroy them utterly. How many generations have we destroyed after Noah? And enough is thy Lord to note and see the Sins of his servants.

Koran 21:11
How many were the populations we utterly destroyed because of their inequities, setting up in their place other peoples.

Koran 58:5
Those who resist Allah and His Messenger will be crumbled to dust, as were those before them: for we have already sent down Clear Signs and the Unbelievers will have a humiliating Penalty.

Koran 44:43-50
Verily the Tree of “Zaqqum” will be the food of the sinful. Like molten brass it will boil in their insides, Like the boiling of scalding water Seize Ye Him and drag him into the midst of the blazing Fire Then pour over his head the penalty of Boiling Water.

Pouring boiling water on the victim’s head was recorded throughout history. On April 20, 1998 in Ulhampur India, over 30 innocent captured Kashmiri Hindu men, women, and children were burned alive in accordance to this verse.

Koran 5:33 The Punishment for those who oppose Allah and his messenger is: Execution or Crucifixion or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides or exile from the land.

The above “Koran 5:33” was specifically devised for those who did not believe in Allah. The cutting off of arms from the elbows and legs from the knees from the opposite sides was devised to inflict maximum pain to the victim since each side of the elbows and knees have different types of nervous system hence they would feel different pain while dying.

Thousands of Iranians were executed in this fashion during the Islamic reign in Iran. The most famous person who was executed according to the above verse, occurred in 223 Islamic lunar calendars, was Babak Khorramdeen, the brave patriot of Azerbaijan, also in year 261 Bayazid Bastami an 81 year old philosopher and teacher whose crime was introducing his version of evolution to his students.

The above verses are an excerpt from “The meaning of holy Quran” written by an early 20th century Egyptian Islamic scholar Abdullah Yusuf Ali.
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