Stupid Iranians

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Stupid Iranians

Postby maziar » Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:48 pm

We Iranians are stupid people. It takes intelligence to realize that your rights have been violated. For example, horses and donkeys are being abused by humans for thousands of years. Even though that they are much stronger than humans, they do not have the intelligence (cognitive ability) to refuse the orders and breakaway from the slavery that we humans are putting them through.

Arabs attacked our country, unprovoked. They killed, raped, looted, burned, and then imposed their religion, their language, their culture, even their names upon our ancestors. For centuries they kept our ancestors, and our country hostage. Thanks to Hulacue, “the Mongol” who demolished the Khalifat of Abbasied in 1258 AD. But we Iranians were not intelligent enough to throw away everything that the hostage takers left behind.

Yes we are stupid as hell. We are so stupid that we still believe the propagandas of mullahs that “Islam was introduced to our ancestors with love” not “sword of Islam”. We are so stupid that for hundreds of generations did not bother to go through history book and find out what the Arabs put our ancestors through and still after over 1,300 years more than 98 percent of Iranians are worshipping allah and do not realize that group of Arabs invaded our country unprovoked, raped our grandmothers and sold our grandfathers as slaves. After more than 1,300 years still more than 98 percent of Iranians have Arabic names, some of them very shameful names such as; Kalb Ali (dog of Ali), Abdolhosain; (slave of Husain), Ghorban Ali; (sacrificial to Ali) and so fort. That is stupid isn’t it!

There are so many example that I could present to you how stupid we are; about one hundred or so years after Arab invasion when Iranians lost all hopes in fighting Arabs with arms they decided to take advantage of the division occurred among the Arabs over Khalifat, namely the Alavies and Ommayeh tribes so they created a new sect from the defeated Alavi tribe who were on the run and great number of them came to Iran hiding as fugitives.

So a few Iranian political leaders figured out that by creating a new sect from within the Arab tribes, they could be able to muddy the water and eventually, in the long-run, they could oust the damned Arabs. With that in mind they picked Ali the son of Abbootaaleb and his two sons, Hassan, and Hussein who were dead decades before as their Imams number one, two, and three and claimed that actually Ali should have been the first Khalifeh not the fourth and Hassan and Hussein should have been second and third.

At the beginning it seemed to be a very good plans; dividing the Arabs and conquering. It was a very good trap for the Arabs But, a very big but; the future generations of the designer of the trap, which was set for Islam, fell into it and took the sect as a serious legitimate sub-branch of Islam. They called the sect Shiia “Three-Immaami”
Note: Ali himself had accepted Aboobakr, Omar, and Osmaan as the first, second, and third Khalifeh and became the fourth.

Recently I received an email in Persian that Iranians are sending to each other. The email indicates that the word “GHAZA” that we use everyday for food or eating is an Arabic word and in Arabic it means the urine of camel. But they do not ask themselves what is the reason! Why every single day we insult ourselves by saying I eat/drink the urine of camel!

The reason that we use this word is because when the Arabs defeated Iran in 7the century AD, due to the tradition of those days, the victorious force would usually take the defeated people as slave and that was what the Arabs had done and the Arabs hated the Iranians so much that they wanted to humiliate them in every possible way and one of those ways was forcing Iranians to use “Ghaza” for the word “KHORAAK” (food).
For more detail explanation please refer to an article by me, “Analysis of word Ghaza”.

Other humiliations were forcing us to become Muslim, forcefully changed our names to Arabic, and taxed us to poverty. When the Arabs were collecting taxes the Iranian tax payer had to get down on his knees and put his head down with humility, hand over the money with two hands (out of respect) and thank the tax collector. He was not allowed to look at the tax collector’s eyes.

Emails like these have been going back and forth among, supposedly educated Iranians for sometimes but no one takes any action to undue what the Arabs had done to us centuries ago. Sending emails like theses and talking about it is not enough. Do something about it and start it with yourself.

Still more than 98 percent of Iranians are Muslim and worship allah, same percentage have Arabic names (either first name, last name, or both).

I do not have much expectation from the illiterate and uninformed Iranians who spend a good portion of their money and time for what their parents handed over to them. It is these educated Iranians who still worship allah and still have Arabic names, specially the one who live abroad make me sick. Who forces you to follow the past master’s orders? What is your problem? Are you stupid? I think you are.

Please pardon me for the insult it could help to wake people.
Maziar Aptin
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