Amir Abbas Hoveyda, Great Iranian Prime Minister

Pahlavi and after (1925 AD - present)

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Amir Abbas Hoveyda, Great Iranian Prime Minister

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:20 pm

Amir Abbas Hoveyda, Great Iranian Prime Minister
The Orchid Man
April 7, 1979 = Amir Abbas Hoveyda’s Assassination Execution Anniversary

Another Murder amongst tens of thousands of murders by Islamic Republic of Iran’s Regime

To the memory of God Father,
Not just my God Father, but your God Father and Iranians’ God Father
To the memory of Amir Abbas Hoveyda
A Lover of Iran


Amir Abbas Hoveyda, My God Father
The Style, The Pipe, The Orchid, The Cane, The Populist, The Great Prime Minister of Iran

Amir Abbas Hoveyda's Pass-away Day
The Great Prime Minister of Iran

April 7, 1979 marks the Anniversary of Hoveyda's shameful execution by the hands of Islamic Executioners. It is perhaps timely to ask ourselves 'What are the qualities of a good statesman?' A good statesman is one who puts the interests of others above his own. He is a public servant who asks no more of others than he himself is willing to do. He is a patriot we and our children can look up to and remember. For him, substance is his hallmark. Style or an orchid is just an afterthought. He did not want to leave our homeland and he gave his life for Iran...

On 1979, while Imperial Generals, Statesmen, Businessmen, Imperial Family and even Shah of Iran fled and abandoned Iran, Amir stayed in Iran and willingly wanted to face trials because he sincerely believed that he was innocent of all crimes and as a patriot, he never stole a dime from the people. Amir lived a simple life in a simple house, driving a simple car and served Iran and Iranians for decades. His reward was execution by the hands of Islamists and Mullahs. This is the reward for the lovers of Iran and true Iranian Nationalists!

Those who stayed rather than fled and faced trials to prove their innocence, murdered by Islam and Islamists!

Islamic Republic of Iran has blood of tens of thousands of Iranian Nationalists and Opposition on her filthy Islamist hands.

Islam = Violence, Murder, Rape, Pillage, Slavery and Assassination of Nationalists and Non Muslims

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God Father, Rest in Peace
We are Awake and We Will Follow Your Path


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