Reza Shah the Great, Father of the Modern Iran

Pahlavi and after (1925 AD - present)

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Reza Shah the Great, Father of the Modern Iran

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:43 pm

Reza Shah the Great, Father of the Modern Iran
Memory of Reza Khan
Reza Shah Pass Away Day
On this day, Father of Nation had passed away

July 26, 2017


Imperial Iranian Reza Shah the Great of Pahlavi Flag 1925 – 1941

On this day, Reza Khan had left us.

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If Reza Khan would have seen today’s Iran, he would have had a heart attack and died all over again! Reza Khan is shaking in his grave!

Reza Khan spent a life time of trimming Islam and Mullahs off of Iranian Government, Politics, Educational System and Social Orders. Reza Khan literally ordered the national police to cut off mens’ turbans and women’s chadors at the street corners and intersections of the Iranian streets. Reza Khan cut Mullahs robes in the streets of Iran. Reza Khan dragged this backward Shiite nation to the modern age.

Obviously Iranians were not worthy because they regressed everything that Reza Khan done! By bringing Khomeini to power and IRI to reign, Iranians have regressed Iran back to the dark ages and reversed every reforms that Reza Khan had done! Iranian people had brought Islam and Mullahs back to power and pissed on years of Reza Khan’s time and efforts to change and progress Iran.

Today, Iran is a theocratic military dictatorship regime and Turkey is becoming an Islamic Republic!

Both Atta Turk (Father of Modern Turkey) and Reza Khan (Father of Modern Iran) are presently shaking in their graves! They are turning in their graves due to the ignorance and unappreciation of the unworthy Turks and Iranians. This is sad and not only a shame but a sin!

If you give 1 Cent to a Mullah, you will never be able to get it back!
How the hell are you going to take back a wealthy nation like Iran?
Mullahs will never let go of Iran unless via a bloody revolution!
Iran Mullah Khor shod (Iran has been eaten by the Mullahs)!

Reza Khan forgive us, thus we were not worthy.
Reza Khan we were children and teenagers who fought the Islamists
But …..
Forgive the “Sins of the Fathers of 1979”
They are the guilty and unworthy fathers who destroyed Iran and prospect of greatness and the “Great Civilization” for the sons and daughters of Iran.

Fathers of 1979 have destroyed the prosperity of generations of Iranians, our generation, our children’s generation and our grand children’s generations.

We shall never forgive the sins of the “Fathers of 1979”

Reza Khan,

Eventually Iran will be free of the Islamic Disease and Muhammadan Infection; we only hope to see that day!

Unlike our fore fathers,

We, the Iranian Opposition to IRI shall fight forever against the Islamic Tyranny.

We will keep the torch lit forever and continue your path.

May your great spirit rest in peace.

We shall fight forever

More power to Free Thought

More Power to the People

Dr. X

Persian Aryan Salute by Reza Shah the Great
Reza Shah the Great is giving the Persian Aryan Salute (Right Hand)

The Day that Reza Khan was forced in to exile to Africa, he took a handful of Iranian soil with him.
When he came, Iran was shattered and destroyed,
When he left, he only took a handful of soil from the Modern Iran, which he had built.
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Re: Reza Shah the Great, Father of the Modern Iran

Postby IPC » Sat May 12, 2018 8:15 pm

Wonderful historical document
Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds (English)
Pendare Nik, Goftare Nik, Kerdare Nik (Modern Persian)
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