Jebhe Melli Peanut Gallery!

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Jebhe Melli Peanut Gallery!

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Dec 24, 2004 11:06 am

Jebhe Melli Peanut Gallery!

Jebhe Kachalan-e Qeyr-e Melli-ye Miran!

Another IPC Killer Idea!

We Hail James!

:wave: :knight:


Jebhe In Action: Working Hard To Free Iran!


Never say that I did not give you Christmas presents! Heres the third one! James came up with the greatest concept of them al! This is a Mother Concept! We shall love & cherish James forever, for this one! How true indeed! James, as soon as Robert shows up, we must do something with this idea! Maybe even without Robert we can get started! Admzad is here! This is great! These guys been rambling gibberish off & on the net for 25 years. They live in their own Cacoon, like a phesant bird, they have their heads in the snow & their Asses up in the air, with no clue about what is going on in the outside world! The funny thing, is that they actually believe that they are The:

Dem-Oak-Rat-ic, In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All

Organization of Iran making future destiny of Iran!

Wait a second James, this is too juicy to let go! We must put our heads together to make a master graphic! I'm open to ideas?!

Their inside organization are a bunch of Meli Mazhabi, Muslim Reformists & their outside organization is a combo of Muslim & Nationalist Bizaaro Reformisto_Wanna be Opposisiono kind o folks! The reality is that they are "Whores of Opposition" been making deals with Akhunds since Ruhollah was alive! and then they celebrate all of their traitor criminal dead members' as Hee-Rows of the resistance! Any bozo opportunist who made a deal with Mullahs & became a minister in the cabinet of Khomeini, is now a Jebhei Legend Martyr! Check out Forouhar, Bazargan, Sanjabi, Amir Entezam.... Oops sorry last one is not dead, well half dead! Not yet!

Check it out, let me expand on your concept, so you can think about a future graphic with more elaborations:

Jebhe Meli Peanut Gallery

Their Official Website

Their Motto:
Our Way is Charlie's Way!

Mosadeq -Their God is Charlie Brown (see resemblance)?!

Borumand -Their Guru is Linus, he is always with his security blanket, mostly under his blanket scared & hiding from Mullahs, wondering if he went too far criticising them!

Anvari - The Top Dog Snoopy

Kazemzadeh (Farhad) - Schroeder, cause he always plays the piano to the theme of Anvari!

Hammihan-e Dooli - Woodstock! He is like a parakeet bird, repeats terms from the Top Dog!

That Hezbollahi Witch (whats her name?) - Lucy

We must figure who is a Yes Sir Yes Sir person, so Marcie will come alive:

Who else? Any other Hezbo or JM Hypocrites, you can think of, who resides over there?

:monkey:Jebhei Doctor:
Our Way is Charlie's Way! Long Live Jebhe!

We must figure whose Peppermint Patty, Sally, Rerun, Pigpen (Slob), Franklin (Athlete) etc.?!

Lets ponder on these characters! I swear, we must make a new graphic about these guys! It will be the best seller! People will love it! Maybe we even start a comic strip! What do you think?

Think about it (Riot)!

This will go down in the history of IPC graphic works (Killer)!

what a great idea!

And theres your yet another Christmas Present!

Ho ho Ho How How Howl ..... :devgrin:



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