Ilhan Omar vs. Ahreeman X on 9/11 – Animation Graphics

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Ilhan Omar vs. Ahreeman X on 9/11 – Animation Graphics

Postby CR » Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:02 pm

Ilhan Omar vs. Ahreeman X on 9/11 – Animation Graphics
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A Very Politically Incorrect Dialogue
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Never Forget 9/11 Ilhan Omar Graphics – Ahreeman X 2019

Enemies Within Graphic – Ahreeman X 2019

True CAIR: Terrorists, Convicts, Deportees and Conspirators Graphics – Ahreeman X 2019
CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations)

Enjoy Friends:


Ilhan Omar vs. Ahreeman X on 9/11
Ahreeman X
April 19, 2019

Politically Incorrect Shocking Dialogue Between Ilhan Omar and Ahreeman X
Millennials read in your safe space
Muslims read while covering your ears and reciting Allah’s name 6 times
RINO Republicans read with condemnation of Ahreeman X
Liberals read along with shouting Racist, Sexist, Islamophobe and Xenophobe at Ahreeman X
Rest of You read with caution!

:lachak: Ilhan Omar: Some People did Something …

:firedvl: Ahreemanic Correction: No, Some Muslims Killed Some 3000 Americans on 9/11!

Now the whole story
Read and View Graphics:

Ilhan Omar vs. Ahreeman X on 9/11 ... /index.htm

Animation Graphics Index ... /index.htm

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