Abbas Derissi Master Persian Artist Painter

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Abbas Derissi Master Persian Artist Painter

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue May 12, 2020 9:04 am

Abbas Derissi Master Persian Artist Painter
Abbas Derissi Master Persian Artist Painter
Masters of Persian Art Series
Ahreeman X on Derissi

Ahreeman X
May 12, 2020

Great Migration (Self Portrait of Mind)


Glimpse of a New Life

Enjoying the Derissi Company

Derissi is a unique, charismatic and inspiring character. It is simply a fabulous experience to speak with him and it is an inspiring moment to hear him speak. He will bring forward and flashes all in your eyes: a lifetime of experiences, memories, stories, history, art and humanity all through the Derissi lens flashing like a motion picture in front of you!

Abbas Derissi Iranian Master Painter and his Ballerina painting

In a nutshell, Derissi is one of the few Iranian painters which I like, respect and value his work. His art is different, has its own character, meaning and in-depth discoveries. Each painting, tells a unique story via colors and patterns. Each painting is full of a special message. Derissi is an artist with deep emotions, feelings, philosophy and a cause.

Far but in Reach

Derissi is one of the most humble, friendly, hospitable and honest human beings which I have ever met. Derissi is one of the most talented painters which I have met. What makes Derissi special is the way that he displays his intellectual criticism or message through colors, patterns and art.

Abbas Derissi Iranian Master Painter with Jamshid Karimi's (his colleague and friend) famous 9-11 painting

9-11 (Jamshid Karimi, Derissi's colleague and friend)

Abbas Derissi is one of Iran’s greatest painters and a veteran artist. Derissi mixed and matched various styles and created a few styles of his own. Derissi studied and conducted shows and galleries in Iran, Italy, France, UK, USA and various other nations.


Abbas Derissi Timeline
* Born in Tangsir, Bushehr Province, Iran 1946
* Raised in Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran
* Started painting at the age of 10
* Was the top student in Tehran’s Academy of Fine Art (Kamal-ol-Molk)
* Graduated from the Fine Art University in Tehran with honors
* Became Chairman of the Fine Art Department at Pahlavi University, Shiraz
* Worked as Decorator in NIRT (Imperial National Iranian Radio and Television)
* Worked in Rome, Italy as an Art Researcher at Bell Art
* In charge of Art Research in Paris at College Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
* Met Marc Chagall in Paris in 1970s
* Came under the tutelage of Salvador Dali at Rome in 1972
* Met Salvador Dali again at Chicago, USA in 1986
* Since 1972 Derissi has had exhibitions of his work in museums and galleries in France, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Iran, Germany, England, UAE and USA.


Derissi Styles of Painting
Surrealist Art Paintings
Abstract Art Paintings
Surreal Abstract Art Paintings
Clay and Hay Art Paintings

For each style, review the below galleries and information.

Country Boy (Derissi Clay and Hay Art)

Derissi Brand

You can tell it is a Derissi painting because, no matter what the style, yet Derissi always draws two little men at some corner of his canvas observing the scenery! When I asked him why? Derissi replied:

“One hand has no voice; it takes two hands to make a noise!”

Derissi is always pro working together as a team, a group and a nation to make a change and an impact.


Minding My Roots

Derissi Interview

A Day at Derissi Art Studio - Gallery
Part 1: An Interview with Abbas Derissi ... /index.htm

A Day at Derissi Art Studio - Gallery
Part 2: Derissi at Work ... /index.htm

Derissi Art Review

Abbas Derissi, Iranian Master Painter
Derissi Then and Now ... /index.htm

Derissi Galleries

Abbas Derissi New Hope Gallery ... /index.htm

Derissi Surreal Abstract Paintings

Abbas Derissi Surreal Abstract Persian Paintings Art Gallery ... /index.htm

Derissi Abstract Paintings

Abbas Derissi Persian Abstract Art Gallery ... /index.htm

Derissi Clay and Hay Paintings

Abbas Derissi Clay and Hay Art Gallery ... /index.htm

Derissi Surrealist Paintings

Abbas Derissi Surrealist Gallery 1 ... /index.htm

Abbas Derissi Surrealist Gallery 2 ... /index.htm

Abbas Derissi Surrealist Gallery 3 ... /index.htm

More Derissi Art Galleries:

Abbas Derissi Index ... /index.htm



Derissi Gallery is located in La Jolla, San Diego County, California, USA
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