Adventures of Allahman!

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Adventures of Allahman!

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Nov 09, 2005 12:08 pm

Adventures of :hizboansar: Allahman!

:firedvl:: Hello Boils and Ghouls! How are yous?!
Come gather around Poppa Ahreeman,
Lets all together, cuddle under the hot korsi.
Are yous ready for another Heroic tale of Bang O Salavat?
Then lets roll .............

:ayatollah: Mull-Shiite Comics presents:

:shocking: A Night in Mullah-City! :shocking:

:firedvl: :It is another hot sinful night in Mullah-City. Villains and Super Heroes are bound to have a rumble! And our story starts in the Evil den of the Ex-president ..........

:hojat: Dool-ol Eslam Khayami: Fools, you got rid of me too soon! Didn't even give me the third chance!

:chadori: Iranian Women: 2 Terms and we are still enslaved! May Shiite falls on your legacy!

:ayatollah: Imam: Hello Hello, Islamic Police Headquarter? Connect me to the Zeynab Operator Division? Hello Operator, SOS, Umma' needs hope, call Allahman for rescue!

:lachak: Sakineh: Hello Hello Allahman? Cape Crusader of Mullah-City, Savior of Mullahcracy, Umma' needs a boost! Emergency, HELP?!

:hizboansar: Allahman: Not to worry Zaifah, Allahman to the rescue. For now, let me grant you one of my famous smiles! Let me pose for the cameras! Later, I will save and cherish The Testicle of Islam! Towards "The Great Nuclear Shiite Empire", Miran moves! Hip Hip Talley Ho & a bottle of Vodka! Ya Allah!

:firedvl: :And @ the background fades away the Chorus sound:

:moo: :sheeple: :cow: : Allah O Akbar, Khomeini Rahbar, Allah O Akbar, Khomeini Rahbar ................

:weightlifter: Once again our Cape Crusader saves the,
"Night" & the "Testicle of Islam"!
:dancechad: :dancechad: :dancechad:

:firedvl: : Until our next story, keep safe & don't let the Allahic Bed Bugs, bite!

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