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Islamist Smiles Show!

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Dec 06, 2004 9:50 pm

Islamist Smiles Show! :announcement:

Start of Salath al Jama-a'

First, we pray to Allah,
Namaz vajeb ast.
Brothers & Sisters, please All Bend Over & go Up & Down!

:namaz: :namaz: :namaz: :namaz: :namaz: :namaz:

Be Hamdollah Dollah Dollah ......

Ensha Allah qabul ast.
Namazon Savabon!

Brothers & Sisters,
Ahay Brothers & Sisters, I am talking to you!
Pay attention to The Cermon!
Please take your sits.
Let me go behind the tribune & Microphone,
Now, we start today's cermon,

=D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

Silence please
:moo: Moooooo Mooslem, Mooslem, mooooooo
Ahay, Oy Oy Brother Gusaleh, quiet please .....
Withhold your excitement & Enthusiasm!
Shoosh ............

Aziz-e Brother, quiet please ........

Beginning of Cermon

Dear Umma' al IPC:

Ya Allah!

Be isma Allah-a Rahman al Rahim,
Be isma al Shahin & Nasrin!
Be isma al Mandana & Shirin!

Today we would like to talk about all of our Brothers & Sisters residing in our beautiful Islamic Republic of Heyvans & Abroad in the Arab Nations. This is a tribute to all of our Good Lambs of Allah!

Please enjoy,
The New and Improved Islamist Smiles, fresh out of the IPC oven:

I. Islamic Republic of Iran's Islamists

Brothers (Half Breeds)

:ayatollah: = Ayatollah al Ozama (Grand Ayatollah - Supreme Spiritual Leader)

:Mullah: = Ayatollah

:hojat: = Hojatol Eslam (Mullah)

:tolab: = Talabeh (Religious Study Student)

:hizboansar: = Ansar-e Hizbollah (Islamist Militia)

:ghods: = Qods Unit (Special Forces Pasdar)

:pasdar: =Pasdar (Islamic Revolutionary Guard)

:basij: = Basiji (Islamist Para Militia)

:hezboz: = Hezboz (Hizbollahi Bozo!)

:dumbo: = Maktabi (Dogmatic Traditional Nitwit Islamist)

:intel: = "In-Tell-Egg-Chew-All" Melli Mazhabi (Muslim Nationalist Intellectual)

:monkey: = Jebhei (Jebhe Melli Liberal Reformist Doctor)

:intellectual: = Tudehi (Intellectual Left)

:tantrum: = Islamist Forum Dweller/Petty Snitch abroad

:arabtox: Arab-Toxicated Iranian

:wow: = Islamist Apologist (Confused Bastard)

:moo: = Good Obedient Mooslem (Muslim) [Umma']

:skull: = IRI Martyr (Presently residing with Allah!)

* * *

Sisters (Feme Tazis)

:chadori: = Chadori (Hejab wearing Bimbo)

:lachak: = Lachaki (Scarf wearing Bimbo)

:dancechad: = Sister of Zeynab (Militant Feme Tazi)

* * *

II. Islamic Republic of Iran's Arab Mouth Pieces

Brothers (Tazis)

:hizboarab: = Hizbollah of Lebanon Arab Commando

:suicidebomber: = Suicide Bomber (Palestinian Al Hamas)

:rusroul: = PLO Al fath Militia

:paperbag: = Muslim Arab Jihadi Activist (Al Jihad)

:ghost: = Al Qaeda Jihadi

:Pacifier: = Baby Suicide Bomber!

:surprised: = Avarage Ignorant Muslim Conspiracy Theorist!

:hazardeous: = Arab Martyr (Presently residing with Allah!)

* * *

Sisters (Habibis)

:sick: = Average Ignorant Muslim Abused Woman!

* * *

Ya Allah!

End of Cermon

=D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

Fel Khatemah
Ya Allah!


Hojatol Eslam al Din,
Brother Ahreeman
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